Close to nature Articles

Part One: always wanted to get close to nature, but always caught the Red always wanted to get close to nature, but always caught the Red open the document, put a piece of music.Text in the walk, hop music.Feelings of another world clouds ebb tide, Huakaihuaxie.Out the window the wind stopped, the dust has settled.  In the cracks of life, looking for a Liuya, a wild flower, calm moment can be obtained; find a star lights, a wisp of smoke, little can be obtained deserted.No crowds, lights flashing, I sincerely happy.  Always wanted to get close to nature, people are always caught in the Red weave a dream in the text.Know the dream start, you know the dream process, outcome unknown dream.Just because literate people has been reduced to a life of sacrifice this game.Dream wake up early morning birds, the evening sunset in the distance forever.Still still sleeping in happiness.  A friend, a has no audio each other a friend.Say, you often talk about mad love in the text, fierce Shall.And when it really going to come into your reality, you will be ignorant, and numb.Yes, yes genuine, not hypocritical.In addition to love, I do not want to close.I can not give, even if it is spiritual attachment, it is far away from.Since then, no words, no exchanges.No love, no ambiguous with you.Away, back to each other’s orbit.Like every man and I pass, too late to turn back, it has disappeared in the vast sea of people.  Words are still ringing in my heart Dian amount of weigh.Perhaps, there are also a little tip insignificant things, hidden in his heart, the heart of a plan to become the most intimate.Has become its own unique understanding of faith in love – my, self-righteous beliefs.  Perhaps everyone has the right to love and be loved.But, love this thing, and not just love and be loved, it is not happy, is self-righteous.If really, there is no crazy man Maid, blaming Heaven hate sea.People into the siege, whether or not happy, before the formal dissolution of the marriage has not, there is no right to say, promise to give another person.  Many facts have been clear, leaving behind just sad, until finally the wounding injury has.Those promises or vows, is floating in the air a dust themselves have no direction, where the share of mad love settled in residence?Inferno II: close to nature “May Day” holiday for three days, I went home.  My home is in the eastern part of Jilin Changbai Mountain West at the foot of the mountains and rivers surround this beautiful little village.I remember elementary school, middle school, “May Day” and “October” will leave home and do farm work a few days later went to college far from home, no longer did go back after graduation and forth for two years did not go home when the busy Labor , closer to home now, I’ll be home in the sense of a real Labor Day.  Sitting in the car, looking at the road on both sides of the mountain, there are a lot of people are farming on a hillside, the distant woods at the baptism of the spring growing green, full of a vitality.I looked at it all into deep thought and memories.This piece of black land raised me, and I live with parents for the creation of wealth and land to go to school for many years.Despite so many years of school and work in a foreign land, but deep down I am deeply worried about this and love the forest and land.Like Ai Qing said, “Why do my eyes often with tears?Because I this land dearly “.Childhood living in this great forest, the place left a childhood best time, four seasons here, remember that time in the summer to catch dragonflies, fishing in the river, go to the forest to play, I do not know the mountains under the blue sky and natural feel in doing the most intimate contact.Winter snow, snow everywhere, when our children play more Hing, snowmen, snowball fights, sitting sledge stepping on bamboo slide down from the mountains, the river at night lit bonfires, play hard.Sauna net, whether rural or urban people seem to have a certain love for nature, because human beings from nature, people naturally can not be separated, continued efforts to build and develop the city have to do today, and natural coordination development, because people did not know if the basic cultivated land and forest land, human beings can not live long-term survival and.To know nature can benefit us, but if we are irrational exploitation of her, not with her hand coordination, nature will retaliate against us, and so we are interdependent nature of.People go to the park to relax in the city has not forgotten in the construction of highways and high-rise buildings in planting trees along the road, still in the city to build the park for people to leisure time, to get close to nature.I remember in the next four years of college life is a very deep impression on Handan Road, the historical and cultural city loaded with plane trees, a lot of very very dense, because that is where part of the plains, trees are scarce, people dress up like a city forest, cleaning up the environment, but also people’s hearts want to get close to nature, reflects the aspirations of the people a better life and survival.However, this can not satisfy people’s desire to get close to nature, every tired people will go to holiday anxiety natural scenic sightseeing, go wash of intense work to bring the body and mind, to feel relaxed natural beauty give physical and mental comfort, this is definitely not the people impulse, but human instinct, because human beings from nature, the natural carriers of genes in the body, and finally must return to nature, and human nature is a unified.  As a conductor of “*** Tuen up, ready to get off of there,” my thoughts came back, I was pregnant with hope and joy spring mood, walked to force the pace of life in the spring, prepare and mountains with family labor, the most fundamental of human labor is required for the most basic labor and social development, more important is to go back to intimate contact with nature, to be close to nature.    Part Three: close to nature and close to nature into the forest, there is always a warm feeling long absence, because humanity itself comes from the forest, the forest is the cradle of the vast majority of species grow.From the wild and ancient to the bustling city, a step by step to complete the evolution of human intelligence, to become the crown of creation, but its physical bad to worse.When our material life is improving, but at a loss on what happiness is.Comfortable, anxiety, monotonous, boring, numbness, tension may become a disease, how do we adjust this imbalance of body and mind?So, please go close to nature, experience nature.  Mankind’s own thoughts began to have a variety of physically and mentally exhausted, but with social development, the accelerated pace of life and the more obvious.How many literati indulge landscape, pastoral poetry, leaving countless stories Clerical, regardless of birth or escapist are inextricably linked with the moist landscape, it is easy to learn in terms of feng shui, good luck speaking world history, in fact it It is a combination of objective and subjective “pleasant landscape” of the materialism.  My home is in the mountains, a child used to seeing the ups and downs of the mountain winding, used to walk the rugged trail, though there are going out of ambition, but not annoying.May be “living in the Orchid Room” reasons, not yet realized that her meaning, perhaps was still small, it is not natural to understand Story, but his hometown of mountains and rivers, plants and trees are my constant nostalgia , it is glad of life, and therefore, the significance of the landscape, understanding the landscape have a different understanding.  Miyama depends not only on the magnificent, it is more lush trees, birds and animals and a variety of insects; the beauty of water depends not only on momentum, as well as its whisper-like trickle, clean and inexhaustible in year.Mountains and rivers has its own unique style and geological rendering humanities, and mundane landscapes also have their own landscapes and imaginary space.Different perspectives, you will be able to find ants or crickets cricket world as a wonderful fairy-tale; different perception, you can hear the joy of birds, insects cadence is how unaffected; different state of mind, you will be able to realize the empty mountains that is a virtual pregnant, lonely is quiet performance; different trade-offs, you will be able to enjoy the transformation of yin and yang, gains and losses to be calm, learn to see everything open.Exposure to the mountains and natural blending, imagine that he is a grass, bearish to fame or wealth, which is why a religious ceremony of the reasons often built in the mountains.If not mortal perception thereto, to be long-term perspective, shouting may burst.Whether the call is placed to wish, dream of flying, or extract the accumulated depressed heart, I believe that although this can not cry raised his eyebrows, definitely breathing, though not free, will be relieved.  Do not believe you try.