China's top ten richest concept of wealth: wealth comes not only to seize the opportunity

  Source micro-channel public number: kung fu Finance along with nearly 30 years of reform and opening up and rapid economic development, China has not only created the world's largest middle class, with large assets of nouveaux riches in large numbers。
According to the Hurun Rich List statistics, mainland China has become the world after the US super-rich (net assets of over one billion US dollars) to produce, and place of residence to calculate, Beijing has become the worldwide largest super-rich city。
   An unprecedented wave of dramatic social transformation, one after another at the opportunity to create wealth, in the end is how the wealth of ideas, the achievements of China's super-rich legendary life?The face of staggering worth growing, wealth bigwigs look at the mentality of what changes took place?For the dream of wealth embrace the new middle class is concerned, the answer to these questions is undoubtedly an important reference value。
  01 Liu Qiang East: a source of wealth from the dream that I was born the bottom of society, everyone ignored me, but I do not want to accept their fate, this is my character, it is the main reason for the success of my business。
  In fact, the opportunity to discover the wealth of intuition is never exhausted you from the heart, a steady stream of dreams, the pursuit of a want to change their living conditions。
Because I am very clear that the state must do what is the most happy, like I thirty-four days you do not work is a pain, a kind of suffering, that to me it is a punishment。
  Zhou Hongyi, 02: "To make money and make money" is difficult to big business success that many people say is no longer a poor family out of Takako, I personally do not agree, there is a word ", who can not be selected, you can choose the road"。
There was a time hype "Phoenix man" concept, as if to give them a label affixed to the。 I think the biggest problem may be that some people came from relatively poor, making him at the time of design goals, some less idealistic color, more realistic idea too, the target set too materialistic。
If a person at a young age as the only objective is to much money, then I think this goal is difficult to support him too far。 The root of a lot of people fail is not impoverished, but to become completely impoverished after the money for the only goal。
  03 Ding: starting a business takes courage to choose one's life will always face a lot of opportunities to get rich, especially in this era of rapid。 But the opportunity comes at a price, have the courage to take the first step is often the life of the watershed。
  Resigned from the comfort of the system, all the poor NetEase founder, to constantly adjust the company's strategy, every step I start on the road, in fact, need the courage to choose。
Of course, Courage is not aggressive and quickly, but in the province of courage to get out of their comfort zone of potential post。
  04 Ma: entrepreneurs have their own money is not one to two million when very happy, because this is your money, you can dominate; when you do business with dozens of billion fortune, you have to remember, this is not your money, but social trust in you。   Now that society entrust you to manage the money, you need to have the responsibility to play, good investment。
It is not foolish enough to donate directly, only if the charity in the field of human resources and organizational systems are well established, I can do something like donations。
  Entrepreneur is to spend the least money to do the biggest thing, so the responsibility is the efficiency of entrepreneurs。
  05 Lei Jun: the three angel investors angel investment principle I do have three principles, the first is not unfamiliar to vote, a second vote is not only invested projects, help is not chaos third。   I have the choice of investment projects often consider four essential conditions: the general direction of good, small direction is verified, the team good, high return on investment。   Only acquaintances to vote is the most important feature of my investment, my investment is largely confined to "friends" and "friends of friends" – no more than two layers of relationship。
  06 Li: with a personal wealth of public research funding is the responsibility of entrepreneurs from the perspective of innovation, enterprise funds to do innovation, must be consistent with the corporate mission, it also has its investors and shareholders, in everything you do to meet these people's interest for the job。 But there are some things not so strong relationships with the company, this time it is possible to be done with entrepreneurs own strength bolder, riskier, or see the return of short-term thing, because every entrepreneurs responsible for social responsibility。
  For example, Chinese medicine can help entrepreneurs use personal funds with large data method, using artificial intelligence methods, explain it with modern scientific theoretical system。
These are very significant, perhaps existing corporate framework can not be achieved, but can be accumulated by entrepreneurs for years, using their own funds to do some interesting innovations。   07 Yin Mingshan: "kind boss" of the three levels of a kind of boss should have three levels。 First, the development of business obligations; Second, after the first money to help the rich sense of responsibility; Third, higher demands on the moral level, contribute to the community through charitable acts, achieve the highest level kind of boss。
  The first entrepreneurs to get rich in order to be recognized by society, we should fulfill the responsibility to help those, but should put more wealth to invest in social welfare。
Some entrepreneurs fear of wealth and put up the money, in fact, this society is a growing recognition of the wealth of the times, people do not hate wealth。
Some people will donate as "show" behavior of entrepreneurs, my view is that as long as the results are good, and leave his purpose。
  08 Ma: the wealth of my life changed little I grew up in an ordinary family, nothing special。
My family and lifestyle are not due to increased wealth and change what happened, Chaozhou people are used to porridge, and now, too, at most, the house is a little bigger。
Also, when business is single, now married, have children, to allocate more time to take care of home and more。 In addition, there is little impact on the wealth of my life。
  09 Wang Jianlin: I hope you know not only my wealth, and that I am a good person I want to strive towards the goal of world's richest man, the idea is not to prove personal wealth, I want to give Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs to prove that what。
I'm trying to do is prove that Chinese companies can do better。
In my opinion, Wanda 2020 must be 10, the top 20 before the world the kind of pattern。   I hope to bring people around the world in the future, when Wanda, said it was beyond the big companies, good companies, brought me, this kid can psyche saying good-hearted, nice person。   10 Charles Zhang: the most wanted financial freedom is quiet in the past few years, I feel the greatest shortages of time, to think of a meal a few phone calls, a cup of coffee but also take a few phone calls。
When my financial freedom, I most want is quiet, just want to work with people they like, not work against their will。
Make money at the same time, I want to live a happy and interesting, especially the desire to live independent and calm state。
  Bigwigs attitude towards wealth, tells us a simple truth: the creation of wealth, not only from the grasp of the era of opportunity, equally important is the dream and courage; and the wealth of handling and care, not only reflects the wealth of continuity capabilities also reflects attitudes and patterns of life。
It is unusual wealth of ideas, creating a super-rich are wonderful but no shortage of controversy wealth of life。   As most people familiar with the rich business experience and living conditions, "China Rich List" Mr. Hoogewerf standings God towards wealth also has superhuman rational attitude。 In the course Hoogewerf paid "by the rich and expensive – take you into the elite circle", he will bring us a new concept of wealth, to help you in the creation of wealth, but also be able to get the respect of others, to achieve good pleasure Happy life。