Get! Dating Places for Two Children

Where is the dating place for two children to go?? If you want to pursue two children, you must know what your two children like. Only Hit on what one likes can win the favor of your two children. My two children speak for Gemini girls only.. As a twin, I have been thinking about a very deep question since I was young: when I first date, where will I go?   Gemini girls still like novelty. What can impress Gemini most, only two words change. They like an outcome that they can never guess, so that Love Games can play long enough.. The unexpected date way will make him shine at the moment..   After studying and synthesizing all the personality preferences of the two children, I have listed the following dating places, so boys who have a crush on or are chasing, or you have been lucky enough to catch up with us Gemini, come and look at them quickly, and teach you to easily get a place to date the two children, so as to ensure that the two children will like this dating plan very much..   Place 1: Amusement Park Yes! Is to scream and stimulate. Gemini girls prefer to stir a pot of muddy water rather than quietly listening to classical music and stirring the cup of coffee in front of them.. We Gemini are so restless. The chaotic and happy crowd in the amusement park just mobilized the excited cells of Gemini.. Gemini’s favorite thing is to challenge and try something new. It doesn’t mean how brave we are. Most of the time, Gemini girls are not daring, but it is inside’s curiosity that makes us want to try even if we are afraid.. Therefore, the high-altitude scary amusement facilities in amusement parks will be our Gemini’s favorite amusement items, which depends on whether you are brave enough to accompany the Gemini to take a wild ride, so that the Gemini may kiss you excitedly during the intense and exciting play.. If we Gemini really release our playful nature, we are even afraid of ourselves..   Place 2: ktv parties As everyone knows, Gemini likes playing and making friends very much.. We Gemini like to drill in the crowd of inside and become one with everyone.. Therefore, if there is a keyboard, tape, and hole-checking machine party, you can take your Gemini girlfriend with you. In fact, Gemini girlfriend can definitely take it.. Because Gemini can talk very well, they can also make their boyfriends look good in front of people.. In addition, Gemini is crazy and playful. If two people are alone all the time, the date will always be two people eating and shopping. For a long time, Gemini, who is very fresh, doesn’t expect to date each other much.. Romantic candlelight dinners are certainly wonderful, but a happy gathering of friends will make the Gemini have more fun.. Therefore, you may as well bring Gemini to the party more often, which will be a good date..   The following contents of venue 3: The beach on the seashore may be said to be the beach on the seashore. What the boys think of inside is the beach, sunshine and bikini. Having this fantasy, they went to the beach with their Gemini girlfriend and found the painting style suddenly changed.. The Gemini completely shook off their hands, just like the boys, playing with water cannons, surfing, sailing and yachting… Gemini are excited to participate in any water recreation project.. As for the beach sunbath, what is it? Gemini is not interested at all.. But boys who really like Gemini will find that Gemini will be satisfied with such a date plan.. Because the beach by the sea not only meets Gemini’s romantic aesthetic requirements, but also allows us Gemini to play freely.. So dating, of course, is the most important thing to have fun. There is no need to pay attention to so many formal feelings..   The above three places are my favorite dating places as Gemini, and I believe they will also be the dating places most Gemini girls like to choose.. If your daughter is Gemini, ask her to rise high this summer to witness the miracle and beauty of love.! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.