cloth shoes

People sixties and seventies, mostly wearing shoes, is to do your own home, do not buy.Now nobody wear cloth shoes, cloth shoes have gone through the feelings, now from memory “bottom” fish out one or two, and we Dramas.    Shoes, a piece of cloth, a needle and thread, a drop of sweat, a feeling, condensed the hard work of the hostess, is a unit of one of the original work.Is totally hand-made cloth shoes is the basic raw material used to make the jam rags.Where the old cloth are available as raw material paper jam, they will find out from remote corners, Aohao Geda like paste, which first put it on the wood, stick a layer of cloth, add a touch of paste, then dip a layer of cloth, dipped thick enough, you go in the sun drying, dry, and expose it, is a paper jam.Like shoe according to the size of the cut as large as the sole Kuaikuai jam, along with a white cloth up to the edge, the layers overlap, the dense nano wire, the sole made.Upper thinner, a new upper, shoes, the sole edges are mostly white, blue or black uppers.Shoes, plain elegant tone was light, like bit weather-beaten, indifferent and cheerful old farmer.    One year, at home or in accordance with last year’s shoes do look like shoes, have to have two weeks of circumstances, made the shoes.Juvenile body is a long time, it is a year before the project, and then a long legs do not grow a lot of it, try it, see the right fit.Some estimates are insufficient, try difficulties arise.Forefoot easily into the stretch, shiny heel exposed, Push extension, or no access, so they bent down to toe axis, tighten the screws like doing the twist-shaped twist repeatedly, or invalid.Finally, remove the wall of the shoehorn, projecting heel shoehorn smooth draw down, barely squeezed.Go is not easy, it is difficult to quit.Like a long, rough, white radish scene when pulled from the ground, radish do not want to leave their homeland, roots sticking tight land.One pressing shoe sole edge, while the other clutching the ankle bone, helping force, the hard upper card with bumps heel.And so completely withdraw from the shoes, the heels faded a floating white skin, some bloodstain, and will not cause much damage to the surface of the foot, can be a burning sensation through the heart.    So wear shoes like shoes, restless hours, skip along, with little long, soles worn thin, put on the shoes worn weak economic foundation, a kind of floating, basic feeling of instability, such as step on a piece of paper, there is always a worry, fear and sometimes feet exposed, hurt the ground hard object.Sometimes really worried about inevitable.On one occasion, a nail anti-with shoes and over, fortunately discovered in time, did not cause serious consequences.The toe is the weakest part of the place, because there are strong, big and powerful feet thumb all the time with cloth uppers competitiveness, the upper end hid toe, I do not know when to begin and out of the foot surrounds the thumb, Alice and moving out of the hole shown strong.    Afraid afraid of the water mud cloth shoes.Take the dirt road after the rain, working in muddy fields, usually reluctant to wear shoes in, as the consequences of wet soiled inside trip is to re-brush shoes, well a few days to dry out.The right shoes, you then a pair, dirty, no reserve replacement, would not embarrassing?With dirt road, people take off shoes, put the parcel’s carry, rolled up his pants, barefoot travel.Then, after the rain muddy dirt road in rural areas, often seen barefoot pedestrian lug with a stick wrapped in a small shoulders, that have given parcel shoes.Wait until the destination, to no longer muddy places, wash feet, then put on shoes.    Then we go to school, road several miles are dirt roads, go home, met muddy, they took off his shoes, barefoot travel.Wait until home, Sheung Shui scoop, pour in the basin, washed the feet, then took all the way to put on shoes.Barefoot through the process, taking the heat with a water wash, cool, cool, refreshing, and then put into the feet soft, gentle cloth shoes, the way the servant servant dust suddenly been turned into a warm, from the soles of the feet dispersed to the surrounding, raised his body, the familiar brick on the ground through two laps, very practical, this is really to home.