Air purifiers indicators tell Experts: speaking skills for everyday use

  Text, graph / reporter quiet all media Guangzhou Daily industrial-grade air purifier checks pass rate is reported that the exposure of the FFU air purifier, an air filtration devices, commonly used in industrial, medical and other needs clean indoor air environment the unit, FFU fan filter unit that is (FanFilterUnit)。 According to CCTV reported that the Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association, a sample of 13 units of household electricity supplier in the sale of FFU (some of which is hot-selling products, the rest is random spot checks), only four models nominal execute the relevant national standards, and there are 9 products no relevant national production standards, are no standard production, and even virtual standard products, energy efficiency labeling standard lie, because the air purifier industry is no specific energy efficiency standards。
  Why nearly a year, this industrial-grade air purifiers will be consumer concerns?It is understood, CADR value FFU air purifier, especially particulate matter CADR are nominal values more than one thousand cubic meters / hour, is much higher than conventional air cleaner, and the price mainly 1,000 yuan?Between 4000 yuan。
CADR clean air ratio of the output means, CADR higher the value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier。 In general, the current value of CADR domestic mainstream market, mainly in air purifier 200?800 m3 / h, the median particle matter if CADR to 800 m3 / h home air purifier, priced at 7,000 yuan?8000 yuan。
Because of these two main reasons, to make FFU air purifiers become a "red network"。
  However, according to reports that have been tested and particulate matter CADR 11 sets of products is less than 60% of the nominal value of all sampling 30% of the nominal value of less than FFU highest formaldehyde CADR。 In addition, the Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision section 13 to extract a good sales network FFU purifier testing found safety indicators pass rate even to zero, such as a finger will touch the fan motor, high-voltage circuit and other exposed。   Reporter visited the store at Guangzhou city several lines, not seen these industrial-grade air purifier in the sale, the sale of the majority are in line with the new national standard consumer-grade air purifier。
The sign in a number of large domestic electronic business platform, enter "FFU air purifier" search, they get a lot of search results, and some even have a platform in the sale of nearly a thousand models。
Reporters randomly enter some of the FFU air purifier product sales page sales front, and some have marked its CADR values of particulate matter and gaseous CADR values and other parameters in the parameter introduction, but some part of the product does not show any parameters, just write industry defogging haze level。
  Under the new national standard for consumer index "kept in the dark" At present, China's air purifier on the market is the implementation of GB / T18801-2015 the new air purifier national standards, the industry is generally referred to as "the new national standard," it was in 2015 September officially announced, formally implemented March 1, 2016。 In the new national standard in clear four main core indicators, namely CADR (clean air volume), CCM (cumulative purge volume), energy efficiency and noise level standards。 Where value is a key indicator CADR。 The new national standard, can be simply understood as an air purifier should have good "three high and one low" characteristics, i.e., high value CADR value + + high high purification CCM + energy efficiency and low noise。 However, FFU air cleaner uses this indicator is "high value" portion of the consumer's eye to earn。   Reporters recently met earlier in the stores plan to buy an air purifier very fact that people, she told reporters, between different store brand counters stroll one afternoon, not only a bunch of numbers "get confused", and various functions and it is allowed to dazzling。 Reporters found that, under normal circumstances, air purifiers will be marked on two CADR values, but different brands of different models, two different emphases CADR values。   Industry sources, in addition to particulate matter see CCM CADR value and value, and the value of the CCM CADR value of the gas depends on the gas, which is the ability to represent a machine such as formaldehyde gas purge。
  Reporters learned that, because most of the current domestic models are based on a composite filter, a filter is filtering both particulate matter, as well as formaldehyde and other gas filtration, so if this type of product, only emphasizes the high CADR values of particulate matter, must be careful。
Reporters on a domestic air purifier flyer see, wrote CADR values of particulate matter and gases on the detailed parameters, but the CCM is only purify particulate matter value。
It is worth recalling, if more than two of CADR values are higher, then the product may have a greater noise problems occur。
  In addition, many brands of air purifiers in order to highlight its own characteristics and advantages, in addition to CADR values, CCM value, and vigorously promote in other functions, such as some said can filter a variety of bacteria, viruses, and some said could air disinfection。 Guangdong Province indoor environmental health engineer Gu Shiming Industry Association, said, "These businesses can not rely on myself, be sure to businesses to produce test report of third parties"。
  Experts believe that domestic air purifier in recent years, growing demand for the brand to enter the industry is gradually increasing, the current air purifier market is still four errors, brand confusion, pricing chaos, confusion and chaos identify consumer awareness。
  Expert: Value is not better everyday stresses tips on how to choose a suitable air purifier for home use, many consumers are still doubts。
Under the new national standard, it does give the consumer a certain reference value, but in the face of these values, but also need to know certain "discrimination" skills。
  First, CADR values are not "the higher the better," depending on the use of space。 In addition to keeping the value of the gas CADR is clear identification of the particulate matter (formaldehyde) CADR value, the area related to the use of this parameter, a simple calculation is multiplied by the value = CADR for an area, the consumer prior to purchase, according to the actual situation of the family , such as a room of 30 square meters, then the purchase of an air cleaner, in selecting CADR value of about 300 m3 / h of the upper and lower product can meet。
Gu Shiming said that the current number of domestic air purifiers constantly claim that high CADR values, caused some consumer misunderstanding。
Technical staff, told reporters, CCM value is representative of the purification capacity of the machine, so look CADR value is of no use, and comprehensive multiple parameters to consider。
  Second, not "large" products like。 What consumers before buying, it is best to first understand the main indoor pollutants。 If it is newly renovated home, after detection by the detection equipment found high levels of formaldehyde, the formaldehyde is preferably selected for air purifiers, there are some brands currently available non-hybrid screen Release products, i.e., the filter respectively filtering particles two odor filter。   Thirdly, the air cleaner is not a panacea。
When reporters asked air purifier features in the store, the sales staff said that even newly renovated room, the air is able to use the net removal of formaldehyde。
In actual fact, engaged in environmental monitoring technical staff, told reporters, newly renovated home worried about formaldehyde contamination, it is best to use monitoring equipment to detect, and then find a qualified professional organization on-site clean-up。   In addition, the use, not all the time required to open an air purifier, especially for the average family, if the city's excellent air quality day or good, it is recommended ventilate。