Cloud flower her capacity

[Cloud like clothes to spend like tolerance] always felt that every woman is a blooming flower.Beautiful woman, in addition to the good and beautiful heart rendered, they must also use their own unique taste, pour a different kind of beauty.    Every read to thousands of years before, when the peerless wit Li Bai “Qingping tune” it, my mind will always emerge that the Empress Dowager Yang lilies and roses.”Cloud flower her capacity, spring whisk threshold Revlon.If not, see first group of Yushan, will every month to the next Yaotai.”Even the clouds of heaven, and Yang would also like clothes comparable, even Enchanting flowers would also like to face comparison with Yang Yan, visible, how the clothes Yang Yi-light flowing color, appearance is how Allure the stunning.    Clouds her clothes, she Yen Yung flowers, spring breeze blowing, the day of the Royal pose national colors, that is how glamorous and charming, hundred pro will occur?If she put on like clouds Colorful Plumage lightly dance, Cuixiu whisk Luo Sang, it must be graceful stunning, are like Heaven in Yaotai months.    Visible, clothes pole can bring out the beauty of woman.And every woman has their own temperament, to suit their own graceful clothes, to show their exquisite nuances, it is not merely a long, artistically, and it is like a cup of mellow wine, refreshing, thought-provoking.    Women’s beauty, always born.Even if there is no comparable flowers gorgeous face, we can not live up to their plain Love Lane.In fact, the woman, is an elegant picture, dress themselves, we do not have the most expensive clothing, in many cases, the most unusual clothes, can wear clothing with bright spots effect.As long as this really fit, cleverly match, coupled with their own temperament and charm exudes from, whims and show their personality and taste, then, under the small steps jiggle, must be a clear spirit carved beautiful.    Cloud like clothes to spend like tolerance, I also like, in blazing a touch of life is with my love of dress clothing, sometimes tender and romantic, quiet and sometimes mildly, sometimes noble and elegant, sometimes lively free and easy.I like unusual time in years, put on my clothes pleasing, to create a sort of wonderful feeling for myself, let me, always exudes elegant and moving temperament.    Cloud like clothes to spend like tolerance, and remembered this poem scenery, listening to the dripping of ancient zither music, my favorite is offering a piece of clothes, the mood, such as a touch of youthful long fundus, trickling streams, waves unmatched moisture and clarity.    [Cheongsam silk clothing, beauty Tim] think cheongsam, Chinese style will always remember, think of picturesque beauty amorous.It is an experience of the vicissitudes changes of clothes, with a sense of history, with traditional charm, wrapped in a gentle woman who, showing their graceful beauty.    Think of cheongsam, the mind always emerge from the soft southern pictures.South, it has original boneless moist atmosphere, and glowing mottled marks time.Always I felt that under the bridges, vast waves of old, the most suitable for wearing cheongsam, Wu soft dialect, the paper umbrella propped, da da, da da walk slowly.    Just think, looks picturesque beauty, dressed in exquisite costumes, light frown smile, swaying walk in mossy stone on the road, it must be the United States to the extreme right mood?The kind of style, unobtrusive, but lovely, and most people grow out of mind lingering taste moist, as if the hold up is Yilianyoumeng, and with time, flow together.    Cheongsam, not every woman can dress yourself.Even with a peerless face, it is not able to make it up.Never think, cheongsam is capable of discerning people.Wear dressed in gorgeous costumes, the minimum is fit to be docile, we have had to follow the gentle classical temperament.If so, exquisite figure, wearing ill-fitting dress, Jiaotai phenomena, from the graceful, gentle wavefront circulation, casual glance, they show that eye brow style, it can be called charming melody, fragrance was very hot.    A variety of fancy dress, single-breasted shape and are shaped sleeves there are many variations.I very much like Saran accompanied by lute lapel flounced sleeves, always feel this mix is not only classical beauty, becomes all the more clear spirit chic, bright spots, subtle and elegant, but yet tender.    On the screen, most like to see Maggie Cheung wearing a cheongsam, style watery interpretation of drama Life.I had read an article evaluating wear cheongsam Maggie Cheung said she could reverse beings, a show of hands, every move she makes, all as people think appropriateness.So deeply I agree with, and can not help but look at her Allure work, “Center Stage” and “In the Mood for Love”.In front of her, far more than is amazing?Those brocade, wrapped in her graceful body, graceful and colorful as if the cool, as if the cold, as if subtle fragrance surplus sleeves, but an exquisite and delicate, that of a charming melody, that of a rain and sorrow, as if as fireworks across, across time, one begins to cool down.Who else, as much as her style?As much as her feminine?    Since then, the acquisition of two dress at home, I have been treasured, never dared to wear.Because, I always think, be able to interpret the woman’s dress, not the face, only that artistically.As long as the right temperament, life and life will be ruined dressed in silk clothing.So, dress, became I look landscape.    [Naive commoner, attracted like] every woman has their own temperament and color, wearing different clothes, will be able to deduce a different style.Some glamorous and elegant, some mysterious romantic, charming and some publicity, some subtle and restrained, and some enchanting fashion, some Xiaojiabiyu.Anyway, people wear clothes, clothes to pick people.Taste different kind of piercing, piercing beautiful artistically, does not lie in whether the expensive clothes, if only for that.As the human world are not the best number of things right for you, it is beautiful.    Cloud like clothes to spend like tolerance, how the Red, there are not a few women beauty?    I, too, has an innate love of clothes.I met my favorite clothes, I always hesitate to buy a home.Many times, these clothes hanging in the closet, not necessarily have to wear, but often open the closet and saw these lovely clothes, quietly hanging in there, I was careful to be treasured, still beautiful, I felt full of joy.I liked that feeling, as if slowly flowing, just time.These clothes are my favorites so well, with no signs of yellowing, and is still remembered as beautiful.    I know, that’s not idle, but not willing to cherish and.In my mind, the more I cherish the clothes, the more I refused to wear on the body.Just because, once put on, they, like me, tainted taste of fireworks, tainted with years of vicissitudes, until yellowing, could not find a better return has shown signs.So, I would rather, intentions treasures, often open to enjoy, watching them, in my eyes, still exudes the quiet prime.This feeling is really wonderful.In my mind, those who love the clothes, just as a sweet and pure grape wine, mellow and implies a long.    I always like simple and light, unusual places, like to show his makeup.For clothes, black, white, pink, and a range of light colors, I like the style simply will be good.Life, is extremely complicated, why do not I, in a little bit of life, looking for a simpler and more indifferent?    I have always been attracted to the skirt, either skirts or dresses, I just feel that only a skirt, to show women natural color, flavor.Dragging dressed in skirt, not the graceful touch of emotions, in the mortal world in a lengthy line, is looking for, this life is a quiet beauty.    [Looking at the clothes in the true sense of] a long time ago, a friend gives me a skirt, a light green background, accompanied by a number of elegant floral, at first glance, I feel that is unmatched fresh tender.Often like rain in the evening, put on a white shirt lace rolling on, put it in a light-green floral dress, flowers swaying on the trails, the wind blowing term long hair, I just, safely taste fresh after the rain and poetry.Later, in a TV series in Hong Kong and Taiwan actress Athena Chu also seen wearing this dress exactly the same, I understand, it was a series of brand name.Because the style is very suitable for me, so since then, often to buy this brand of clothes.    By chance, the Linjiaxiaomei to Humen shopping, fancy a white bottom vest dress, the pattern is also unusual and unique fresh.Put it on, and then put on a jacket exquisitely delicate lace small, genteel and graceful.This is my favorite abnormal skirt, little jacket to wear on, there are different effects.However, no matter how collocation, which a skirt, can make my heart feel quiet and comfortable.Especially the bottom of that circle of white skirt, embroidered with a few wipe subtle embroidery, but no matter how you look, all have different perspectives of beauty., Like a cloud of dust is not stained, like a clear spirit of lilies, quietly sweet fragrance, pure and translucent.    The so-called glimpse, perhaps my sleeve dress with pink piece of encounter it?When is offering to send my sister piece dress, I realized, had for clothes can also be used to describe the passionate charming.Skirt, as if pure enough to be filled with a sweet taste.That’s newly sprung branches of pink shirt it?How light can be so elegant and moving?Probably, this is emotional, it is also pretty, but yet elegant.    This skirt is one of my favorite.Extremely simple style, just the right length, sleeves princess sleeves, a white grid on the tiny reddish blossoming flowers, as if budding, side skirt is red circle Mei, his waist is a delicate rose red belt, the same color of color, a deep one shallow, distant echoes, the United States to the extreme.    Remember, the bright days of summer, I wore this skirt was clear to see writer.She had repeatedly praised the beauty of this skirt.In the summer time, bright and fresh, this is the subtle fragrance floating, or Smart sweet dreams?Put it, even the mood is sweet.Also warm, but also light, a look back care, Wind lightly, never forget.Second was clear met with writers, I happen to also be wearing this dress, she smiled and said: “well, I will know that you are beautiful skirt.”Glimpse, magnificent colorful, and I carry live together and accept other people’s appreciation, this skirt gave me a better feeling, I will always be treasured.    Closet, there is a elegant dress, I was like a baby like to hang up, but never willing to put.I have never bought such a luxurious dress, because I think, too noble skirt, the owner needs to have a depth of thought to set off.I’m afraid myself too light shallow, that can not carry a deep.    It was my birthday, he donated one of my birthday gift.Upper body is black velvet collar side is like a circle diamond pieces decoration; lower body is white background, blooming like a flower child ink, as if a great connotation of traditional Chinese painting, so taste and style, able to people decorated very elegant, graceful pouring a beautiful atmosphere.    Ambilight night, I stroked dressed in elegant dress, looking at the gleaming “diamond pieces,” remembered hidden in the clothes of Wanlv affection, sweet to think: one day, if I put on this beautiful clothes, whether will smoke as the pro line to walk in the Red Dust, Looking back, smile, but also Allure?    [Postscript] cloud like clothes to spend like tolerance, women’s, has always been an elegant painting.Many times, we not only for herself capacity, but also for their own dress.Whether it is the gorgeous clothes, dress or elegant, but also Sudan or commoner, as long as appropriate, as long as they matched, as long as this really fit their own, is the best.    Beloved clothes to wear, wear clothing with their own taste, will be sweet and satisfying feel of the warm surrounds, and a plume of soft and self-confidence, inadvertently disseminated looks between.But no matter what kind of attitude of their own, it does not get lost, as long as self-confidence, as long as appreciate and love yourself, then, every day is a long, beautiful.    This moment, I wear comfortable clothes and cotton skirt, deep in the night, knocking some of the insights about the clothes, listening to the melodious tunes tell the moonlight thoughts, time, they lightly, graceful, in my It flows through the fingertip.Tags: Jiangnan Yun Yang flower her capacity cheongsam dress entertainment