Clove article

Part One: lilac sky drift with rain drizzling rain, gentle clouds.Walking alone wet roadway, tears like a broken string of beads, no sound of falling, mixed with raindrops, wanton and flamboyant divergence heart anguish.  life?It is not really so intolerable?fate?Falling is not really as catkins, the slightest flick, will be from the original track, all the past is no longer rhythm of the rain still falling, the world is vast, misty like a big net shrouded vicissitudes.Continue to walk slowly in rainy alley: light fragrance hit, refreshing, are not stop, find incense actions, not far from the green leaves littered with some lavender flowers, leaves patches of rain lovely Run.In the rain curtain, such as yarn, the lavender that “elf” as if the sky winking stars, and if Youran shy little girl, hiding in spy veil beautiful world.Breeze off, the subtle fragrance blowing, Seiitsu such as Sin, if subtle poetry, Ming dark, flickering, blurred and that is Pushuo.Each cluster spend carrying rain as people scattered Acacia tears children, playing in the elegant lilac, people pity, heartbreaking dense fog road, more a hint of melancholy lilac increase , contaminated with a little lonely, how the first two words can depict trilingual.I like that lost time this rain cloves – hazy and beautiful.I’m confused state of mind swayed cloves, passionate mouth, rain, silence vaguely.Carefree and frivolous events of the past along with the passionate rain drops on weak cloves, slipped disappeared seems to tell a poignant tale.Time of closure can not remember, but can not lock a person sensitive thoughts.When the crystal tears are condensed in the rain cloves who know me sad voice?It was unspeakable beauty essays engraved memories.  Lonely sadly once again knocking on your heart, and when to stop tears welling again could not help, the faint fragrance of a lengthy wound pain.Gently touch my numb nerve pain fast, know what to do.Inadvertently, the rain clove, heart raving, intermittent Yin pregnant, his thoughts every now and then, everything seems back to the past, accompanied by flowers, facing the rain, everything is so beautiful, everything is also deemed no trace.  Xijinqianhua years, once again dusty emotion, empty of rain remaining cloves.Reviewing the past, still sad, tears no longer, everything is still in the wind.    Part II: No wind was blowing rain Dingxiang Chun.The pink of the season.Front garden of lilac flower beds in reviving it.Qingqi branches have big flower big flower pale green buds, although no longer bare branches still leafless.  At this festival, the apricot garden is bustling bloom beautiful garden, so very few people approached the altar cloves.Lilac but can not therefore decadent, she simply grow, grow, bud came every one was so vigorous, I like her this exceptionally stubborn air children.  Herbs can be described here, and across a lawn, flower beds is.Spring day, the morning sun embroidered woman like needles, everything around us are so clear-plated bright.The soft sunshine, dew reflecting in the branches with a string of light green crystal.No wind, branches stood silent, fiber sticks do not move, do not shake fine tip, so still simply fascinated people.As if a quiet lyrical poetry, and if a wan light piano.This silent cloves ah.I think only people would read her share warm this intoxicating it.  If fortunate enough to see the altar in the first flower open lilac the more wonderful.How could I not have this desire to do.Lilac may have to open is too hard: the bud face reddened from light green to dark green to, to be more than half full, are “nurtured a long, glorious birth of” the kind of bar.The lilac was not so brilliant opening.  That evening, seeing some of the exposed light purple buds smile, the next morning, lilac quietly open, open so dignified, so calm.Neither catch nor Vying Doo-yeon.You see her open, ten several flower, pale purple flowers, With the joy of early release, with girls really pure, or a standing or looked down, or looked flawless smile full of passers-by to visit her.She never patronize those “Kao”, “courtesan”, “lady”.She just wanted her breath passed to humans, dedicated to her passion for spring.You see of her, the more she felt in rustic yet dignified, gentle, and reasonable manner.Sauna net or how long this is Ziyun long, the fragrance bursts.At this time, tranquility here finally broken.Some birds like girls, twitter gather, they photograph the shuttle in the woods, pick several flower pinch or kiss on his lips, or walk away and dumped in the street.The cloves are not people care about her well-being, sequential still open.The sun, the wind and rain, are so carefully, each petal are trying to open a full.Because she cherished their life, cherish their own spring, but cherish their own character.  Oh, what a flower open like mother, like childbirth pain and joy it?  Wait until the flower bed was calm again, lilac flowering is over, even though less than twenty days from bloom to bloom, maybe some people have not yet had time to appreciate her right.Can this time, she was increasingly rich green leaves stacked upright branches and stuck a new charm.That leaves Puff thick, is a piece of strong heart, warm growing.Who cloves melancholy symbol of it?Qiu sticks that thrive in shade leaves, but it is waiting for the next flowering.Long gestation, long wait, that is what state of mind ah.Oh, cloves, her stubbornness and persistence, do not bring it to you a little clue?  If you walk through the lilac clump, you may be careful to appreciate it?That purple flowers, green leaves that, and makes a product to every one, every one are full of poetic, thought-provoking.    Part three: the rainy season lilac lilac, poet Du Fu wrote a “lilac” poem: “Lilac body soft and weak, snarls still sticks mat.Egeria with a float a hair, thinning flower draped Suyan.After deep planting small Zhai, Shu Ren accounted for the.Lanshe in late fall, pay to read body powder pregnant.”Gently children a few strokes, the noble class lookout lovely lilac written.- In this season of falling smoke, open heart treasured memories, faint, long aftertaste former friendship.A long time ago I have heard Tang Lei “lilac,” the song, then know the story behind it, a plaintive story, it has deeply touched me, touched countless people, and now I remember its lyrics: “you say you love lilac, because your name is she, how tender a brilliant flowers, sentimental people ah.”Listen, this is full of melancholy, watching the glittering wind clumps a purple, smell the scent of flowers, I let your mind wander enjoy in the long course of years, slowly upstream, all the way fragrance, back to the period of quiet, happy times.- Modern Poet Dai Wangshu “Rainy”, from its conception, “Huan Xisha” It is worth mentioning that, Dai Wangshu virtue of this poem was “Rainy poet” in the title.Like a touch of purple, lilac like April, always reminiscent of some of what is distant, as if was close and.Too close, and it looks is so far away.Hovering between far and near deceive dim, often fascinated.Time for the students, always obsessed with Dai Wangshu “Rainy”, and that the same lilac color, clove fragrance of lilacs, sorrow, nature reminds me of the near and distant things, so I have a faint purple, light rosy fantasy.Some people say, look for a five petal lilac flower, because five cloves represents happiness and find it equal to find happiness.It was romantic and innocent age, in retrospect always tempted to laugh softly, then a little bit sad, such a feeling that age, go, will not come back.- “paper umbrella propped, wandering alone in the long, long and lonely lane in the rain, I hope every knot in the same way with a clove of Chou Yuan girl.- she is the same lilac color, clove fragrance of lilacs, sorrow, sad in the rain, sad and anxious; she was anxious in this lonely lane in the rain, paper umbrella propped like me, silently forward line, apathy, sorrow, there is melancholy.She silently approached approached, they cast a general sigh of vision, she drifted across the ground like a dream, like a dream Dreary and blank.- Like a dream drifting cloves, the girl floats beside me; she silently far, far away, to the crumbling wall, approached the lane in the rain.In the mournful melody of the rain, Her color.Her fragrance scattered, dissipated, even her eyes like a sigh, she Melancholy like lilacs.Insisted on paper umbrella, wandering alone in a long, long and lonely lane in the rain, I hope drifting a clove equally knot Chou Yuan girl.”- Once you have selected clove open, it will not hesitate, despite the wind and rain.While slightly warm wind blowing, like a flower once fired several bits and pieces falling on my face and let my thoughts back to reality.- a sleepless night, the full moon heart pillow at the edge of the window, ears, is that the first floating long “lilac”.If at this time you are waiting for a heart full moon, then believe “lilac” sound has infiltrated your dreams.  The rainy season, the slightest rain heart formula, Huarong table Yinfang Syria alone, secluded lane Xiao Menghuai window language, meantime light incense Phi Lu Ying.Patricia Menghun night like rhinoceros, water Yun Yun Yi Cui Phi…- perhaps only the silence of the night in order to make people more willing to wait for it.Wait for morning bird fluttered from the trees; the sun will wait Ming rising from the east; waiting for the season’s sweet smell.- So, the dream is sweet, just like the product had a mellow flavor.Old dream of waiting, the years of anticipation, a better agreement, that cantabile eventful years, when we had a look and they will carefully counting the days.One day, two.I know the meaning of this agreement, and I know that the prescribed time – when the lilacs.Well, my heart will be with the lilac season season in full bloom, is the only sleepless miss when, as is the beautiful hand.-