Colored daffodils

It was snowing, the temperature is low, a reporter for official business looking for me.We talk on the moment, due to the busy, I hastily ended the conversation.After reporters goodbye, still standing in front of my desk, showing embarrassed look.Her face reddened, very politely told me on the way in to the wallet was stolen pickpockets, and even no money for the bus, so would like to take a little toll.I took money from his wallet to her, also said she does not have yet the.The next afternoon she was coming, was carrying a string bag.She said coming from the flower market, Shunpian Mai gave me a bottle of colored daffodils.Although I do not like plants and flowers, but very grateful to her.After she was gone, I found her lying on top of the vase is also money.I think this is not to borrow money and pay back the money Gordon Daya thing, this time due to a bottle of colored daffodil has become a thing ya. I removed from the string bag bottle colored daffodils, see the bird glass vase bowl full of water, soaking its slender roots.Close to the bottom glass surface roots crimped, woven into a nest oval.I carefully looked at the kindred daffodils, bulbs very much like shriveled onions.Out of light green leaves from the bulbs in fifty-six.Leaf strong as a sword, stood obliquely.These leaves like a finger-like hold peduncle, covered with purple flower stalk bud.These bud look no beauty, seems to be a group of shy little girl covered with a purple veil crowded together, people do not see their way.I do not like to spend get paternity grass, hand colored daffodils leave these bottles in the corner office. After the next morning I opened the door, and a strange aroma nostrils.I was puzzled, not knowing what happened.Look around and see the corner bottle of colored daffodils.I’ve left it in the back of the head!I approached it, and was surprised to find that it has flowers blooming.Look flower position, much like a group of purple yo glowing fairy skirts, graceful dance.I will put it on the desk next to the computer, you can see it from time to time.I always felt different from other colored floral narcissus flowers.Its flavor is too fresh, too unique, always make me mistaken for those flowers are floated from the sky, blend with fairy powder scent. I really like this bottle daffodils, often staring at it in a daze.Like it, not only because it flowers Tzu beautiful, exotic flowers, but also because it’s mettle.It is not because people do not like it timid, hiding in the bud is not open.It also does not like it because people are excessive and often open undefeated, or for people Jiaokuang.It is so real and quiet existence, blossom, no hi no sorrow, despite carving time.