Cold Dew Caprice

So quiet, a person’s house, let me pick up my special scissors, cut a word spend it.”Cold Dew everyone busy season, seed wheat, picking flowers, playing field beans.”Reproduces the scene of my life ten years ago, while with children, while men working the fields, almost no night, unless very sleepy.Oddly, the more busy working, the more kids love sick, with a fever, cough or get angry, sore throat.Then, crying, no time.Manual labor can be delayed, the children’s illness is not be postponed.So, for a few days to accompany children to the infusion, to live in the house no count, they all push back, so that, even at night overtime, gulping deal with, or have often lagged behind the others, always falling a “crop Hunzi” reputation, my “lazy wife” is a name of.    ”Stubble busy morning, afternoon picking cotton.”How so accurate!Gosh, I seem to see myself, a moment, tears want to flow out.At that time, who had distressed that even have time to cook a peasant woman!Pulling children, worry about the ground, home, inside and out on their own, there are so many right and wrong in the ear filled!There are so many debt-to-door to urge!I still have to hold down a picture of indifference call upon the brazen hypocrisy of nerve!Tears, smashed teeth swallowed his own stomach, but also seeing the exhausted husband, a big man suffered bitter tired, skinny not a human form, but also at night, secretly tears!”The Autumnal Equinox garlic, cold dew kinds of wheat.”Hometown of garlic planting is certainly.Garlic, ah, you too and I missed the!However, I still want to thank you, you make me feel a Grower of ups and downs, though, sweet, you almost did not give me.I just did a passer harvest to be involved in the process, it is also enough for me to enjoy a lifetime.That there, there are countless stories, fantastic, full swing, as in the middle of a raging fire, yes, no exaggeration.My youth, precisely in that hot “battle” burn out.    ”Dew of the sickle hook beans, sweet potatoes until frost close.”Sickle cut beans, frost dig sweet potatoes, how warm scene!Then the pain, today it seems, is the wine, how then alcohol, then strong!Labor, gave life to the most beautiful colors!Clearly remember, as a child big collective period, sweet potatoes dry rub night spectacular.No lights, all of them coming in the sweet potato ground, adult fast work, “swishing” struck the piles of sweet potatoes dry, faster than electric machines; children swing dried sweet potatoes, then a small sweet potatoes and handed the child the mother, especially a young child crying hard in the ground, they (they) must be cold and hungry and sleepy now, yes, and some fell asleep in the ground; smaller babies, of course He was thrown at home.Having said that, I think her mother to tell me one thing.Soon just one month younger brother, mother and father at night rub dried sweet potatoes in the ground, came back at midnight and found out his younger brother under the bed, already Kusi past, eyes turned upward.Straining her mother cry, beat, younger brother finally woke up mad..Today, the younger brother’s eyes also occasionally brief look.”Cold Dew does not dig onions, my heart must be empty.”” September, October is not empty plane.”Said the green onions.Ten years ago, the higher the popularity of green onions grown in our town, so we get a kind of a large area of up green onions.Real buzz ah, although low onion prices fell suddenly odd, but still kind of fun to stay in my memory, I do not gain money, but gain a participatory process, kind of like garlic, like, maybe, God told me, I had not a qualified farmer.”Labor clearance to cut the grass, worry about save big haystack.”This is a childhood memory, and then, carrying a Fenkuang mowing the fields, is our generation’s childhood best time of it.Yes, I thought it was a.All the fun and the story takes place in the middle of our partnership with these small, pure, lovely, simple, funny, humor, naughty, and he does not speak to you today, tomorrow and well she and I, so and so and so and so how the? .”Dew not pick smoke, say nothing YuanTian Shuangda.”This memory a little fuzzy.Kinds of tobacco’s a bit far away from me, but I still remember some things.Father was a technician cigarette burn kang, as well as planting tobacco Technician.Out of tobacco, when everyone points the yard of tobacco, especially tobacco is to pave a picture stacked up; there, working the land in the tobacco scenes, it’s a sticky.Although it is still collective land ownership period, my mind still retains the kind of happy, not tired.Construction in full swing outside, I was in a small room, the guard knocked text, look at your work experience, the kind of life course, my life would be enough wine products.