After waking up each morning as a gift

After waking up each morning as a gift text / IM Pei, 17 years old I went to the University of Pennsylvania to study in architecture, after transfer Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been outstanding results, so in 1945 have not yet obtained a master’s degree, He was hired as a lecturer at Harvard Institute.31 years old I made a surprising choice: to leave Harvard, a real estate company to go to work.Because I feel that the school is not free, hoping to learn something new.At that time the company responsible for the people I trust, long-term vision, give me a little freedom to make my own work.    New York was the most attractive projects for some cheap houses use development, I convinced the boss, creatively water and mud walls instead of brick walls, using porthole-style windows to expand the space of the room, improving lighting and floor and leaving a space between the floor as a park.The design concept has changed some people’s living environment, then get a title, the designer of the people.    Being applauded, I once again make a choice, to leave the real estate company to develop, because there is not enough freedom, especially the development of architectural ideas is very difficult.At that time there were 25 follow me, I want to quit, how do these 25 people?We had no choice but to go along with these 25 people, a very important responsibility.Some people say that the fate of a designer 75% of his ability to attract business, I do not agree.Architects can not say: please me.!Their strength is the best tool to persuade.How to show his strength?To select the courage, the courage to give up, decided to do, have confidence to proceed.    64 years old, I was invited to participate in the Louvre French President Francois Mitterrand rebuilt, and a new design for the Louvre pyramid.When the French were very dissatisfied, that I will ruin the French beauty looks.Then indeed there is pressure, I was faced with a very strong sense of superiority of the French, and the world-famous Louvre.But the most important thing to do is to have full confidence, to believe in yourself, you put all kinds of criticism and suspicion behind us.Others accept me or not is not the most important, I have to begin to accept their own.All in all, the architect must have its own style and assertive, the crowd will certainly be flooded history.    Later the pyramid was a huge success, the number of visitors more than doubled after the renovation before the Frenchman praised the Pyramid of the Louvre flying huge jewel.That reporter to interview me, I still maintain a consistent low profile, said: humility does not mean that I have the slightest compromise, compromise is to surrender.So many years, I dare say, me and my building is like a bamboo, then a big storm, it is only curved waist.    I was born in China and grew up in China, 17-year-old to the United States to study, then married in the ocean.The early 1970s, my first time back after an absence of 40 years of Chinese tourist to visit relatives, the hearts of great emotion.China is in my blood inside, no matter where life, my Chinese roots or root.I still can speak fluent Mandarin, the usual dress, remained China’s traditional characteristics.The more national, the more international.    Chi in the road, according to Germany; according to Jen, swim in the arts, architecture is not clothing, fashion can not be explained immediately removed out of fashion years later built.I never jump on the bandwagon, you asked two architects of the United States and France, they all know that I am more conservative; but I have never positioned itself as classical or modernist.I was also called modernist master, a considerable number of works are Western-style building, but in terms of design I strive to combine classical and modern, and explore a new way to improve their own style.Many people are not accustomed to, do not accept.Most people prefer old-fashioned, feel good before, why change it?    I was invited to build a religious retreat center in Tokyo, Japan, clock tower, clock tower in the shape of this much like a traditional Japanese musical instruments: the bottom is square, level up gradually become flat, more to the sharp tip Japanese liked.Later, he invited me again to the museum for design.Museum Locations are selected in remote mountains.When I was a child, I read a Chinese story called “Peach Blossom Spring”, feeling very envious of the kind of paradise.Japanese people know the story, said if the museum can make that feeling just fine.Museum election in the mountains, in the mountains built a bridge across the valley leading to the Museum.Japanese are very accepting this design.    I did it my way interpretations of architecture, life Comment.Really want to make money owners will not please me, not many people really visionary, comments not the most important, we should stick to their own way.    I do not cherish the memory of the past, but to focus on now.After I woke up every morning as a gift, because it means there is one day of work.    Life is not long, my principle is that the only thing they think is beautiful, has created a shock effect of beauty.    In my dozens of works in the museum’s project account for a large proportion.I hope the museum play a greater role in people’s lives, that is, to assume their share of responsibility culture.I especially like the young man came to see me the museum, the more people the more I am happy to have done before so I often stroll the museum, take a look at the young audience which there were many, because they are the future of the world.I have always tried to maintain the vitality.In New York, people often see me as young as swiftly crossed 57th Street, going home.    Last year, I was 86 years old, put their seal knife for election in Suzhou, want to use new materials, repair of a modern museum, a design introduced three classical gardens in Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lion Grove next zhongwangfu and, in turn, causes intense debate all walks of life.Many people think that this new museum will destroy the harmony of the original building, damage to real and complete these ancient buildings, but can not change my mind design.Suzhou Museum when a real show in the world, I think they will understand and like.It is not only people’s pursuit of Bayesian building aura, but a nearly 90-year-old architect in a serious, persistent and innovation.Give them a satisfactory answer.    No one can always be beautiful, but the building is long, the most important thing is to see how you work, work could exist, 50 years later, after 100 years will be any higher status over time, leaving only the building itself really.