Close your eyes and see the world

I was a wayward child, I want the earth are full of windows, I want all accustomed to the dark bright eyes are accustomed to. – Inscription quietly close your eyes, suddenly found that dark world.Did not see those familiar figure, the feeling that everything becomes calm, not ornate noisy, those who figure seems to get quiet, walking alone in a tiny space at the point, self-paralysis, I am afraid, afraid that one day.I would not have the courage to face their own. Close your eyes only region to escape the world, sitting in a classroom, listening to four weeks those gorgeous Finals.There are memories of friends have also lonely emptiness.Really I want to never opened his eyes and looked around them in desolation ugly.Eileen Chang said, ‘I’m a selfish person.Not for selfish to the point in time to remember. I, too, right!(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) I think if one day I really can not see me, I’ll go crazy for it or will calm all alone, I do not think it is the latter!I am also an ordinary person.Ordinary to 17 years old, I would be afraid exam illusion that they will not be a shock writer. Perhaps the thought is that simple, not responsible, what comes to mind on something, graffiti writing, with the most extraordinary thing to vent the loss of life. I do not want too many district judge in this society, after all, the world is complex and difficult to imagine their own complex to the point, can only stop. Night, stars, walk in the dim light of the street.See beside human indifference, to see that one after another for the good of the face; ‘smiling’ Close your eyes and the world still present, only few species are covered with dark things, but opened Yan.This is God’s world will be able to see it?