In April the lovely, lively throughout the spring.In a desolate corner, I saw a clump of purple lilacs are blooming alone, inexplicable sudden heart twitch, this elegant purple, my eyes clearly saw a purple woman, dressed in a long hair, wearing a long dress, bare feet on the prowl, struggling to sing in head down, such as yarn-like dress and gently dancing in the April wind, so bouts of pain Wuban as incense filled in the wind.    I think catkins must love you, it gently fluttering in your side, a trace, a plume, a round flounder around, smoke hanging over your graceful posture and eyes blurred Resentment.What you do in meditation?Is not still think, why your Zhanglang Fall in love Begonia??    There is a feeling there will be a bitter divide in Hong distraction.So in the hustle and bustle of April, you drive in the dust peach, you have a peach filled the air; you open behind pear, pear there for you secretly tears.You stretch your sleeves petals litter the football in his arms, they could not bear the wind is blowing.But how many people can see you dying yet?You quietly open in solitude, in solitude quietly fade.Perhaps there was a handsome handsome scholar passes through walls smell over a period of bitter incense.Nightlife Network bees must be the most you know, you see it is not nostalgia leisure as peony, wisteria discarded drapes, fly to your side, while Acacia whispered softly tell you, whipped up and down while you offer the most beautiful dance.?Maybe I should not rely on you so close, but I would have been, I want to use my heart to hear the bees tell you what whispers, and in your heart in the end what kind of singing.