Close contact with extraterrestrial

At 15:08 on March 1976 to 2 minutes and 36 seconds in Jilin landed a rare meteorite shower.One Jilin meteorite which is currently the world’s largest stone meteorite.    Today, 32 years later, I finally have the opportunity to see the extraterrestrial style, and “Jilin No. 2” into your arms ,, close contact with extraterrestrial.    July 15 this year, I came to Jilin meteorite exhibition hall, where iron around the world watched, stony meteorites.Especially the highest in the world – One Jilin meteorite, it weighs 1770 kg.    China in mid-1976 there were three major events that shocked the world: First, Jilin meteorite shower, the second is the Tangshan earthquake, the third is three Chinese leaders Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and Mao Zedong’s death in succession.Legends and people are willing to believe that the meteorite fell Jilin, Jilin One, on the 2nd of Jilin, Jilin on the 3rd fall respectively on behalf of Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, the three great men.It is said that Mao Zedong in the year before his death, had Stargaze of their staff members predicted period of his life is approaching.So that after the great man’s death, his secretary took a “Jilin One,” as the incarnation of Mao Zedong, has seven times to visit him.    Jilin One is indeed extraordinary, giving a mysterious, deep feeling.It was iron black, uneven surface, like a huge human skull type.People come here involuntarily emerged admire, believe in look, in front of the extraterrestrial make a wish.It is said to be very efficacious.As we visited in front of a team of business from Shenzhen, political people, which would also like to be the leader, and he vowed a vow before the meteorite, then smooth career, all the way to promotion.    This year also use the “Olympics” of light, to celebrate the Olympics in Beijing, allowing the visitors to the museum for the first time with the Jilin meteorite II had close contact.    People say: to see the meteor is lucky.And I was able to touch the stars, and even put it in my arms, and that in turn is how fortunate and proud!    Fingers stroking that unknown universe of stars, each of which projections and depressions are recorded with the Earth with you an extraordinary experience it?That ordinary black iron, in order to integrate into a corner of the globe you are not easily found?Irregular round shape, and chunks of coal in my hometown is no different.But you who are visiting Earth, large and small, you and your companion, carrying fire, lightning fast from, the general intensive rain.He fell on the village, on the road, in the courtyard of the farmhouse.Actually there is no damage to a house, injuring one person, one animal.This is also called a miracle.Do you have a pair of good eyes long it?Still have to remember the exact placement counted?A farmer standing in front of their house, witnessed your brother – Jilin One and landed less than ten meters in front of him, lucky Yeah!Maybe watch the meteor shower of the whole process, he had longevity to 104 years old.What a friendly and mysterious extraterrestrial ah!I can not help but stepped forward and gently hugged you.This is my time to it!    You do not know these extraterrestrial, Jilin City is not selected because of its picturesque scenery, surrounded by mountains on three sides around the water.I only know that it is a livable and a good place to swim, it is also to make your stay in Jilin City was elected to the charm of the city.