Colorful leaves

I love fall, especially love autumn leaves.    You see, the rustling under boundless Fall – immense trees, the wind leaves falling one after another, rendering the atmosphere of autumn is how brilliant and tragic!In the South, this autumn scene, we can say commonplace, will meet annually.    Whenever I see the leaves scatter, covered trails, I always think of teenagers, all year round mountain wood scene.Then, firewood in households living in various, particularly important.In addition to firewood for cooking, there is a very important purpose is to keep out the cold.After cooking the meals, if summer, parents will complete burning stove in the red charcoal out, with irrigated wet, stored, the need to prepare for cold weather.If the spring, autumn and winter, parents will put charcoal shovel into the basin, with a thin layer of ashes covered in the table below, the family while eating, while warming himself.After dinner, do not add homemade charcoal when people have to go to bed until the whole family.Time has no TV, lights dim light at night, the whole family sat around the brazier, chatting, cozy warmth, enjoy their grandchildren.Occasional neighbor to channeling the door, but also graciously seat warming himself.Three meals a day, plus heating required, firewood in great demand, so long as there is time, the whole family will mountain firewood.    Four seasons, I like autumn up to the mountains.Fall lukewarm, moderate temperature, sweating difficult firewood.Moreover, most berries are ripe in the fall, walk in Shanlin Jian, as if the air is filled with the smell of wild fruits, attracted me look around, distracted.There are occasionally found wild fruit trees will not conceal joy of heart, bolted past picking, to taste faster.But more often, I will be quiet or sit or sleep on a thick layer of leaves, looking boundless, blue sky in a daze, eyes revealing a sense of melancholy.The rapid burst of autumn sweep, ears heard loud and strong waves emitted by forests, leaves left the trees instantaneous, very much like the thousand arrows shot, darling, and if lightly dragonflies flying, colorful.Leaves and layer upon layer, are continuing to thicken, I know there are red like crimson maple leaves, yellow was red camphor leaves, many leaves I do not call on the name of the kind of shape.They quietly times on the ground, a kind of sense of pride roots of the curtain call of their life, was actually beautiful as promised.    Many tree, life only once the leaves fall, but then I know there is a deciduous tree several times a year, that is – banyan.    The way to work, always passing a vigorous lush banyan.One year, its leaves falling several times, it seems that the secret of eternal youth perennial radiant is based on a number of deciduous sake.If it is winter, the banyan tree is deciduous side, one side grows new leaves, often finished off the old Ye Gang, new leaves are covered with branches.Between a few days, Hull, from the dead to become fresh and elegant dark green, light green gratifying.    Gust of wind, on banyan leaves Falling from a height down.One, another one, rotate, flying with, dancing, paddled beautiful arc in the air, silently singing one song after another poignant poetry Resentment.Then, they quietly covered roots, sleep soundly.Sunset reflecting on their bright yellow, cold rain soak their body.Usually, it is falling yellow leaves, but sometimes, falling leaves but it is Yingying.Tree came from, who often have leaves fall, so I can not help but look up at the tree, the heart can not tell by chance, or another with a hoe.?But I always think it is a fate, every time solemnly picked up the piece of body temperature also with banyan leaves looked fine plus, trying to read its mind, then gently put it back on the ground of its kind, and turned quietly leave, could not bear to disturb its gorgeous dream final.Often I want to leave the trunk, not the leaves of fate, but it’s fun, it’s another form of life beginning.New leaves grow again, why have not the shadow of old leaves?    An old saying: rather critical.But for the leaves, as long as the sky is too colorful, too beautiful, and Bijiang find falling in a stereotyped season!