After the turn.I fear that solitude.

May, and the air is always mixed with some air-conditioning, only a harbinger of the tube has a mobile phone summer flipping through photos, I chuckled browse text messages, but changed laugh cry I do not know when it will stop feeling the chill Maybe I the fear of change or has changed, for better or worse, I can not break in vain that I got used to it does not matter that I stood the so-called do not mind tossing care about it, only understand in the rewind is not expected it’s a pain but that a “passionate you a” loud cry against the sky, maybe I was too small, she was indifferent like her good interpretation of those who are listening to this beautiful song, the heart struggled, but I do not know how long it lasted should no noise no trouble, sad that a person is not to go quietly should not cry do not laugh, who played a supporting role that no puppet always say do not matter is a non-person, but God and my old joke, but many people say a lot of things do not always intended —————– – our crazy that year – has been further and further away – innocence face – are stranded over time – between a relatively Shun – use this smiling Face – – seems to have appeared in front of BU