Kirsty Fuller: Cultural Implications of Consumer Behavior

KirstyFuller is the Year of the Bird Group co-founder and CEO.Born in Scotland, where she studied and grow, after obtaining a degree in modern linguistics, she moved to London, working in the consumer survey.Professional background of modern linguistics, so she cut from another angle, the deep meaning study consumer behavior, rather than focus on data questionnaires and interviews with market.In mid-1997, the Year of the Bird Group set up at an angle of cross-cultural understanding of consumer psychology and behavior, and thus stimulate the creativity of brand management and dissemination.Currently, in the field of consumer surveys, Year of the Bird Group is one of the world’s largest professional company, with offices in London, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo and Singapore.Two years ago, Chong Ming Bird Group opened an office in Shanghai, China, to provide professional services for Unilever, Diaz Qiao, Pepsi and other multinational companies.Kirsty believe that the people and brands together, in-depth observation from a cultural perspective, can help enterprises to better grasp the future and the future direction of the market.The focus is the understanding of three elements: people, culture and brand, as well as the unique field of three elements form the intersection of.So, Kirsty how to recognize Chinese consumers, consumer culture and brand it?Shanghai, a floating light rain in the afternoon, on the relevant issues, “new marketing” reporter interviewed a straightforward and talkative Kirsty.Significance of consumer behavior behind the “New Marketing”: As the Year of the Bird Group CEO, you usually how in-depth understanding of consumer demand market?In life, you observe how consumer shopping behavior and performance?KirstyFuller: Our team do a lot of this work, to understand consumer behavior, observation of the people is very important work.Our team not only observant, but also please some consumers to record their consumption process, whether they are drinking coffee or going shopping, this process can help us understand very well the different regions, consumer behavior in different cities of ways.We also observed that people on social networks, our employees participate in the exchange on a variety of social networking forum, blog, this is a very rich source of information, we can understand a lot of people’s thoughts and actions.Internet is a good platform, we are observers, but also Participants.”New Marketing”: observation on the network and exchange, a number of Internet companies, such as Google, Facebook, Weibo, Sina Weibo, they have a large number of user behavior data, they are gradually transformed themselves into the advertising company or user insight into the company.As a consumer market research firm, Year of the Bird Group companies how to compete with these networks, in-depth consumer research, not just the simple observation?Compared with the data, do you pay more attention to qualitative research?KirstyFuller: Your question is a good question, now ask this question more and more people.Indeed, many such sites capable of data analysis, they can share or sell this data analysis, they can judge, observe some consumer behavior.However, I believe that these data give meaning to give, then I would find something more analysis of data from the outside, to explore social change and cultural evolution.There are indeed a lot of data can give you a lot of micro-information, but need some more macro analysis of our clients, you can see some of the phenomena, but what you want to understand the future trend is changing, this is the most important.Therefore, these sites are not necessarily our competitors, we use their data to help us analyze the data.Our company’s name though, like flamingos, but in fact we are magpies, we collect a lot of information.”New Marketing”: How do you dig deeper significance of the data?It has a fixed program?KirstyFuller: We are a consumer behavior analysis cultural level.For example, we see a brand, the brand expression analysis of what information, or in a consumer environment, it conveys what information, how to influence consumer behavior.In other words, we see a lot of data, which in fact is the result, we step back and look at, what causes these data generation.As an example, such as maternal and child products, the young mother is a very important online consumer groups, they are buying a lot of goods groups, we analyze why they buy goods online, why in such a way to purchase goods, why buy these goods instead of other commodities, which is a lot of brands want to know.”New Marketing”: There is a saying this to say: When you do the consumer market research, do not study what they need, but to study why they need.Do you agree with this statement?KirstyFuller: totally agree, I think it is entirely correct.We do not see the results, you should look at what causes the results.So, we do not follow the needs of consumers, but step back and observe why they had such a need.A classic example of this is the year when the Walkman first appeared, you might want to know what is the use of the Walkman, why walk when you want to listen to music.But step back and study, you will find social context, lifestyle changes, a wider range of movement of people, at the same time people will want to carry around music.In this way, you can understand why Walkman generated.And customers like Starbucks, we have to understand why people need it, we must understand how much pressure the city, busy people what kind of living conditions, they are looking for a place to escape for a while, so why they are looking for place to escape?Determine this, we discovered a feature, and then based on the characteristics of the establishment of the brand, with the brand to meet consumer demand actually exists.Chinese consumers attach importance to practical experience and “new marketing”: What makes you feel puzzled consumer phenomenon on the Chinese market?KirstyFuller: There are of course a lot, I think I’m lucky that: When I worked in China, have supported our team, they are more understanding of China, I have a lot of things you can ask them, let them explain to me.If I say to the Chinese market, or that do not understand the Chinese culture is, for example, I am a mother of three, I think a lot of Chinese mother to have very high expectations, but I do not know how they are in to help children realize their great, great expectations at the same time, regardless of their own or their children, how to relax and enjoy life, which I spent a lot of time to understand things.Then, I realized that they want a strong, but I also realized the importance of children to their future success.”New Marketing”: for example, China and even young people to sell their organs to buy iPhone.As another example, foreign luxury goods sales season is generally during the Christmas season, while in China it is in March.For these strange phenomenon consumer, you are not paying attention or research?KirstyFuller: Our Chinese team colleague certainly concerned about such things, specific to the two cases, we have not studied.You’re selling organs to buy iPhone, buy a luxury or buy supplies such examples, of course, is a lot more media attention, but I think it is amplified, after all, it is a very extreme example.Our study is the overall trend, consumers are realistic, they want them to buy something to give them practical benefits, can improve their lives, and our study is broader trend.Sell organ buy iPhone event, I think it’s a little big to ignore the trend is a bit dangerous, because it is not true manifestation of reality.”New Marketing”: Do you have branch offices in Tokyo and Singapore, a few words can not describe what the characteristics of China, Japan and Singapore consumers?KirstyFuller: I think that Chinese consumers have such features, first of all they are more realistic, but this reality are not purely rational reality, nothing more than a product that is certain to satisfy their needs, is to have a product with this is their demands.Of course, experience is also very important, especially in the retail part of the shopping experience is important.However, I am not in favor of the idea ─ experience is king, you can throw away the actual use, actual use is always included in the experience, should the actual use and experience together.Another point, I think the experience is open to new things and the mentality of new things, this can be said to be very extreme manifested in Chinese consumers.For example, from a tourism product it can be seen that, China now has a lot of traveling by car.Traveling by car on the 1960s in the United States reached a peak, a good Chinese infrastructure up, and began traveling by car, this is open to new experiences.Chinese social networks, the ability to create their own, original stuff a lot.There is an urban lifestyle in which people need a variety of contacts, and not just virtual contact, to have contact with reality.Chinese consumers like to weave a cocoon in the space at home, enjoy yourself in a comfortable, safe environment, the external environment because sometimes people have dehumanization, to the people of feeling, so to create a more in their own homes human, more comfortable environment.With this concept of life, a variety of home appliances, such as air purifiers, refrigerators for wine and bartending equipment, as well as recreational facilities, audio-visual facilities, are beginning to enter the family.As for Japan, I think it’s hard to describe.Japan is a very special market, I think is the most difficult to find a clear trend and direction of the market, while Japan’s social, cultural and undergoing a change in the throes.I feel introspection in Japan to spend a lot of time.Because of Japan’s great power status shaken, shaken by economic status, particularly strong business concept hierarchy now more feasible, leading companies such as Sony are facing great difficulties.China is a particularly dynamic country, generating ideas, the progress of time, brand building, enhance self-confidence, I think these are not quite the same with Japan, I believe that Japan has no such energy, and confidence in China continue increase.Japan probably only be said to be on the decline.I think Japan is a difficult situation in the country is in, although I love Tokyo, I love Japan.I think the Chinese people’s work ethic, strong work ethic, Chinese people are very motivated to do things.Singapore is not the same, more representation in Singapore, very beautiful, bright appearance, but not so strong impetus to China.After all, is a Singapore-based economy in the service sector, it is not such a strong Chinese manufacturing, but also very small.To recommend the latest information sauna