After vigorous heartbreak never love again love story

Hello everyone!My name is Yan promise, I now tell you a story, it is not fiction, really happened, and that is my personal experience.    A year ago, I was in love with a boy, he was handsome, but I like not his handsome, but his talent, he was very talented, several times in the newspaper, I saw his article, his poetry, I started giving him became a fan, I’m trying to see him again, after investigation, I found that he was in on our campus, I feel pleased, I thought, would walk into his heart, slowly I began to approach him, I know he likes to go to the beach, so I go home every day to finish homework, would sit boulder beach, silently watching him, I like to see him smile, every time as long as he laughed, I feel very warm, very warm, very cordial, they themselves would not help laughed together that day, I deliberately walked past from him, pretending to accidentally hit a bit of him, I quickly looked back, delicate and charming said: that, that, sorry, I’m sorry!He laughed: Nothing!I walked away, I turned around to see him secretly, actually found, he is also looking at me, in order to cover up embarrassment, he asked me: What’s your name?I turned around: My name is Enron, How about you?He replied: Los wing!I waved to him, smiled, and went.    In the afternoon, I went to the beach and saw him, I went over and asked: You seem very familiar ah?!Yeah, I do not know who this morning I deliberately hit a bit?That person, it is you safely!Oh?Ha ha!That, I obviously do not care, how intentionally?Los wing deliberately say: Oh, I deliberately hit you.sorry Sorry!He quickly up and bowed to me, so I really aerobic funny Yeah, and sometimes made me laugh and cry.Little by little, we fell in love, is a university campus envy jealousy hate, so we finish college got married, I got married to him, I broke off the relationship with their parents, so, day by day, January, February, year after year, we meet old, they have buried the day I remember, my children, and my relatives cried miserable in hell, I saw him, he was about to be reborn, I do not know Why, he’s just so refreshing and complete cure my, I went to the Bridge of Sigh, Meng Po asked: Meng Po, I Can not soup?I would also like to remember the man!Meng Po shook his head and said: No, everyone does not remember past lives, otherwise it will live in the past, you said that person, it should be just the man?He then readily finish my soup, for the next life, and then you meet!But Meng Po, I really do not want to forget him, this feeling, I think you should also understand it!Meng Po helpless smile, she said: I do not want to ever do?I also loved ah!Then, she was crying crying, she said: Well, you go, do not drink even, but next life, you will be tortured, impossible with him, you like it?Yep!Thank you, Meng Po!Then, I ran that I was looking at him, and one day I saw him, he and I are a college student, I am very happy, this should be the fate, but he was different, he changed, he become heartless, I, had been trying to change him, but no way, this is the life of it, and now, he often inexplicable torture me, insult me, I really can not stand, that moment, I found that my heart is broken rain falling, tears weathering, I used to think, my previous life made what sin is, how I would like him?I gradually began to choose to give up, I see him plainly, I would not want Enenaiai past lives, and I think he is the devil, but I can not change is that he’s an angel, I began to accept their fate, I recognized , I’m so sorry, queer, I found that every time I feel sorry for him, because all the verge of tears loved each other once, so I do not blame him, since he does not love me, I am willing to let go , as soon as possible to find true love but he is willing, I will remember, we have had the same love we once loved each other, have also been vigorous