Once upon a time, there was a very nice elf, wearing her innocence little skirt, a pair of light shine with colorful wings.It is also a particularly shy elf, a stranger will see nervously hiding.I really like the elf, so I often came to visit her.But the shy elf to prevent others had to move often see their.He moved around, finally elf in a large Luobolian a new home.Radish which is very clean, there is a hint of fragrance it.This new home is very warm, happy elf waving multicolored wings danced.Had a not long after, an old woman accidentally discovered this big carrot, radish happily wonderful reflection of the home, prepare the next day to cook a pot of fragrant carrot soup.Well I do not know which is home to a large radish shy elf it!Elf do not know what came along with a large carrot old lady’s house, it started on time every night of singing.Very good song sounds: “My name is called the Little Elves, like the moon and the stars.”The old lady was awakened by singing, and found a large turnip elf” Who are you, little girl singing?”I asked the old lady.Elf is very shy, and after a long pause before he said: “I am the elf.”An old lady, glad to ask:” Are you willing to stay in my house, and I do keep company?”Elf like it?She was most afraid of strangers ah.But think so lonely old lady, elf bravely decided to stay to accompany the old woman.In this way, the elf became part of the old lady’s home, happy to be alive.Now, elf no longer shy, she was the happiest thing is for everyone to sing, dance.Do not be low self-esteem, so they do not want to make, it would have to develop self-confidence.Everyone has their own good aspects, find it, and focus on the development.For more articles please visit story story story Daquan _ watching network: HTTP: // GS.kankanmi.COM