Colorful leaves

You said to me, never leave me, and since then a person will not let me alone.Wrapped in his clothes, the heart can not stop shaking, so lost you yet?You catch me tight enough, or I do not want you to cherish the anxious?From birth to death is a natural law right?Fall is the call of the earth, autumn into winter yet?Behind the sadness and pretend fearless leaves, fall is no way yet?Or pretend brave, duty-bound to make their own notes turned into the earth, planting a reincarnation of the wing?You put your heart to me, you are my heaviest luggage.Since then, no matter the ups and downs, I have to put you good treasure.You put your dreams to me, from wherever and whenever, you are my eternal care.I bury myself in words, the pain of the guilt, so that hope and despair together, cold and warm together, darkness and light together in my life spread, cover your lost my dreams, but also pious, quietly planted a new hope new dream.Shedding layers of mood, swaying with the soaring desire, heartache and joy and there is a very, very long way.Leaves also can be as colorful, as it is poignant?I smiled, tears fall down.Colorful leaves, tell the seasons.I saw the dreams and disappointments in each other, like the heart was ripped a long hole, the pain to bleeding, such as natural implication of the wonderful peace of mind to fall.Leaves exhibited before death strange, sour corner of my eye.Sun shone, colorful leaves, the sky will not be deserted; sun shone, colorful leaves, the earth will not be indifferent; sun shone, colorful leaves, the season will not be monotonous.Sun shone, colorful leaves of thoughts, who saw the plaintive leaves?Who saw the grief leaves?Wind, sun carrying messy, bear Tears streamed down stream.Season silent shrouded day, colorful leaves are falling in my hands, I feel I gently holding the original fell in love with a man, she is in love with a lonely man.In the colorful leaves of the season, I want to put away all my tears, because you have a treasure for me.In this season of colorful leaves, love, like most of the opening half withered flowers, standing there dripping blood.Life abruptly pulled out, I know the season is coming, I can not escape.Looked down at himself, looking at the traces of the season, no regrets but can not be relieved of solitude under colorful leaves.Drifting in the wind, falling leaf, crumbled into a land of the sun is brilliant leaves, I know the season is coming, I can not escape.Hands together looking triumphantly Sasa leaves dancing in the wind, colorful leaves, is it not for the next season’s thriving.Colorful leaves colorful leaves season, this life I’m waiting for you.Colorful leaves of the season, do not ask tomorrow night and day always appear alternately.Colorful leaves of the season, there is no margin of tomorrow do not ask, do not settle during the day and night.Suddenly, I heard mixed deciduous deep cry in the wind, like a very sad elegy.Flying is thoughts, memories are flowing, the wind season, blowing is a broken heart sinking.Around the colorful leaves outside the window, telling myself, just dusty road.Give yourself a place where there is no evening and early morning, give yourself a place without love and hate, a sigh is a return.A leaf, floating wind bleak, but do not know where I was going blown, leaves a death, but also a hope.Leaf, soluble dust is a destination, people coming and going, brewing on the origin of the edge off life.End of life is not falling, but in the warmth of the sun had insisted that I should stretch every moment and hold.”Autumn wind rustled the leaves return to their roots, only my lone complaint dust.When the flowers until next month, I’m still the property of their Wun “.Gentle fingers gently brushed cold cheek, leaves not a heartless thing, into Enriching the soil more quadrangle.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) when colorful leaves, gave birth to a new life will begin.