One day, goat brothers go out to play after returning home.Goat brother said to my uncle: “Uncle, today we have the mountains, encountered a crow, I can not think of Little Crow could even go out foraging, feeding its mother.Crow this virtue really admirable ah!”Goats brother asked:” So, crows foraging feeding mom, how do you know?”Goats brother said:” Of course I told ah crow!”Goats brother ‘hum’ a cry, said:” Parents will raise it big, it is not feeding feeding parents should do?It’s that something is worth little things hanging in the mouth?Really flamboyant guy.”The next day, goat brother back then talked to his uncle hedgehog.Goat brother excitedly said: “Uncle, today in a small river, but I opened the eyes, I did not expect the little hedgehog dare to wrestle with the snake, too great!”Goats brother disdain curl one’s lip, said:” If there are no hedgehogs that a thorn, it dares to fight it with snake?Look hedgehog won askew snake proud demeanor of it, is not quite enough skill, there is nothing to be proud of, and more annoying ah.”Turning around, the holiday coming to an end, this day, the goat goat uncle brothers called around, said:” These days, my boss a lot of friends, right here SGX?Second child is afraid of a friend did not find it?”Goat Brothers Zhengzhu:” how do you know?”Goat uncle said:” If a person is always picking on others, but can not see the advantage of someone else, then he will not have friends.”Speaking of which, goat uncle patted the goat brother, earnestly he said:” Son, this holiday season, if you can understand this, the greatest benefit!Perhaps, this is the most valuable lesson you do in life!”Goats brother blushed and lowered his head, was silent.Moral of the story: Everyone has their own advantages, we use carefully the advantages found in other people, and sincerely praise of others, others will feel warm, happy they themselves would harvest.Life, let us a little more smiling, more of a compliment, certainly more than some gains, more of a success.