Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai childhood saw an old woman sitting on a stool on the grindstone, holding a very thick iron bars child, what about on the ground, grinding grindstone, looked focused, so that Li Bai in her she did not notice the front squat.I do not know Li Bai old mother was doing, he curiously asked: “Old Mom, this is what you are doing it?”” Grinding.”Old Mother did not look up, simply answer the Li Bai, still serious, grinding the hands of the iron bar.”Grinding?”Li Bai think it is very clear, the old hands of her mother, grinding obviously a thick iron bar, how is it needle?Li Bai could not help but asked: “Mom old, is very, very small needle, and you wear is a thick iron bar ah!”Edging old mother said:” I want this is the root iron bars ground into a fine needle.””what?”Li Bai somewhat unexpected, he blurted then asked:” So thick iron bars ground into a needle it?”At this time, the old mother looked up, looked kindly small Li Bai, said:” Yes, son thick and large iron bar, to have it ground into a needle is very difficult.But I kept that way daily grind mill, one day, I will put it in the ground into a needle.Children, as long as the effort under a deep, iron bars can also be ground into a needle it!”Li Bai childhood is a high perception of the child, he listened to the old mother, suddenly understand a lot, I thought:” Yes!Persevering, not because we had some difficulties to give up.”The thought, Li Bai deeply ashamed, face fever.So he immediately went Batui home run, back to the study, opened the book had not read, continue to read.Do things as long as perseverance, every day, keep going, nothing can be made of.Reading, too, though do not know where, but if we continue to read, read every day, always read the.For more articles please visit Stories about stories – stories net to see: HTTP: // GS.kankanmi.COM