Manchester United pry 100 million pro teammate Cheng Feng God is willing to throw Mike Mussina repurchase Dott core

  AP from the "Daily Mirror", "Daily Mail" and other British media sources said the senior administration of the Red Devils this summer Mourinho huge transfer fee of £ 200 million to rebuild。
Magic Bird holding a heavy transfer fee, plus its own charm, certainly pre-loaded on the transfer market this summer。   It is reported that madman after taking office, the former Manchester United for the previous few seasons in the field is not an ideal situation that precision-guided Aubameyang amazing run and offensive capabilities and Mkhitaryan, it will give the Red Devils in front of the band to more options and help, he hopes to put together Bumblebee Hutch brought to Old Trafford, the Red Devils in order to inject new blood。   Previously Mourinho at Chelsea has been coveted goal Aubameyang, is considered to be the highlight of Manchester United this summer signings。
News from the British media, "Daily Mirror" the source said, had repeatedly announced that wants to join Real Madrid Aubameyang appeared in the Champions League final stand, which is considered to be the United States and many of the media Frankie surrendered to the Spanish giants and a signal but his team-mate Daniel Gabon – Cushing did not think so。 He said in an interview: "I think Pierre is more inclined to move to Manchester United, not only because the Red Devils are a big club, but more importantly there is now Mourinho, I believe that an experienced coach and he Aubameyang's team to make further progress。
"Said the 26-year-old this season, Aubameyang on behalf of Borussia Dortmund scored 39 goals in 46 times the race, and led the team reached the European Cup semi-finals。 This amazing efficiency even Matthaeus can not help whom praised。 German football legend said in an interview statement: "If you want Aubameyang?To take one hundred million。 "Of course, a one hundred million is nothing for the rich and powerful are they much-needed revival of Manchester United, not to mention Mourinho this flagship, there is no doubt Manchester United in the chase Aubameyang's still in the lead。
    In addition to Aubameyang, Mourinho signings another highlight, also from Dortmund。
27 years old Mkhitaryan played well this season, he scored 11 goals in the Bundesliga and 15 assists, he also won the Bundesliga in assists this season。
According to the "Daily Mail" reported that Mkhitaryan's contract with Dortmund will expire in the summer of next year, but so far, this Dortmund contract talks with Armenian striker was not successful。 His agent Raiola said: "Why are we now going to rush signing it, Mkhitaryan before the contract expires in mid-2017, for his future, we still consider them。 "" Daily Mail "quoted" Bild "the source said, Mkhitaryan is now considering leaving Borussia Dortmund, and he was concerned about Chelsea。
After this summer, Conti will come to Blue Bridge coach, he will ask the club to acquire Mkhitaryan。
Blues offers offer 50 million euros to Dortmund, but it was the player himself refused。 The Blues introduce Mkhitaryan biggest rival is none other than former coach Jose Mourinho。   In recent years, though Dortmund score well, but Bayern has been suppressed many core away, the transfer is commonplace。 And the movers and shakers in the transfer market to be invested in the magic of birds to look Hornets who, I believe a lot of players and brokers will consider, after all, is only one Mourinho。
  (Zhao Song)。