Colored flowers

Often, I would be deeply impressed by some of the screen inadvertently.    It was a sunny breezy afternoon, I was alone for a walk in a small yard uncle home, very quiet around.This is my favorite scenes, so the heart is particularly peace and harmony, quietly watching the colors of the flowers and trees are like fairy wonderland general, if the time to freeze the moment is that I would always stay in this screen.    I indulge in colorful fragrant, the hearts of joy is unspeakable, life get in the greatest comfort and satisfaction at this moment, suddenly, not far from a bloom is brilliant flowers in my Zhengzhu.The trees and flowers, the flowers of different colors seventy-eight Tingting long squid in the top, some red, like a mass of burning fire, like some white as the snow on the Tianshan Mountains, some red and white mosaic, is the real the highest state of art.This picture makes me ecstatic, heart, like Wan waves rolling horse galloping.Flowers without foliage lining, because the leaves are long with the following, making flowers reveals a noble and elegant atmosphere, but between the petals and exudes a rustic flavor shy, I was thoroughly impressed by their beautiful.    The kind of flowers, was a childhood favorite.Over the years, we have been drifting away, but never looking into its shadows, did not expect many years apart, I also witnessed at the same location to its hosting the Games, but also the most productive season of their life, which is really worth your own celebration a pleasure.    As a child, listening to adults say, its name is colored flowers, so we found it shouted the name of, but this did not spend five colors, this name, and my heart has been any doubt, so remember particularly deep.Now I do not have to go to access information confirms its name, because I love it, not its name.    I carefully walked around the flowers, because I was afraid to disturb them dance.Instant, a hint of incense trickle gently drifting my body, from my nostrils diffuse slowly to every cell, so I refreshed mind floating away, at the moment all earthly complex in an instant It can be released, which is regarded as the greatest spiritual baptism most clear.A long time, I looked up, looked at carefully to every flower, every flower petals composed of numerous, but they have since grown into the petals of the same shape, it had surprised me in their lives the carefully, if you insist insist one thing to describe them, then it should be the rabbit ears, and half of Kingston upright petals, the lower half of the sides slightly rolled toward the middle, edge lines, soft and very three-dimensional, really beautiful and can not be made.Petals of red and white, red and white mosaic, I can not help but reach out and gently stroked back and forth on the petals, its texture is more to my surprise, such as feather-like smooth, it should not be the same as the blue sky and white clouds delicate, feeling, really, only his heart can understand, I once again, hope again time to be fixed at the moment, I am willing to accompany them forever.Suddenly my fingers like lightning drifted away from between the petals, I’m afraid my hand temperature to destroy its face, their life is short, but it is honorable.I gazed journeying dream of these beautiful flowers, the flower is yellow, red and white are set off around too shiny, like the petals of a circle waves go through the waves, a stacked layer, patchwork, soft tangible, each flower petal looks so carefully, they meticulously for life really made me admire very much, which I began to examine their attitude to life of.    Compared with them, my attitude to life is clearly not enough careful, they are in the world of survival time is so short, it can make their lives bloom was so beautiful, and I am in the world and space are longer survival time wider, why so careless to treat this the only time the hard-won life.I started deep in thought.    Life, I more carefully, I want to make my life as beautiful as bright colored flowers.