Coconut trees, areca Love

In Hunan, the relationship between climate, I grow to over 50 years old had never seen areca and coconut trees, and in Hainan, whether in the city or in the countryside, in the ground or in the hillside, on the roadside or in the farms, or is the front of the house behind the house, there are all kinds of tall areca palm and coconut trees, coconut trees and nut trees actually very similar, areca and coconut tree looks very similar, there are no dry branches, Tingtingyuli.It’s just a slim waist, deportment is particularly beautiful, with tall coconut trees with thick tropical and subtropical fruit trees unique to the region, as if, like a pair of twin sisters, strange people really rare to distinguish them.Straight trunk nut trees, unbranched cylindrical, diameter 10?15 cm high 10?13 m above.Ring stem obvious leaf scars, young green trunk, with the growth of age gradually becomes gray.Stem top cluster of leaves, pinnate, length 1.3?Two meters, three prism petiole, dry ring phimosis.Lanceolate leaflets long, smooth glabrous surface.    Said the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Bin and Lang are guests of title.From its fruit and wood, is the betel nut.Betel nut trees to palm-branch genus of evergreen trees, planting 5 Year – seven years can flower and bear fruit.Whenever the spring in March, betel nut is the flowering season, it’s fascinating flower fragrance.Areca is a good ornamental trees, very tropical scenery and fun.Its fruit is to knot clusters of clusters axillary leaves, elongated oval, orange, wrapped inside walnut-sized seeds, origin people call it “betel nuts”, each tree can result hundreds of real stars.After the nut trees grown, continuous results 20 years, after which it gradually fade..Harvest fruit in the annual Lunar New Year in September, October.    Coconut trunk is generally high.Tall coconut up to 25 meters, the tallest dwarf coconut only about 15 meters.The leaves are yellow-green, each blade in turn composed of many small leaves, palm plants.Dried straight, pinnate leaf, 3-4 meters long, linear lanceolate lobes; inflorescences axillary inner ear; coconut watermelon shape, exocarp thin, dark brown green form; thick mesocarp fiber layer; inner pericarp It was horny.There is a large fruit stored within the cavity of coconut milk, mature, coconut milk storage therein, clean water, as honey, transparent crystal, is excellent in a thirst quenching of goods.Tall coconut economic life much longer than the dwarf coconut: tall coconut economic life of about 80 years, and the dwarf coconut only 20– 40 years.But as early as dwarf coconut result, high yield: dwarf coconut only 3–4 years before they bear fruit, Meike annual output of about 80, while the tall coconut to 6–8 years to bear fruit, the annual output of about every trees 40-60.Hybrids are absorbed Tall coconut, coconut dwarf advantage, having a low height, long life, high output characteristics.Hybrid coconut annual production of about 180-200 Meike.In addition, hybrid coconut also has a strong wind, pest-resistant characteristics.    In the words of long ago, a wise and brave leader Li youth.His justice, punishing corruption, embraced by the people.A group of murder, arson, looting property robber to hate him, he bribed one of his men, stab him, his head hanging on the tree trunk.I never thought, his head turned into a coconut fruit, overnight, the bandits were crushed.Since then became the patron saint of the city of palm.    Coconut drink, eating coconut, palm married sister, one can taste the coconut taste so rich romantic to, only to realize in Hainan.Which made me think of the truth Zhuangzi “nature” of.Heaven and Earth each other yin and yang, the sun, the moon shining on the world turns, four weeks is not idle, the whole world is in such has been running with.If there day and night and through cloud and rain row Shi men, this world is like day and night cycle has its obvious limits, sky with clouds, the earth there is rain, that is to say, all of the world’s natural.This is now like a coconut tree and tree nut trees divided equally men, women tree, which is a symbol of the characteristics of tropical Hainan.Hainan coconut trees and nut trees, there is a forest, like a group of dancers, in front of the sky and sea Scenarios combined into the most beautiful shape; there are individual plants, or diagonally or straight, all full of graceful posture.Slim areca palm shape as tall handsome, Ye Zaimao long, and nut trees Xianxiu short, silk leaves Li, coconut sparse leafy tree branches, tall and handsome, covered with branches all over the scar marks comb, a pair of vicissitudes of the way, but giving the overall image but is so overflowing with shallots, so outstanding, present a virile male beauty.    Areca in Hainan.Straight trunk slender, slim, slender, leaves and short straight, the sky; like a slim, graceful girl, had been known as “the woman tree”, some called “Mei tree”.Coconut tree tall, stout, broad leaves stretch, falls.She referred to as “tree man”, and some called “Elder brother tree”.In Hainan seaside to hillside corner is full of lush coconut trees, it is very eye-catching, on behalf of Hainan landscape, it does not belong only to have a fragrance nor rich fruit, coconut that is, it’s green skin, light juice then a thin layer of meat, a little sweet nothing.And nut trees are everywhere in Hainan, but she never grow publicity, her fruit – nuts, Hainan daily life indispensable things, including gifts or used as tokens of Hainan lady chewed with the “treasures”.In Li marriage, engagement of the Japanese men and women, should be the man to the woman sent a basket of Penang, thought keepsake.    So Hainan people refer to them as a couple trees, coconut trees symbolizing the young man Hainan, areca palm is a symbol of the South China Sea beautiful girl.In Hainan, there are coconut trees where there will be nut trees, because they are a pair of inseparable couple.