Clouds are now sky

Rain, still the rhythm of the next, when exactly will terminate, never know.I heard, the next few days, there is still heavy rain to heavy rain continued.Listening to the sound of rain beating endless windowsill, and suddenly someone said: annoying.I laugh, laugh with each other’s say it is because of their already feel trouble.These days, there are some places getting away from, but not forgotten.After alienation, as if tired old got a good release, apart easily, more of a loss, confusion of life.Rain can flood vast land, so it belongs to me sky?When will Sudden Impact.Day, the same procedure is repeated, step by step for all the.Although there are no bars floc, but dull, tired of the rigid lifestyle.I wanted to find the breakthrough, and later the outbreak, even if it got out of hand, willingly.Suddenly I found that there is a disease is contagious.When a loss of motivation to work is dedicated pen to another point of view to re-examine ourselves, inexplicable panic filled the whole piece atrium.Chat with colleagues and feelings of the heart, until I myself dazed and more than one person.When we miss the old days, when I look back, only to find even faster pace finally arrived, not on the passage of time in a hurry.Held in her hand a handful of sand, I thought there is enough time to accept the fact that it is taking the leak.Can you turn a gesture, and then look back when it had no trace, which are truly teach people to panic.We are still doing not too young a young dreamer, and believe that God will favor us, I am afraid I do not know time waits for no man, Huang Wu came to be when the mind is old.Perhaps someone will say, who in 2080 after just wanted too much, to make things too complicated.Can, but some things have to be considered, even if it feels that would be very old thing.If a person will be entered the threshold of thirty, but found life in the days elapsed without any gain, it is a sad.No goal in life is terrible.Fish such as a year-round living in fresh water, accustomed to a life environment, and just never imagined that one day if the water is contaminated, whether the survival of the environment will be stifled, but naive to think that everything is taken for granted and there will be no changing of the crisis.When a thinking being forced to convert over, only to find a blank mind, never know what they want, what they need when it is a wasted life.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) the Six outset, in order to save resources, to protect the environment, will be paid the day of the birth of plastic bags.Although the matter had Yiba announcement to the people, can, when the real implementation of them, still at a loss.Man is a dependent of the animals have to adapt a habit in the future, you want to immediately get rid of it is a very difficult thing.In fact, some things go through after the transition period will get better, there is no difference between adaptation and inappropriate, but to accept and not accept the fact.Many years ago, when people are shopping basket owned, and sometimes buy some snacks scattered and fragmentary, loaded with slimy put the stick into triangular paper bags, and then how those handy plastic bags it?People of that time is not still live, but Enron, never complained where there is not convenient.Some might say, the society moving backwards, back to the past.About this idea and many people can be, it is not funny.Everything in the world has always been a regular or irregular reincarnation, even when you feel backwards, it is normal.Everything, there is no best, only better.Today’s decision-making, but also for the future of life and the environment can be nothing better.Time flies, life Cantabile, life come and go, things change.Listen to a song will have a different mood in different situations, not to mention changing lives.The face of loss of life, should we go from here?To how to deal with attitude?Clouds are now sky.There was a word that says so.Perhaps the moment barrier project is a test of our lives, as long as the intentions discern the direction, all the confusion will be solved.Just as there are some people no longer receive their messages long after, no one knows where they are, and in doing?Even very worried about, can only be deeply missed alone, because seek not trace.However, there is a sense is the same, though you did not see their shadows, nor to inquire about their message.However, they never ever been out, has been concerned about in your sight, stay with, silently accompanied, with your sad sad, happy with your happiness.June 3, 2008