Color of the sky

Part one: color of the sky in the legend of the later years, there have been a jungle.Leaves laminated together, a tight shielding of the sky.It’s grand and magnificent, its quaint mystery, become forever the myth.But its role is used to captivity, the people become the shackles of sin.Each of its branches, its every corner, have been woven into the prison’s crime.It’s dense, it has been stretched in the distance, like a gorgeous ribbon, v Elegy written in blood and tears.  The jungle, the wind gently swing, walk through the branches in gallop.Insects cried faintly, off and write a song, like a raving old elf.Violet light crooning singing, it was an ode to the future.In this jungle, never violets bloom.Night-like space, occasional firefly fluorescent flow.Or spread, such as fireworks, or gather like a tempting eyes, and swayed deep violet color fade desperate pupil.  Perhaps you think this forever silent survive, but until that touch of blue across the front of it, he finally became magnificent and beautiful.  It was a butterfly, it is not convicted, but mistakenly broke into the restricted area junior ignorance, it is pale blue.It just slipped with injuries in front of violet, blue if that road is amazing sound wood, finally awakened the sleeping violet has always been.Violet knows, perhaps that was ever known, with a tremendous yearning, desire and heart, it is the color of the sky.At that moment, it almost can imagine, blue butterfly whispered across the scene in the sky, and the sky stacked, gradually blend in.It is has been do not know when it never again a fantasy scene, cool people scattered like curtain closed, there is washing the taste of the air, which is temperature will be cooled with heart.  Violet eyes moist, do not know when, misty eyes to the invisible.What we are still looking forward to it?Because of this color will disturb your heart you?  Granted, they became friends, it is a bond between butterflies and flowers, and violet will not bloom despite.  Butterfly is a wizard in the sky belongs, not to mention its wings are bred sky, butterflies never give up looking for a way out, it is the children of the sky.Nana curl it in song, sway in the wind like a kite, lopsided.Butterfly leaving the moment, even thought he saw a violet sky horizon jerkily of Piaoyuan, and finally into the romantic music in the import, could not distinguish the eviction provider angle Zheng Yu.  Violet addition of one thing every day that miss the butterflies leave the figure, as well as horizontal lines only in their own reveries of.until.Nama blue wind back.  Broken like wind Canye dish wings.  Slips pupil contraction, which have even gone yet?Even this last little bit of blue also deprived it from me?Blue purple crystal teardrop fall, drop by drop from the passage of the body, violets know, this may be blood.  Land absorbed the tears violet, dyed purple, violet from the side, like being disseminated, to spill over to the surrounding.Crazy absorbing the sweet juice of land, in the air as if they can hear the sucking sound greedy.All around the trees are dyed purple, deep purple leaves as if the rain fall, branching off of the beautiful, that is Ruqirusu teardrop.  Finally, all the leaves falling to the ground, around a purple violet sea.Mushroomed, all purple violet soil are drilled, tender green leaves unfold.The leaves fall out of trees, tangled branches left alone, prison inmates is opened.As the sun drops as seen sunlight streaming into the jungle, when the beam shines on that piece of violet flowers when they are thousands of violets blooming flowers.Moment, white, red, purple intertwined, coming poetic picture.The most unique among the flower violets are blue like the sky.When the blue and gold intertwined with sky blue flower in contact if separated by a layer of water like a gentle curtain, two of the world table of each other, like a moment, world unrest.  Finally I saw it, day colors.Nightlife net violets began to wither, turned into a little bit of sand in the air, just eye-catching piece of colorful, disappeared in the circulation of air in, even a little pictures do not exist, such as soap bubbles dream, index finger touch, then of as a cloud of dust in the air, even the wind was not about shock.  No pictures of the jungle, that magnificent seductive beauty, wrote a note part of myths and legends, leaving a group of charges, looking forward to the distant sky and purple tentacles do not reach.    Part II: the color of the night sky, quiet.Like the detention of Han Tan, silent, non-interest bearing.How many people into the dream?How many people in the silent free?Color of the sky, like a cloud of light row.A little ink, silent dye to make the horizon, meandering dream into a clear edge, hiding next to the window frames, listening.Still silent, looking like a lost poems flowering of the road, forget the bloom.A touch of ink between the rain waiting for clear Looking back into the dream, looked around, but shut the doors of the season, away from the solitude, waiting for the footsteps never went into the.  Bluestone streets with far sky like water, like no one had been there, left behind in a small town just heard echoes.  ”I am a cloud in the sky occasionally wave projection in your heart you do not have surprised more joy in an instant without a trace destroy you meet me in the night sea you have yours, I have my direction.”Clouds do not speak, do not speak the sun, the sky does not speak, hear talking about the season slowly,” Do you remember Ye Hao, best forget, when this intersection light exchanged “.Fleeting, a lot of time so quietly have become familiar with the unfamiliar, miss, miss, forgotten, turn to dust.The nature of time, is the most desolate gesture.All of demanding commitment can not help but meaning, little wish to become Liu Shahe daily precipitation in the sand, and finally one day all the edges and corners are obliterated, and finally one day it seems to be like the past conception.  Time slowly flowing, sediment sand is not as hourglass repeatedly, but day by day, year by year, gradually accumulate.  Wind commitment minors arrival expectation becomes an elegy.Never bloom, what about dying?  I will always believe, the last one leaves / No matter what the world hidden in the east between the eyes / I’ll always believe that tie into the heart of the water / in another world, blue cloth mantle slowly pull.Always believe.  Color of the sky, waiting attitude.  I want to stand in the river of time, just as a silent tree.Plain full of flowers, falls under the sun, watching the old time, look forward to looking at the pieces of colored ink.Quiet time, may well in between the rain waiting, like the change of seasons can not change, waiting.It turned out more like a reed pole, gently weak standing in the lake, the wind, already holding the broken line.For years before flying faint reed flowers obsession chase across thousands of miles, has long been barren heart, old sunset, fall, little by little stretch.Barren old heart is still silent, but silent fondly, heard the other side, still tell the last perfect.  The breeze, water, hydrostatic.Night, the sky is the color of it?  Stars, hiding where?That white gardenia broken, but the stars, at a time where a broken.No one picked up, who can not be well stroking the passing of this world.  Possible, possible, you may want to cherish?  Silent, silent presence in the darkness, exist outside the presence of the dream.”Maple Leaf is red, pian and south, a hundred thousand turn knot is fondly.”Fondly of the time, or wait for the cloud to limp walk?  Color of the sky.  Through the mountain cherry trees and imprison some distant dream will be coming again promised never uttered those words never achieved such a kind of flow can be placed nowhere mood in very shallow very shallow in color