The east side of the square in front of the government, there is a row of leafy Sophora japonica, Sophora japonica trees buried our Cody.  Cody is a fine breed of black shell, in a large 2 months old, a chance by chance, and Xiu Xiu, plush two partners of similar ages in our family fell household.  At that time, we lived in a government compound bungalow.Three main building and three houses to live in the south, the east wing is the kitchen, doing the west wing Bathroom.Because the whole yard of space was relatively narrow, we can only spread on a small clearing between the main house windows and bathroom wood, asbestos above the shelves, an iron fence the area with courtyard separated, three small guy has created a twelve or thirteen square meters of shabby homes.Subject to conditions on feeding, do not buy special dog food, with their food mainly from near the hotel scraps.Fortunately, you compete with each other and frolic, the plush, Xiu Xiu, Cody healthy growth day by day, less than six months of effort, all of them have a considerable head, it looks very pleasant.In their growth process, three guys were shown a different temperament: plush aggressive overbearing, eat food alone; Xiu Xiu some cold-blooded, often hurt others stir up trouble; Cody Wenshun Cong Ming, virtue and loyalty.  Along with their growth, time so slowly drip like water disappearing.  Life is always something unpredictable, but as if somewhere is bound to happen.But who will deny that temperament is the potential for unpredictable events.  Just when their three young adults, overbearing plush and feisty Xiu Xiu because eating rat poison unfortunately lost their lives, but because the simple and honest honest and Cody did not grab the toxic food and escaped a rob.Since then, the yard is quiet a lot, Cody became the sole guardian of our family.  In fact, emotionally speaking, they are three of them, Cody has always been favored by family.Since it became the only future, it is our tender care a plus, it naturally increases the degree of care to it, such as bathing and diligent in its regular disinfection of the site.Plus there is no other companion snatch, less than a month, Cody’s spiritual and physical appearance much better than before.Huge muscular torso, the back was shiny black hair, golden flexible limbs, two upright ears and a pair of black eyes, Cody completely changed quite a different animal from head to toe full of vitality.  Over time, between Cody and we seem to slowly build a special feeling.Usually, my husband came home from work the first thing is to give Cody leaked.Almost every time we did not wait to get home, even where there are nearly 100 meters away from home, this clever guy, we can identify our footsteps from many people, and then issued a fence in a very special Diming, and sometimes impatient in the fence round and round, sometimes with a vicious front paws clinging to the fence, it is an eager look.In fact, the fence is never locked our doors, with Cody can jump out of their own fence or impact, however, it has never violated the ban unauthorized loitering rattling, even then impatient, then worry, We will wait until we come back beyond the fence after hearing the password, which is let us admire its sensible and obedient.  Open air is most proud of the time Cody.This time, in terms of Cody, not only urine problem can be solved hearty and can be a fresh Sahuan, even in the open space outside the maneuvering camel back and forth dozens of continuous running wild.  Do not look at Cody when Sahuan speed and momentum is compelling, but it is a well-trained guy.In order to avoid looks ferocious Cody to passing pedestrians scared, we put restrictions on its activities between the outer door and the road with holly isolation, without permission, sensible Cody never cross the line.During leaked, Cody also able to cope with our password quickly to a variety of reactions, such as swing, jump, squat, prone, hugging and other gestures, the action is very agile in place.In this regard, Cody seems to feel good about themselves, every action done, will have to tilt the front legs like a baby and threw himself upon us, tongue hanging out, wagging his tail, a triumphant look, like a naughty child.  Cody and his party a move is always so pleasant, even almost perfect, it’s smart and mischievous to our lives really add a lot of fun.  I remember a summer evening a year, to test the waters in the gap, Cody suddenly stopped running near a holly barking up, we went inexplicable.Ha ha!Enlightened, a look we all laughed.It turned out to be a hedgehog being expanded and Cody confrontation.Cody sometimes exposed fangs, sometimes out front paws tentative to tease hedgehog, but unfortunately, but the hedgehog curled up into a group, ha ha!Dog bites hedgehog is really no place to interrupt ah, Cody mighty, barking really can not do nothing small hedgehog.Finally, we can only interfere with each other, no smoke the war is over.  Do not look at the performance of his family in front of Cody’s very docile in the face of strangers just to visit, but no mercy.It is tall and mighty sharp reactions and body can give outsiders with great deterrent.At that time, due to work, my husband come back home often late into the night, Cody became a loyal defender.Because of Cody in the evening we will avoid a lot of unnecessary fear, this, Cody is withheld.Have to admit, this is a pity Zhao Renai Cody important reason.  We get along with Cody and the most pleasant time is the summer midnight open air.  The summer heat is hard to sleep, often with the noise will decrease slowly until the heat of the night.As long as time and energy permit, after the street crowds recede, we will first rushed a cold, then, an easy to bring Cody, to stroll on the empty street.This Cody is undoubtedly a great enjoyment, it will run and wanton relax.At this time, Cody rapid run most people feel no secret of its wild nature, its posture is so supple and stretch.A wanton bolted it, the people will fully witness the animals bursting out in free space, free and easy, free and natural beauty of coordination.So, we will be touched by this intense scene without perception, mood suddenly become active again.Although it is late at night, but with Cody walk, you never have to worry about what the bandits appear, or other unforeseen occurrence.Dough street, sailed breeze, wander in the midnight silence of the streets, the whole body and mind will feel more relaxed and enjoyable!This night is pleasant, but true!  In reality, the arrival of new life often give people bring a lot of joy, and leave some of life will inevitably give the impression that a lot of frustration and nostalgia, especially those whose lives and our daily life, even if it is a little life, they may be very ordinary, even very mediocre, but once disappear, but it will make people saw it, even feel the slightest sadness!  I do not know fate or God intends arrangements in our family cottage demolition of the year before winter, because Cody eating a chicken bone and cause intestinal bleeding, suddenly lost its vitality.If only one day of effort, it becomes a bit messy hair, rapid pace is no longer strong, hung his head all day long, drooping tail.Dark eyes, full of listless to beg, to Qiruoyousi, people feeling that its life may come to an end.Period, although the doctor gave it time to find her husband hung up the bottle, but Cody’s condition was deteriorating.One afternoon a week later, with the last drop of tears out of the eyes of Cody, bottle stopped ticking.In the end, we did not retain live its life, Cody just leave us.That cold evening, her husband under a tree in front of Laohuai, spent a lot of effort just dug the frozen soil, quietly buried with our many years of Cody.  Fast forward two decades is the time.  Today, I pass by Government Square again, and involuntarily came Sophora japonica tree.Today, two decades later, Cody beside the old tree remains upright branches, green leaves whirling, but the old house long gone, Cody has long gone!  Suddenly, a gust of wind blowing, Trance, verdant trees seemed to have a pair of eyes full of beg staring at me, eyes are so gentle, yet so familiar, yes, it must be Cody’s eyes!