After the village piece willows (short story)

After the film there are willows (short story) village after village, not far from the canal levee, there is a thick willows.At that time, dating They often here, like a good honey in oil.The man said: “This life will never marry a second woman.”Woman said:” My heart is just to give you.”Later, the men along with his uncle went to Guangzhou to learn the craft, one to four years.When returned, the woman was married to a guy temporary village.I heard a father and mother to do the Lord, her life and death do not agree, go willow crying forever.Once, in the trees take root hemp rope tied up a set neck has been into it, and it happened to be the shepherd saw the old man, survived only.After that father and mother to mobilize the village several famous eloquent, and the guy finally temporary village got married.    He also frequented after returning patch of willows, sitting in a daze.Later, the village’s aunt aunt introduced him to a girl, life is also very good, he rarely go to a patch of willows.    Fast forward twenty years later, the willows in the intimate, both gradually faded away.The worry now is the sons and daughters of the marriage.One day, in the willows They occasionally run into the side, he is not that wide shoulder body of young man at that time, nor is she a pretty girl smile on his two dimples of the.Old friends also appears, but nothing to say, to sit quietly in the woods.”I’m sorry.”She wiping away tears, ‘I said I do not marry non-you.” Oh, that thing passed as early as, say, this is not entirely to blame you.” Over the years my heart has always been a difficult time grasping the empty child to sit here.” Forget it, let alone these, and all the people ran fifty.”He stood up and brush the soil, going home.    ”I heard you the guy no one to propose marriage?””Ok.”” Then let my daughter marry him!You two can be considered Continued fate.”” I can do it?”” Ye can not, we become relatives, my heart Ye Hao by some.”” Do you agree with me that girl?” ‘I heard that my daughter grew up, her marriage I never acts.’He sighed, shaking his head away.    A few days later, silent; Twenty days later, the village came news: her daughter could not find a!According to insiders say: “That girl in the village Pro has long been friends, this time two people go together, maybe go to the city Liantan!”Willows in the often heard her crying, he was wandering in the woods on the edge.