China will build "super wind tunnel": from analog to reproduce the expected completion of 4 years

  "As a research and development platform for advanced aircraft, built the highest technical level of the wind tunnel, the whole world at war。 We are developing a new ultra high-speed wind tunnel, built about four years plan。
"21, chief scientist of the major projects Jiangzong Lin told Science and Technology Daily Reporter。   Determine the level of aircraft wind tunnel wind tunnel technology is to promote the development of the national aerospace vehicles weighing equipment, wind tunnel generation technology determines the development level of generation aircraft, representing the strength of a country's scientific research。
  The CCTV reported "reproduce the conditions of hypersonic shock tunnel flight test technology" (hereinafter referred to as "JF12 reproduce wind tunnel"), nearly 300 meters long, is the world's largest shock tunnel by the international counterparts called "super dragon" (super Long), is now international's first reusable hypersonic flight conditions of large hypersonic wind tunnel。
Jiangzong Lin told reporters, JF12 reproduce wind tunnel is the jewel in the crown, ground pneumatic test, but also the hearts of the gas dynamics research field researchers Everest。
  Based on Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher mechanics, detonation driving method of aerodynamic home Yu Hongru, Jiangzong Lin team from 2000 began to explore reproduce wind tunnel theory and innovative technology verification。 After 16 years of hard work, a series of experiments Research 2017 JF12 reproduce wind tunnel。   From the international point of view hypersonic wind tunnel technology development, JF12 reproduce wind tunnel broke through the three "strangle hold" technical bottlenecks: wind tunnel drive low-power, short experimental time, low measurement accuracy。
Commendable is reproduced in a wind tunnel team's development work in the wind tunnel to reproduce the research process from theory to nine key to technology as the core technology system, to the wind tunnel design, this is a "cross" of。
Team members are both scientists, and engineers and。
A set of equipment, thousands of drawings, how many questions, there are that many discussions and doubts。 Through continuous efforts, they did once in place, a successful commissioning。
  About JF12 reproduce wind tunnel, aerodynamics Chinese society specialist, wrote: "reproduction theory and wind tunnel technology to solve the problems of hypersonic experiments 60 years of world problems, to achieve a wind tunnel experiment state from the flow of 'analog' to 'complex now 'leaps and bounds, leading the development of international advanced technology wind tunnel test。 "Analog 5-25 hypersonic Mach present, the world and the Chinese Academy of Sciences JF10 wind tunnel (Mach 7-20) similar in principle, the United States in 1994 as NASA (NASA) built HYPULSE wind tunnel, test its speed Mach 5 to 25, the highest allegedly up to Mach 30。 In addition, the United States and "national high-energy shock tunnel" (LENS), speed of up to Mach 7-22。   However, although this type of wind tunnel test speed is very high, but the test time is very short, little experimental flow field, can not meet the needs of the aerodynamic performance of the test chemical reactions having flow characteristics。 10-25 Mach large ultra high-speed wind tunnel, can support the development of hypersonic glide, atmospheric re-entry and other aircraft。
  It is understood, JF12 reproduce wind tunnel team at Chinese Academy of Sciences is a relatively large population, the State Key Laboratory of high temperature gas dynamics research group composed of three。
Jiangzong Lin captain, academician Yu Hongru as academic guidance。 Currently the team is mainly responsible for the more basic and applied basic research in hypersonic and high-temperature gas dynamics fields, projects are carried out against the background of human realization "within two hours to travel the world," the future hypersonic aircraft。 This includes the correlation theory, aerodynamic aircraft / thermal characteristics, the new pneumatic thermal management concept, aircraft / engine integration of experimental techniques and explore new and efficient methods of propulsion flight test / ground test data, etc.。   Hypersonic wind tunnel reproduction technology is a kind of wind tunnel test technology across the world, has its own complete theoretical system。
However, with the passage of time to enhance the development needs of the aerospace and technology, it will also put forward higher requirements。
"Hypersonic flight should be inevitable, but the real hypersonic era when we can come, until today, we are still in continuous efforts。 "Jiangzong Lin said。
  "JF12 wind tunnel can reproduce highly reproducible 25-50 km and Mach 5-9 hypersonic flight conditions, mainly for air-breathing hypersonic research aircraft tour。
The new wind tunnel will use our unique series of new technologies, building height can cover 40-90 km and Mach ultra high-speed wind tunnel testing capacity of 10-25, solve the space shuttles, reusable aircraft aerodynamic test problem。
"Jiangzong Lin said。
Two combined wind tunnel JF10 and JF12 will form a Mach 5-25 range covering air and space flight corridor experimental platform, which is unique on the international level is the leading。
Significant for hypersonic frontier exploration of problems and development of key technologies。