After the wrong phone

When talk of the town home, is a multi-20:00.A door, his wife asked: how well the interview?Anyway, enough to choke!Let ‘Asari’ no one, which led me to fancy?What interview, written ah, not be like!  Childhood love of writing talk of the town in a small agencies worked fast forty people still remain an ordinary clerk.He wanted to rise half a step, mixed with a Fu Keji Dry, or is over forty years old, on what hope is gone.This does not, a week before, Organization Department of the few institutions open recruitment manager Fu Keji, talk of the town decided to seize this opportunity, a last-ditch.  Porting wife handing me the job, the old Gang casually chops a few mouthfuls, waist cell phone suddenly rang.Lao Li open the phone, the sound just say hello, the other side spoke: Secretary Li is right?Secretary Li, I give you a day of phone, you are shut down.Secretary Li, Where are you now ah?  A talk of the town, busy replied: I am the talk of the town ah, to eat it at home, I ask who are you?  Secretary Li, you gnaw not even heard my voice out?My company is building two old black ah!Tomorrow or the tendering please help Secretary Li, ah, things are after I will re-bloom!  Talk of the town a little Mongolia.What works ah, the old black, ah, he knew nothing about.It is not the other wrong phone?Lao Li was about to say: you have the wrong number, I’m not looking for your Secretary Li.The other party was robbed in that time: the Secretary Li ah, I now welcome 208 rooms at the hotel, if Secretary Li free, Would you mind to visit, I have something to tell you face to face each other off the phone.  Old Lee put down the phone, his wife quickly asked: who is calling?I do not know either.The contents of the phone talk of the town with his wife said again.No, you have to go to see the other side want to do?His wife said.  I want to do?Definitely a bribe Latin American relations, the phone wrong chant.Alas, the current corrupt officials ah!  Oh, look at you go Well!You might even do some extra money!You see our family all the old TV in such a way, if you can get some good money!His wife said cheerfully.  Hey, you’re getting more and more in high spirits!Old Lee glanced at his wife one, and I looked to see, can not you say to make money!What people think I am a?His wife said: Well, go and see it, you find something novel themes also OK!  Talk of the town in the instigation of his wife, decided to tackling one actual situation, maybe really was a good subject, if you can write a story, send publications, Zhengdian royalties do not say, maybe you can also send an anonymous letter reporting the corrupt officials, People from harm.I kept thinking, talk of the town on bicycles arrived less than 10 minutes a welcome hotel room 208.  When uneasy Qiaokai Men talk of the town, which sat a man and two women.I saw more than forty years old man, a lean look, the other two only two-ish woman, dressed, voluptuous.See talk of the town door, the man quickly stepped forward to hold the hand of talk of the town: Secretary Li, Qujia you, our manager old black had just received a phone call, in a hurry to go out, and told me to meet you.Secretary Li, this package is the manager called me over to you, there are 50,000 dollars, piece of cake, we set the project manager, said after the heavy Thank you.The man pointed to the next two woman said: Secretary Li, these are two hostess of our company, not an outsider who came in tonight to spend time with your Secretary Li.The man said as he make way.  Lao Li has not mouth to speak, a woman stepped forward to shut the door, another woman handed the talk of the town in front of a cup of drink, and leaning on the shoulder of the talk of the town: Secretary Li, you first drink Hekou, today late sisters we allow you to take Lele.  Old Lee no longer bear it, Teng stood up, drink the cup of pushed to the side, shouted: roll!The two of you shameless woman, you scum and worms on these social!Then he strode out the door, hurried to ride a bike home.Along the way, talk of the town grew more and more gas, ready to go home to write a report material, have to put a bunch of assholes to Banxia station.But to the house, he remembered not ask the Secretary Li exactly which unit.  Perhaps angry last night when sleep late, talk of the town rushed to the office the next morning already late.He had just a cup of tea, unit leaders will accompany two other men came in, one of the men a little familiar.Lao Li quickly stood up, holding the talk of the town this time the man’s hand and said: Comrade talk of the town, through interviews, written tests and assessment of the organization, decided to appoint you as the deputy manager of the municipal company organization, go tomorrow to report.A talk of the town, at a loss