Collect sunlight articles

Part one: to collect sunlight natural sunlight gives everyone the light and heat, given the conditions of survival, but the sun between mind not given to everyone, and it always will love life, enjoy life to share.  Sunlight through the windows of no cover, naked photos on the table.My eyes like a viper constantly eroding my eyes, Shengtengshengteng, although the winter has been to, but the sun is still so intense, piercing my eyes, so I could not open his eyes.  ”Oh ~ ~ ~” I sighed deeply hope “book” sigh, how this homework ah?  ”What a good winter ah!I envy you, all bathed in the sun every day in class, why you are not satisfied, but sigh ah!”The students eyes were filled with numerous question marks.  envy?Satisfy?I looked up, pondering.Heart nameless excitement.  ”Collecting the sunshine!Well – he appeared in front of a bottle of fine, treat every thing around with peace of mind.”Pico said, laughing at the same table.  Warmth rising across my chest, the sun shines on the table, it seems like a little elf, become Smart up.I have the sun shining, shining desk, according to everything around me, everything seemed so bright, so beautiful.  I put the bottle on the window, use it to collect sunlight, but also with their own heart to collect sunlight, which look, I have done the job very seriously, very seriously lectures.  Open up and face life with a smile you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that everything around so beautiful.  Life everywhere sunshine, warm everywhere.Let’s intention to collect sunlight, warm collection.    Part Two: you wake up in the morning sun lit collection, I told you I’m as far away as Shanghai’s sunny here and talked, you said you where overcast day, very cool that there is no sunlight.But this does not matter, as long as there is sunshine in your life my life no matter how dark it up.Because I collect little sunshine to brighten your.  It is noon, no clouds in the sky, direct sunlight on the wall in red and white, bright light blinded people straight.So I saw the bright sun could not help but think of you, because of your smile, your laugh is like this forever, like bright sun so bright is always so charming.Saw so brilliant sunshine, I think of what else I can do, I just hope I can bring you sunshine life, every day you open your eyes not a bother for anything, because all these things I will give you are in order, I’m tired does not matter as long as you happy enough.You see, I can here the sun collected to send you in the past, when you open the package when no matter how much darkness around you that you do not have to be afraid, because your life will instantly become brilliant at the moment the package is opened stand up.Just when you just write these words suddenly hit two spray.  Sneeze, does I think you sensed you, and also in the hearts silently spoke my sake do?Sauna net sun is bright messenger, you’re my angel.I will work hard to love you, will not call you will not offend you, you often forget to eat breakfast, I’ll give you a day to prepare a good breakfast, and then attach a small piece of paper on the glass of milk: “Honey, good morning, remember to eat breakfast oh!”Re-draw a sweet smile, I do not believe so you can forget to eat breakfast.I came back at noon for lunch when you’re ready, you will be holding a glass lazy said: “Honey, milk drinking, I forget to wash the cup.”Weird eyes already captivated by everything, you know I’m afraid of you that look, your eyes that one will be hooked everything.And I will pretend indifference “Nothing, put there, tomorrow morning you continue to drink milk punch.”In fact it will wash the dishes when it will be clean again.  Honey, maybe our lives inevitably there will be some cloudy days, but that does not stop the sun that we want to have.Because we have to store the sun, I will immediately make our lives become blue skies.  Honey, let us work together to collect sunlight to illuminate each other’s lives.You say, okay?