Rain, looked miserable crow wave curled up in Shuya.He covered are sodden with the rain, wet, shivering followed by a shivering a.He tried to lower himself, lest his legs numb with cold, and go on a moment’s inattention plant.Bobo suddenly saw crows, swallows fly out niu from the owner of the house, happy to play the game Inclined rain, the crows wave is really full of envy ah!In the Gregg crow’s eyes, all the swallows are out and out careerists.Once the weather turned cold, they immediately fled south; spring, they will return to the old one.The strange thing is that human beings do not seem opportunistic swallow.With well-behaved swallow pretty dress and a sweet mouth, won the love of humanity, mankind actually an exception to allow them to nest in the rafters.This is the other birds do not expect things from!Especially crows, the deepest feelings on this point.Every raven flew over the village are nervous, repeated eyed crows not even close to human courtyard, let alone fly a human house.”Ugh!Swallow niu really a flattering master ah!”Bobo himself shivering crow.”Bobo, what are you talking about ah?Look who’s ass I shot the?”Just passing Swallow niu feel a little strange.”Hey!You would not have to pretend to be naive.You do not flattering words, ye people chosen to allow you to lodging at his house it?I would just close scolded!”Bobo angrily complain.”Everyone needs a companion!We were able to live in harmony with humans, because we have been talking about health, civilized, respect for human habits.We never Luanla spit on the beams, are we even talking softly slow language as much as possible.You look at yourself, whine all day, who would be willing to accept you ah!With people not flattering to you, but to have a benevolent heart.You are doing a bad job, you can not blindly blame others oh!”Swallow said sincerely.Ravens face up against the wave of red and closed his mouth whining.Moral of the story: he did not often good quality, there is envy those of others, others also thought it would be unbearable.Is not unwelcome behavior should review it?Like a crow Bobo uncivilized poor hygiene, lack of respect for human habit, still Luanla spit on beams, speak noisy, but also love to complain all day, who would like such a small animal it?