The lion will often bully the small animals, we are very afraid of it.One day, pig up the mountain to gather a basket of mushrooms.Let lion met, the lion let the foxes and wolves grab the mushroom pig, pig also caught the lion’s castle, made a “mushroom soup stewed pig”.Another time, the monkey picked a ginseng in the mountains, lions just indigestion, letting the fox and the wolf ginseng robbed, the monkey Zhuohui its castle, made a hedgehog stomach capsule.Once too, bought a few sheep in the field, pepper, lion just want to eat barbecue, let the fox robbed over the pepper, ground pepper powder, letting the wolf caught the lamb, the lamb skewers made.Small rabbit saw, feel a little something for it, I wanted to get the lion.It is thought a good way.The next day, a small rabbit to pull a few radishes, saw the lion, eat a little rabbit.Wolf and fox catches a small rabbit, the rabbit did not expect to have to put a little two big mouse trap in the basket, “pop” sound, wolves and foxes pain whining, tail between his legs and ran away.The lion had personally.Lions just pounce.Jump out from behind the bushes to the ferocious animals like tigers, leopards, bears, etc..Scared of the lion fled, no longer afraid to come back!After some effort bunnies, finally defeated the Lions, small animals lived a quiet life!In the efforts to fight the brave little bunny wit, and finally scared off the lions, who did no bully small animals, and they can live a happier.Children learn wit brave little rabbit, the face of the enemy, do not be afraid, think about what can they do to overcome.This protects the others to protect themselves.