Sen Friends of problems caused by the Cabinet support rate plunged Abe: will seriously

  BEIJING, March 19, according to Japan's Kyodo News, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the 19th of the media on public opinion surveys show the Cabinet support rate plunged said that on approval documents rewrite the problem, appeared shaken the trust of national events。
I would seriously。   It is reported that Japan's national emergency telephone public opinion survey results 17, 18 two-day implementation of Japan's Kyodo News showed Abe Cabinet support rate fell to% last survey two days of this month plunged 3,4 percentage points; does not support the rate increase percentage points to percent, more than the support rate。
Information Photo: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe。
China news agency reporters Lv Shaowei and She Fenxi said the main reason is that due to national educational foundation Friends of Mori Gakuen cast doubts related issues to the attention of Abe Cabinet。 What are some state-owned land to be sold off, unheard of approval file tampering, cause these problems behind?Including conjecture Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's participation and the Ministry of Finance into account, the government must make a convincing explanation。   In addition, the Prime Minister's wife Akie Mori served as honorary president of the Friends of the academy plans to open primary schools, though only temporary, but it reflects the highest administrative leadership of the Prime Minister and close friends Mori Gakuen。
To Kinki Finance Bureau, led by strong bureaucratic organization undoubtedly recognize this point。   It reported that, although Abe stressed that my wife and I did not participate in the sale of land, that's plain, but that seems so difficult to eliminate distrust nationals。