Crows always admired the sky flying eagle, because he always rejected it, reviled, regarded as ominous.Crow never goes on to reflect on their own like gossiping mouth, hand, think it is someone else’s fault, gradually, people despised the day of crows is really very tough going, crows often blame their parents, and why do not regard themselves as strong culture like Eagle, vigorous.Others envy it become a star?Crow dreaming to become a Eagle.Seems to be the hope in their own body it is difficult to achieve!In order to realize their dreams, Crow decided to make great efforts in the next generation who, it is envisaged to send their children cultivate talent.Initially, crows learn methods of Eagle hatchery, carefully hatching the crow eggs hatched but is still small, black crow, crow is not willing, at the thought that their children will become a group of strong body, sharp Eagle eyes, and my heart filled with pride.Crow summed up the reason for the previous failure, and that is that being a crow, raven so affected the process of hatching eggs, so it came up with a new approach, hired for their hatchery Eagle, Eagle of course very happy, very readily agreed to invite the crows.Crows nest their eggs into the Eagle, this time the peace of mind it?The children are well born, the crow can not wait to see it as the eagle-like physique with a vigorous child may never imagined myself standing in front of a group of black crows still.In fact, the original dream is a good thing, it can often end up far-fetched dream into a fantasy!As the saying goes: “born dragon, phoenix raw chicken, mouse holes will be born” crow if they can recognize their shortcomings and overcome their weaknesses, can not even become Eagle, crows do the same there are others who do not have the advantage!Why do Scrapped?