After Yan dang Mountain tour diary

Cipian also a second tour when Yan dang Mountain is written, The first tour date of 1613. AD 1632, Xu Yan dang tour again, the tour mainly recorded his Lingfeng exploration hole, Tiancong hole, Dalongqiu, Ping Xia peaks and other places look and feel of the tour is more specific in mind for the travel experience details are prepared above its details, vivid sensible, such as during travel Tiancong hole, depicting a procedure practice wooden board or, i.e. “ladder poor economic wood, wood poor economy to ladders, ladder wood all poor, the lead rope rubbing tree” and other details, not only vivid, but also shows the struggle with nature Highlights.As for the account of the scene, the words refined, well-balanced sentences, full of rhythm, visual depictions of all surprisingly. Chung Yu and Zhao brother rooftop tour, as Ren Shen (1632) in March.To April 28, up to Huangyan, Yanshan Revisited.Seek to ride out the south gate, through the mountain ten miles square, fold and southwest, thirty, more than Xiu Ling, food shop before the rock.Wuli, Yueqing sector, five, mountains on the plate.Southwest clouds, dew faint cluster of hibiscus, also Yanshan.Ten, Zheng Jialing, ten, Jing Yi.Shimen gorge crossing, Xinyu river rose, water and girth.Five, places in the chapter house building, is outside the East Valley of Yanshan.Triumph Sheng, the construction of buildings to clog mountain tour of the recreation that is habitat for tourists, this trip wantonly sparse hotel, its name still exist. 29 west into the mountains, looking monk rock and trends.Two miles, over its foot.And two miles, crossing the North River, Shilianghe hole.Also still to stream, west two years, more than Xie Gongling.Within Ridge is in the East Valley.River Heights have come from the north, clip Creek are strange heavy rock peaks, towering no patch of land, carving attitudes.River crossing, off the North Xu, the Lingfeng Temple.Fengfeng Qi Qiao, from the stand prior to the expiration.Sihou single peak Song, Wen Wen cracks in a passage, through which the top, is the name of the hole pk.Chase one thousand and on the stone reforming, like all cave Lohan update.Rice temple.According to the same monk from the gall Lake Creek left and watch the wind tunnel.Only semicircular hole, an outer air exiting the number of steps Pompon.Then between the river from the left Calendar explore various Cliff Cave.Temple also, to a large rain, holding an umbrella over barefoot is the upstream north.Ji Temple will arrive in true, deep mountain fog black, bewildered nothing to see, it is also over the East River, into the Bi Xiao-dong.Master Shou Yu Yan Vihara in.I feel it is different, so also recruit Chung Tong Zhao, also to practice stream, hate meet the late evening, back to places Lingfeng. Rain on the 30th general circulation, two miles west fold, close to a river from the northwest, the greater its potential.Crossing the river and west, and northwest dating back three years, the net temples.Yu Yi Shen, Yang see Liangya clouds, heavy rock clip stand, over another, and Mo identified level.Clothing and footwear through the dip, the benefits of deep poor West Valley, there are curtain Valley, Korimaro sarcophagus, saying Taiwan Zhu Sheng.Two miles, to loud rock.Rock the right there are two holes, waterfalls outer cover, Lu Yu Mang risk from hazel bush to board.Its a dragon cave, a three.Before two holes with rock outburst, if the terrace of course, can also stack and pass.Out of its hole, back on Vision loud rock, a stone ear attached to the first peak, the “old man listening to poetry.”.And two miles west, into the Yeongam.Lingfeng from west turn, are connected Chong rock hanging scroll, and to open a net name, straight into a Wen, also called thin strip of sky; and for the re-opening Yeongam, peaks loop, which when Temple. May Chung Chao Shuo started with the same impossible Cong Yu-dong. Middle East look round hole two holes, hole a long north, are revealed brightly lit, straight down on the Rock, not every shoe.I Naifu next to the temple, and breaking negative ladder Mang, the rate of child more than another dock, under straight round hole, ladder and board; less, the cross chop wood inlay sandwiched between stone, wood practice in liters; less complex, places lead rope ladder rock crevices hanging tree.Poor economic ladder connection to wood, wood to the poor economic ladder, wooden ladder all the poor, the lead rope rub tree, then into a round hole, the call across the Chao Chung and language.As long cave complex method chase down, Japan and China have been men.West arrived under the marsh dragons, swords want to look Springs, not available.Sitting squat stone moraine, looking back to the days of forced peaks, steep peaks inserted down, Fei Liu hanging which, if true heaven for those nine days drag silk silk hanging in practice.West is too small scissors peak, and after iron peaks.Show side peaks, such as the screen, on the high-intercalation rock, opening a lower door gap, but clouds come and go, denial deserted.Then, after Guanyinyan, becoming west road, rock gradually extension for plow tip, complex and often cloud Kaleidoscopic, the normally Yunnan, down from undone, Dai Chen Feng.Pass it down there at, said Saddle Ridge, Valley of the points within those things, so the ridge is bounded. From Yeongam to Saddle Ridge forty years, while Chong Luan bare hill Nie, overwhelmed.Over Ridge, Rise gradually thin Yan Zi Yan Mountain Zi Mountain sun sets.Two miles west too Dalongqiu Xikou, and two miles, southwest of the places Nengren Temple. From the second day to find Fangzhu sihou dock, no good person.There on the night-blooming cereus Um, quite secluded.Siyou out and watch dovetail springs that streams from among ryongchu comers, divided into two shares falling rocks, hence the name.Still two miles up the river north and west into the ryongchu Xikou.Two miles further west, into the Lianyun peaks, shears Li Jian Feng-chu However, the Liangya cliff round, Dalongqiu of water fall from the world.Shortcomings sit booths, Longtan before, after the military’s scissors, also are in the Four Hills.The Lianyun peaks, over Hua Yanling, a total of two miles, the LUOHANCI.Temple spent a long time, lying near the new cloud division of the recently re-repair.Gaun eighty years, its phase is coming Dan Luohan similar, mountains giant hands.Invite the poor top division, the division Xu Chang clouds above, and Yan Hu in its anti-Western, then from the Shihmen Temple.When was the afternoon, after often to cloud day period, then only the West over its Dongling, outside the valley to the west, a total of four years, had Shimen Temple waste site.With West Creek next, there is the river from west to come together, that Lingyun, crown waters also dihydrate and Nan Ruhai.Is the more the West dating back to the river, in places tipped.Temple containing at Everest, Koho insert day, and suddenly split into two, top-to-heel, only from close by, such as beads containing a boulder, must Youqi.Sibei clip into the stone cycle, i.e. the lake in rainy.Excited waterfalls from cliffs, very magnificent, the rain kept empty not like the color of it. The third day still three miles east, north into the upstream Shimen, stop at Tam Wong Papi.Li north Yanhu top level, not very steep channel.Two miles straight up to the mountains gradually volts, the former island to the sea, the more the sea Noir force with a single step.And on four miles, then over the ridge.Mountain from the highest point stretching from northeast meandering twists and turns, ie, sowing dispersed into four, are easy to stone and soil.Four of the ridge, faint bulge sandwiched at those three sinks from depression, each depression in the complex with ridges, across the north and south, is divided into two, of the total, more than six hollow men.Wu lying in the grass raw water into the ground, Mi look green eyes, vision clinics at, also called Yan Hu.The water points fall in the South who, or from Shimen, or a rainy Lingyun, or for the crown of waterfalls; the north who fall, then dang yin waters also, with all Dalongqiu wind and no clouds cow horse.Both over the river Oka, looking south sea, North Kan South cooperation, the near and far are without shelter, but still above the clouds form Dongfeng.I do not want from the northwest down crown, heavy rock product Mang, Mo can send enough.Re-find the old Shimen Road, West had Lingyun, containing from two miles outside of Mount Everest, according to Jian visit Coronet Temple.Temple in the West Valley must dock, has long been spent, its deepest, old quarry round, both absolutely Dengdao.A high cliff foot hole, slanting stone Yi Men.Door into two, through the cool Hin excluded, waterfalls sprinkled, within the multi-banana, resembling the Min Canna; tuo shoots outer sheath of the new skin compete, gradually become Lin.To the hole, he heard the sound of thundering waterfall, and Yashi back cover, not able to see Yao.Is the down involving Creek, look back hole of the right flank, rolled loopholes cliff, waterfall slammed from loopholes in the trace to the round depression, double depression jumped into the river to.Yaron its high marsh, the more wins like strong, it is also the second stream of non-dang Mountain.East of the old course, places LUOHANCI.