Color Birds

“Dream of Red Mansions” back to the twenty-fifth Jia burns; this day Lin bored – “immediately went Yihong within walking distance, and saw several girl scooping water, thrush are around to see it take a bath in the cloister.”Here ‘thrush’ refers to when the draw eyebrows not for beauty, but refers to ‘thrush’. Because once the railway construction workers, I traveled many places, and seen some mountains have seen some water, but then did not pay more attention to a variety of birds.That “flowers”, there are flowers and birds naturally, is not enough to pay attention too.If you need to describe what to write copy describing the landscape, writes the birds, so he used such as “chirping birds”, the words “between birds off” of making some sentences would pass.Besides, there are so many species of birds, like the ox hair, but not ornithologist, studied the birds need it so thoroughly it! Some time ago suddenly had a “hot birds” in the online search for a while it was the sound of birds.That is, during that time, I recognize the indirect thrush, hear the cry of the thrush.Thrush voice reverberates crisp, very nice, too sweet.Roughly made a point of comparison memory, and that can even be compared with the “singer” Lark on the Prairie. People often say “no love in this world, there is no reason to hate.”Before this sentence is not how that it does, with the age of the tooth grew, the accumulation of life experience, this sentence has a ‘deep thought’ the. My “hot birds” is the same. After the Wenchuan earthquake, I did give downtown neighborhood “town” moved “off”.Initially living in the activities of the board, from the “field” to “outside”, from “outside” to “field” and sometimes goes through the woods.Woods are arranged along a river.He said to be “a river” but it was not a “river”, but a “ponds”.That this “river” is a source of ponds, along ancestors was excavated along the ponds and dig out of a river, the river winds sweeping in various parts of the township.The river flows through the dense woods on both sides is. Through dense woods, apart from the obvious feel fresh, fresh outside, occasionally encounter to a loud “flute rhyme”.It was a bird playing soothing.”Beep” sound sweet to the other end from the first starting point of the woods, and a color of a staff continued to facilitate reverberates off the ground across from me, and instantly, crisp loud “beep” on the placement to the other end of the woods deep. Lush and fresh woods, melodious birds, it is easy to wash away all sorts of physical and mental fatigue and impetuous; give rise to a return to nature, return to the quiet, comfortable returning to their homes. Woods “Flute” is a natural soothing sounds of birds.As color compact, light and agile like an arrow, chirping birds such as the flute, I do not know its name.However, the bird on the way to stay in my memory. Later reconstruction of houses to expand into a patch of woods, bird colored bird would never see the shadow; it is difficult to speculate where it moved.But I know, that sounds of nature “whistle whistle” must also play on both sides of the river is not “expansion” of the jungle, where is its home. Search the Internet for quite a while, “birds”, still could not distinguish the memory of the bird dog color exactly what a bird, it seems there are some similarities with thrush calls; of course, just as if.