Who do you match best with in tetralogy of Fallot

On the 23rd of March, the four handsome boys who had just finished the “2006F4FOREVER4” concert in the Hong Kong Pavilion brought back the enthusiasm for this group of super-hot boys three years ago..   I believe former fans still remember them very well. Do you think Prince Charming of that year is back?? So, if you were asked to choose one of the four, who would you match best?? one. You have to choose one of the following?   Eating, sleeping, bathing, playing games, 52. Change the menu once a week.?   Yes →5 No →33. The likes and dislikes of food are clear.?   Yes →6 No →54. You can sleep anywhere?   Yes →7 No →55. Never act on impulse?   Yes →9 No →76. I often ask friends to talk about things.?   Yes →10 No →87. Tears flow when watching sad scenes.?   Yes →10 No →118. Actively speak at the meeting?   Yes →10 No →99. I don’t like being alone.?   Yes →11 No →1210. It’s not sad to be rejected by the opposite sex.?   Yes →14 No →1311. Anything you do is disgusting.?   Yes →12 No →1312. I don’t know what to eat when eating.?   Yes →14 No →1513. Do everything during the holiday.?   Yes →15 No →1414. Golf and Diving You Choose Diving?   Yes → type a no → type b fifteen. Do you think people should be talkative?   Yes → Type C No → Type D Test Results: Type A, you like people like Vanness Wu, who are interested in everything, especially the new things.. But sometimes it will change into eight flour exquisite. You are looking forward to having a lively and cheerful boyfriend, because your character is somewhat introverted and needs a person with bold and unrestrained personality to complement you..   Type B, you like boys like Ken Chu. Tau can take a leading position in the organization.. You are a very miss temper person, Tau. Few people can tolerate your temper. Tau and a broad-minded boy are the most suitable for you..   Type C, you like people like Vic Chou, Tau can get along with anyone, Tau, but he is too protective of himself.. You expect to have a romantic love. You are a very emotional girl. Tau often has candlelight dinner with her boyfriend..   Type D: You like people like Jerry Yan. Tau only takes actions after careful consideration of everything. Tau attaches importance to and earnestly completes what should be done.. You expect to have an enterprising boyfriend, Tau. You are a gentle woman, Tau The Innocent Girl. You can be a woman behind a man..