A silence of the moonlit night, the angels into the zoo and asked whether the animals are satisfied with their appearance, if not satisfied can give them a facelift to make it prettier.Angels first ask the monkey, who said: “I am very happy with myself, but the elephant’s nose is too long, right?”Like shouted:” I am more than decent fat head and big ears, look, horse long face inappropriate bar!”Ma listened to wait for them to play like a foot, immediately said:” I face long, but delicate features, the bear’s eyes and more ugly ah!And stupid!”Bear bowed our heads, it seems very calm, but my mind was in a rage.It whispered muttering: “Well!You are not too stupid follow us, but also ironic my little eye.Small bright eyes, we do not do ugly?”Suddenly it saw a rabbit came over, he pointed to the rabbit said:” Look, I really do not pointed face pretty rabbit beak.”Rabbit angrily:” You’re the blind?Who says we do not compact clever?Wild boar is only the world’s most ugly of it!”Wild boar said to the angel:” We count among the most strange monkey’s face, why he does not do plastic surgery?”They see bickering, the angel said:” Now that you are satisfied with yourself, other people say ugly, I do not for your plastic surgery.”Having gone.So, until today, these animals still look like this.Not only is the animal of their looks confident.People, too, always see their own strengths, the weaknesses of others accusations.As everyone knows, is a disease of narcissism.