After the tragic night of female students

Wei spent a two-year period tracked Xiao Jie, one of the major reasons is because he knew everyone Jie is at the child’s mouth.Pure, good character, perhaps deep love, Jie almost perfect in his eyes.He dared not want too much, for fear scare her, although each time to hold Jie heavy breathing difficult self-control, but he refrained, but he knew that if he wanted to, will not refuse Jie.  Wei Jie in the eyes of humor, considerate, she especially liked to see him mad and desperately look for their restraint, the kind of outright meet so she had decided to make her own for the first time be sure to let Wei.  We arrived at the university graduation day, lovers silent tears or excitement, Wei Jie came with a four-star hotel, good their tacit agreement, graduation day is the beginning of their new life, everything seems pressing people’s good development.Two from Jie opened the bathroom door at the moment, Wei felt the whole world had stopped.Wet hair dripping down the cheeks Jie Jiao good drops children, around the body of the white mist around the circle, the body of a young girl wrapped in towel beautiful piece of carcass, Jie shy eyes looking flustered with elsewhere, slowly over to the bed.  ”Jie!You’re beautiful, “Willa Jie hand over to the bed, he clearly felt the trembling Jie from, it is definitely a worldly girl for the first time face a normal reaction of the opposite sex!Thought here, Wei eyes a little moist, so he moved his loyalty to a girl!  ”You are my future will always be mine, I assure you, Jie, I want you forever, I want to take care of you forever!” ‘Well, I know, Viagra’ to hide Wei Jie shy of arms.When Jie breathing becomes more rapid, body trembling more and more obvious, Wei Jie decided to become their own real woman, “Viagra, hurts right?”” Believe Viagra!A little bit of pain, fear it?”Wei Jie looked deep eyes and gently shook his head, Wei Jie know clenched fist, light twist eyebrow, messy hair, biting lips, just as he!Viagra swear the whole life time to pamper the woman about their own.Three at the moment Wei Jie into the body, he saw something flashing Jie face – that it is Jie tears?Although Viagra is extremely careful, extremely gentle action, Sixin pain is still all over the body with Jie, Jie brow seemed screwed tighter, the finger is deeply embedded in sheets, Granville suppressing the sense of primitive strength panting, she said, “Jie, hurts right?Pain, then called out?Adhere to live it?Today is not okay?”Jie hold down the undulating chest, gently said,” Viagra, I want to be your woman!Today, we must!”Gossamer thin voice was amazing reveals a strong, immediately came like a fire lit firewood, burning up the endless.Rest of the world for them, the time for them to stop, then forced advance Wei, Jie could not call out, but her pride!The woman became First Shout for Viagra!All are dedicated to the first time in front of the boy, no, her man, tears streaming down quietly, she can not tell it was tears of pain or emotional tears, but that are no longer important, with the prestige of the action faster and faster, Jie seemed to adapt to this rhythm, but still hurt, hurt.When you feel the warm liquid to flow into the body, see Wei Jie unlimited satisfy himself down, she touched the back of strong build prestige with thin fingers, back covered with fine beads of sweat, as well as Viagra seems to have wet hair, and Granville as the childlike cute, Jie feeling the weight of the upper body, although it is the weight yourself breathing heavily, but this is a real pro to make her feel intoxicated.When Wei Xing Zhong opened his eyes to see out the window is fired into the gleams of sunshine, the bathroom came the sound of water rushing, Oh, Jie is so hard-working Virgo!Oh, no, now is a woman.  He got up and ready to go Jie burst into a big hug, suddenly, all the action stopped, opened the sheets of the moment, if it were still on the white linen?!Wei immediately no sleep, never seems so sober, suddenly breathing becomes heavy, difficult to make out like he almost could not nervous over to the bed, pulled the sheets left hand corner of one eye closed tear force sheets, Wei slowly opened his eyes, nothing!White linen seems merciless mocking Wei!Four Viagra mind went blank.Yes, time will not necessarily break the hymen ah, not necessarily once Fallen flowers, ah, is that right?Viagra so I kept thinking back Jisi consciousness, Jie is at the child ah, she was absolutely loyal to myself, ah, how can this fact to doubt it, he muttered back to bed, suddenly, from the ground to pick up the sheets Granville , quiet spot on the smoke in bed *.  Wow bang bathroom door is opened, Jie Wei’s eyes looked up and went, but in the eyes of smoke after this time actually seems somewhat blurred?  ”You wake up ah Wei?Do not sleep a little longer?I was up early in the morning to you Pachao.”Jie would not finish, he was rude to a halt Viagra kiss, Jie feeling quickly stifled, managed through the breath, very shy Jie said:” Go brush your teeth ah, do not it, people, people also do a little sore, “Wei’s mouth crooked smile, hum, woman, look what means you will be playing the innocent, brutal tear Jie clothes, saw plaques mark printed on purple Jie white chest, he paused for a second!I’m doing?That was last night, his masterpiece?He energetically shook his head, as if something firm.  Jie Although some flawless, but still docile any mercy Viagra, Viagra because it is the people, as long as happy like Viagra, psychological Jie said to myself.This time the prestige seemed a different man, and considerate in every possible way last night that Wei different, nothing seems prelude to enter, just let Jie healing pain are also deemed to be reopening, it seems more pain than last night?!No pleasure, for terms Jie is the case, it is the same for Viagra, Viagra frenzied impact on the weak woman beneath him, he just wanted to prove that just want to see red.Wei Jie slowly faded from the body, this time without chest Jie * fell, but got up and turned down the sheet directly, Jie hold the upper body exclamation “Viagra!Why are you ah?”And in front of all Viagra is the most want to see the picture: lying in bed is their favorite woman, and under their own favorite woman body – clean!Five Wei Jie looked sluggish and along Granville eyes looked down, suddenly she understood!She understood the power of unusual, she read the prestige when seen from the bathroom just out why eyes blurred?She read the prestige why you had sex with his almost bestial!It is clearly in proving an answer!Viagra sheets looked weak hands fall to the ground, Jie suddenly afraid, though she did not know what fear, shame Jie refused to take Viagra quickly got up and pulled the hand, knelt on the bed, his head in his chest * Wei, “Viagra, I do not know what to say, I believe you, I really only one person, I.Believe me, Viagra, you speak, please speak?Some girls hymen is not to say it is very tough, we do it again, okay, Granville, again please?!””enough!”Wei Jie opened the” still feel it is not enough *?What also needs to prove?I sent the man than what you?Again?Haha!Hear me, this is our chaste goddess say!You so impatient it worthwhile, “Wei feel at this time as a man of dignity is trampled Jie of nothing, is the same person as the monkey teasing!Wei’s voice because too much excitement and some out of tune, that handsome face actually somewhat distorted, Wei Jie looked frightened, his eyes filled with tears, she could not say anything, a fair hearing, bowed his head bear prestige gratuitous cruelty the trumped-up accusations!”Keep your pitiful tears askew, it only makes me feel dirty!”Jie Wei raised his head and stared at the incredible lips, as if she first met this prestige, this lip still love her yesterday, yesterday I was still gently kissed her, and now actually say such vicious words, this is the prestige it?Exactly how this world??I was dreaming it?I really do hope this is a dream, it’s not true!Jie effort shook head, look to Viagra when she started shivering, chills, because she read the word in the face of Viagra – Desperate!  ”Viagra” Jie’s voice seems to have their own light to even hear, “I just want to ask you, do you believe me?I believe it was a virgin, not a woman, nor, I.”I do not know why he learned Jie incoherent,” Now I just want to ask you, before the man who?I hate betrayal, lying woman is more hateful, as long as you tell the truth, “Wei a big teeth tears rolled down and fell on the carpet, broken open, Jie heart sank together,” I did not really there is no “Wei Jie reached out, she felt body trembling, eyes reveals a cold Wei, Jie retracted his hand, yes, the body than Viagra cold eyes much as kind of biting cold!Six Wei who distributed the sudden chill that froze the soul Jie!After a pause of a few seconds, Jie quietly got up, picked up the clothes scattered on the ground, slowly put on, Wei Momo watching Jie, Jie until ready to open the door to leave, looked deeply when closing the door and turned Jie Wei look, this is prestige in this life can not forget —- full of deep sad eyes!  Bang!  Confinement door cut off a pair of people who love children!It remained last night crazy room, as if to witness the separation of a pair of lovers.Wei felt he really drunk tonight, or else how could recall two years ago and this past Jie, his rejection of rearing his head, all in the past for so long what want!But the name of the soul but did not because of the passage of time become blurred, but as more and more of their mature clear.  I do not know if you had the right?Jie?Where you are now?  Since two years ago, the day after the Jie in the morning to leave the room lost all contact with her, Wei Jie had no initiative to go, her messages are off from friends around there to listen to: Some people say she went to study in the UK, there are said her mother to help her find a wealthy Singapore boss, she made a rich wife, and said she had also insane, sent medical treatment abroad.Wei hope that if there is such a legend is true, he wants to be the first!That night things Viagra no mention of anyone, he wants to be a secret forever between and Jie.  They are familiar, though do not know why Wei Jie gone and even do not know her whereabouts, but the prestige of decadence and silence people have guessed Ba Jiufen.  The past two years, Viagra work hard, try not to touch the sensitive names, because each time they thought his heart would hurt hurt even more than the year did not see Fallen flowers on the bed sheets still hurt today is so long since Viagra for the first time allow myself to think about wanton Jie, increasingly blurred eyes, nose will sour?The original men will cry, eyes emerge out of Jie face, her shy eyes, spoke panic in the eyes, as well, and her gentle voice, Jie, I miss you!I hate good day own!Really, I admitted the mistake, I finally understand that I love you, not a hell of a virgin, I do not understand why they would do such a stupid decision, Jie, if you want to punish me by two years, really!Can you, I know that was wrong!Please come back and let me look at you, and then hug you, kiss you once say you love!  Jie – Wei tears falling glass rustled, in the dark corner of the bar Xiaoya, no one will notice a man’s heart-breaking Chuiqi.Cha Wei stumbled out of the bar to pay the bill already 1:30, it was pouring rain, the cold air made clear a lot of prestige, along flickering street lights, Wei deep and shallow walk: I remember most Jie like rainy weather, she likes to play with his hand and then raindrops and turning umbrellas raised naughty spray, then Jie like a great fairy water!  Viagra is completely immersed in their memories, so did not see the red light intersection went straight, suddenly, a dazzling lights blink according to Wei, Wei narrowed his eyes going to see how it is, clamor eardrum brakes came to an end, slippery wet road or car skidded a few meters from the prestige car in less than 1 meter distance and stopped, good insurance!Viagra’s most sober, he stared at the car’s front window lowers “Hey!You can not drive, I say you can not put the lights turned off!”I put out the lights, surrounded by a burst of silence, only the sound of rain.Why Viagra strange people in the car for a long time no movement?Just as he was ready to see what happens the door open, the door was opened, blowing a rich aroma, which is a poison CD, Granville know that women in this age of perfume are not small, it can just looked up he immediately stunned and speechless – “Jie!Is that you?I, ah, I was Wei ah, you do not know yet?I can not believe that we can meet you at this time, where have you been the past two years, he refused to forgive me or not?You know, Jie!I love you!I love you!I’m wrong!So wrong!please forgive me?Jie, two years I have not a minute stopped missing you!Jie!”Wei Jie want to hold out his hand, was Jie gently out of the way, ‘did not hit you right’ voice Jie reveals a cold unemotional, suddenly poured the rest Viagra half excitement,” Well on the train, heavy rain outside, “Wei Jie looked at the car and turned on spontaneously give birth to a completely strange feeling, much the same as the face of people do not like the cold heart is sinking.  The car plays “enigma2” strange music makes Viagra feel very uncomfortable, and sometimes actually do not know how to speak, “You did not hurt it, or go to the hospital?I can send you to the “Jie first to break the silence,” I’m fine, Jie, Where were you two years?” ‘.’ “Jie, I might just feeling a bit excited, but I just said is the truth!Jie, we start again please?””Restart?”” Yes ah, give me a chance!I will take care of you!When I was too naive!But the day you lose touch, and even the chance to turn over all I do not want to give?So long since I really understand, I love you, really I am hopelessly in love with you!”Said Wei Jie grip on the hand, Jie did not break, he felt the cold hand Jie, Wei now do not want anything, just want to quietly get those warm Shou Wu.Two people not a word, just listen to the prestige strange music now actually like a stream slowly, slowly, the quiet flowing in my heart, I am afraid that any language is superfluous, Wei Jie’s head gently Banguo, affectionate watching her, not seen for two years, the United States still faces Jie peach, just a lot less angry pair of talking eyes, stared back woodenly Viagra.  ”Jie, -” This let him in a dream calling countless children who now truly at hand, thank God!  Viagra can not help but gently kissed the forehead Jie, slowly slid Jie eyebrows, aquiline nose Jie, as well as Jie pink Lips, “ah – do not!”Sixin crack Fu Jie car came screaming, shouting that tragic if to cut through this long rainy night.Eight open Wei Jie clinging tightly to his chest, tightly against the door, still in shock looking at the Granville, that look like looking at a demon, reveals the endless fear, Wei also fully alarmed, he wanted to pull Jie, can Jie is a loud cry, the body also could not go to the top of the door, “well, well, I do not touch you, you do not touch Jie, do not be afraid, I will not hurt you ah I was Granville ah “then Wei was seriously considered, the immediate Jie seems a bit not right, she does not seem to know myself,” Jie?How you, tell me please, I’m just scared you yet?”” Go away!Do not touch me, touch me, I beg you, I beg you ah!”Just at the moment Jie also deadpan face splashed tears mixed with her vague voice, shivering body like a wounded rabbit-like eyes, let Wei convinced there must be hidden reason, watching this scene he became the love of a woman like this, Wei’s heart more heavy, tightly hugged his miss Jie, gently help her wipe away tears, but he can not do anything, like a frightened now Jie, Wei Jie could only watch as the pain, this is undoubtedly worse than dig his flesh, “Jie, how do you, how did you, tell me, tell Wei ah, you know you are very hard to accept now let Wei what!  God!  I just thought you brought me happiness, but why did you want me to face such a cruel picture!Is this my punishment do?”Viagra is the first time such unbridled tears streaming down his hard roared as if the hedge, his only response to continuous rain, huddled Jie and muttering,” Do not touch me, I beg you, I beg you.”Gave wiped away the rain, Wei intense pace in the emergency room, the hospital’s central air-conditioning so that he kept the name of chills, after a quarter of an hour the doctor came out of the emergency room,” May I ask who is the patient’s family?”” Doctor, how is she?”” You’re her family do?”” No, but I was her friend, she should not matter in the end how the?”” Well, according to our preliminary observation that her mental state was not stable, it should be frightened or irritation caused by long-term, in addition she has a lot of long-term use of sedatives, the disease can only play for her temporary stay of action and side effects too, we suggested that she should stop taking, as well as.”The doctor said these words to Viagra’s incredible, Jie actually met what had happened, how will become like this,” the doctor says you are her mentally ill?”Wei could not help but ask the question most worried about,” this is not to say, maybe she would sometimes awake the consciousness and sometimes confused, we want to further observe specific conclusions can you best to inform her family as soon as possible, as well as the first to help her do it a hospital admission.”When run hospital admission is already 3:00, Jie turn changed the package even this did not address book, right, Jie bag have a cell phone, surprisingly, only a number impression that this is not like a home phone ah Jie Granville try pressing the replay button, his heart suddenly very tense, as if a kind of intuition, he felt that the phone seems to explain some things – such as Jie disease!The phone rang for a long time, Viagra is about to give up when someone answered the phone, although the body tired, no time to Granville mind but have come to the sober than usual, “how not come back!Not know the way yet?!”I heard a middle-aged man’s voice seems angry,” speak!Dumb!”Viagra is a cry to let children back to God,” Hello, I’m not Jie she was hurt, and now in the People’s Hospital!””who are you?”The man does not have the phone very surprised about what Jie hospitalized hand of Wei’s voice showed great concern and displeasure” I was in the way she hit, she was sent to the hospital, you are her family do?I hope you can come to the hospital as soon as possible, “Wei finished in one breath and immediately hung up the phone off the machine, he felt a little funny about what they say ah, I knocked, but it is admitted Jie, the man gave him a kind of very good feeling not say why, so he just wants to quickly end this call.After nine Jie doctor sedated, she had fallen asleep quiet, dim light through the ward, Wei looked at carefully in the side Jie, sleeping Jie still frowning, it seems to have unresolved emotional knot, but those fears if she was taken to the dream.  Jie, you encounter something, why be so hurt, Wei heart waves tight, he gently shook the Jie cold hand, he knew Jie is a very cold girl, and the two fell in love Jie years, and separated for two years, is like a long novel, in such a day will encounter it is past Jie?Wei Jie hand slowly ask the smooth forehead, do not know the relationship between the rain poured, at the moment Jie scary white face, neck hung red string root seems to dangle something, Flanagan red rope exceptionally clear on Jie Yu Jing, hanging seems to be a small purse, remember the original accessories will not take anything from Jie, Wei was very curious, he gently pulled the purse along Okanagan red string to see what happens, that’s a wonderful hand-embroidered charge, however small, large red silk embroidered with two small children to see much, not too hard Wei Jie afraid to wander, purse seems to have an elastic band, which seems to be open, Wei hand pinch, sure enough there are things a little hard, this is not allowed without permission by the person’s privacy prying Viagra is the first time, but he too wanted to know, and this is Jie secret strike, everything Jie has a fatal attraction for him, even from the back of the thief on charges he would rather take a closer look.  ”who are you!what are you doing!Get your hands!roll!”I do not know when to ward door was opened, the door stood a middle-aged man, middle-aged may be said to be a little bit reluctant, and perhaps maintain a good, handsome facial features, tall height, especially the eyes, if people can see through all the eyes that make Viagra hesitated, then put down the purse, and the purse again hanging in the chest Jie, Wei took a step back, “I was just calling people, you are Jie family it, please do not misunderstand, I have no other meaning, just, just.”Viagra is really hard to put this man in front of the phone just now that middle-aged men associate together, the difference is too large, the phone seems to have a man in front of fifties and early thirties, but looks.  After listening to the man’s face eased a lot, he helped the under rimless glasses, “we say outside” “Do you know Jie?You know how long?”Before Viagra opening this man would not cope and asked them,” so, we are university students, just at the intersection She bumped into me, then feeling a bit out of control, I would send her to the hospital, and we have not seen for two years the “Viagra would not know how eliminating the intermediate period,” Oh,?”This man seems a bit much to believe.”I ask you?”Viagra is not weakness asked one, why should you come to question me?  ”My dad is Jie!”Wei Prior to the man’s identity a variety of speculation, even suspect that this is Jie fiance, the answer may be too surprising that the!  ”I remember Jie’s father passed away very young age ah”, “Jie’s background carefully enough you touch ah” tepid man retorted, “I am Jie stepfather, her mother two years ago, married my words but let Viagra more incomprehensible, angry with her mother when Jie early, so do not look old can be no matter how that is nearly fifty people, and how might marry a dozen smaller than themselves year-old man?As if seen through Granville doubts, self-serving man said, “and Jie woke up I’ll take her home!”” Jie’s mother does?She did not come to you?”Wei Jie’s mother knows she has been hurt, no reason Jie’s mother does not appear at this time, Wei Jie’s mother noticed mentioned, men face a stiff, then returned to normal, Wei did not ignore this detail,” Jie mom passed away a year ago.””what!”Is a bolt from the blue, Viagra and going to a nervous breakdown, starting from the moment of seeing Jie, one after another blockbuster, he was soon to continue, some staggering prestige of leaning on the wall sitting on the bench to a man some funny looking Granville response, “Hey, you?Oh, what to you?”Wei eyes some slack, murmured ‘prestige, uncle.’Somehow these two words screamed Wei is very awkward, “Wei?!”Men seem thoughtfully, with exceptionally alert look close watch on Viagra.  ”I have to help Jie do inpatient admission, uncle you know a little mental state is not good Jie?”” Well, I called Wang Yi Well, do not say you cried awkward that I listened not comfortable, do what hospital admission, Xiaojie no big deal illness not requiring hospitalization, or else to take care of business here I would not take her home, but she was not accustomed to some of the domestic environment only, no disease!  ”Return home?Are you saying Jie originally residing abroad?She just came back?The doctor said she was sick of the need to clear the hospital for observation, ah, “Wang Yi Wei interrupted impatiently, then,” Xiao Jie original and we live in the new home slope, this time I have business in the country was to take her out for the day, her mother’s death dealt a serious blow to her that although things went a year she still can not get it out, so her mental instability which is also normal, it not worthwhile in hospital, “Wang Yi Wei let’s disagree very angry,” the doctors always right, right, you say that as if I fuss?Do not you wish you health Jie?”Wang Yi Wei squinted,” I’m afraid you did not find out the status bar, you just Jie past boyfriend, you have been over, what makes you qualified here to tell me what to?!”Viagra is a pain in my heart that he actually knew?He also knows what, Wang Yi said this time plausibly, in the subtext of these words as if in warning Wei Jie best from the far point!He is the current boyfriend Jie!Air look nervous, just when the two explosive, the room sounded muffled, as if something fall to the ground!Wei rushed into a stride, Wang Yi also react with the inside ten Jie staring at the floor with eyes sheepishly, thermos debris scattered over the floor.  ”How Jie?Hot to not, do you want to drink water?”Wei Jie eagerly rushed to the bed, pulled Jie hand” you.Yes – Granville?”This is the first time since the meet Jie Wei called the name Viagra listen to it, the voice reveals a trace of surprise excited!”Great, Jie, you recognize me, I was Granville!””How can it be?How will be here to meet you?how did you find me?you.””how?Old lover meet exceptionally touching ah!”From the door began to sit on the sidelines of Wang Yi could not throw words, Jie heard it, suddenly the body a shrink gently shaking, silent, eyes are tightly looked at the ground, two hands firmly the sheets wringing corner to make it all a little by surprise Wei, Wei Jie wonder why such a “fear” Wang Yi, there in the end what hidden secrets?  ”Jie, you crashed into me yesterday, you were very emotional instability, I send you to the hospital, do not you for what happened last night did little impression yet?”‘Oh.’Jie simply do not seem to listen to Granville, then twist angle linens her fingers white, Wang Yi Jie slowly approached the bedside, Wang Yi Wei felt whenever one step closer, will head Jie more low, trembling body is also more and more obvious.  ”I feel better point it?If I have no problem running a discharge procedures, we go home, the bed here, how can sleep comfortably at home, is not it?”Wang Yi After saying these words hand gently stroked the black hair hanging down Jie, ambiguous movement, as well as the last sentence meaningful words, let stand aside Viagra mind straight but not pantothenic acid attack!Stepfather?The aim is not simply the next Wang, Wei began to think of this situation very worried Jie, can not let him take away Jie!  ”Mr. Wang, I think you should respect the doctor’s advice, as to what should or should Jie hospital I do not think you are a decision of, we would do well to ask the doctor!”Viagra I do not know where’s the courage of their own, Jie suddenly raised his bowed head and looking Wei one, then another lower down, so I could gaze less than 3 seconds, leaving Wei determine one thing – Jie now need help, and can only help her own people!Because he saw just that moment Jie eyes glimmer of hope jump, as well as pieces full of the tears.  ”You Tube seem too much” What’s next king, frowning, Wei ignored him, went by pressing the emergency button on the bed, In a moment, the doctors and nurses on duty rushed to the ward, “took place?” ‘Doctor, she woke up,’ ‘We want to go out for the two patient examination trouble’ Wei stood in the doorway, eyes still unable to doors and windows in the probe to go,” You have not given up yet Jie?I would advise you to give up the idea, Jie with you is impossible, after her thing you less control, it is best not worry, now I’m Jie family, I have the right and ability to take care of Jie!”Wang Yi Wei aware of some angry, he’s outdone respond with” Yes!I’ve never forgotten Jie, I only wish her a speedy recovery Jie, even if I want to re-pursue Jie is nothing much to do, after all, not a child Jie, do not need a guardian, not to mention you can also just her – – stepfather!”Wei deliberately ‘stepfather’ word bite badly, suddenly a lot of heart Lishu Tan, finally out of the mouth of foul smells, Wang Yi’s face at hearing these words look horrible, he was silent for a long time faint say sentence, “I will not have people chasing Xiaojie opinion, and only you, is not!”” Why not?You can call the shots for you Xiaojie?”” Oh, you forgot two years ago who broke the heart of it Xiaojie?How do I know you will not let this hurt Xiaojie second time, so of course I want to protect Xiaojie lest she no longer be a stimulus!”Every word Wang Yi Wei points at the bane of his last phrase ‘no longer be a stimulus’ undoubtedly like a hammer severely hit in Granville heart,” You mean, the disease is now Jie because I?Two years is something to stimulate her?”” Well, what else?”” You’re talking nonsense!Did not you just say that because of the relationship Jie’s mother died of it. “” That is the incentive, you are the direct result of her injury instigator!Because you abandoned her two years ago,!She loves to hate up by a strong stimulus!” ‘No, no, no, impossible,’ ‘is what I do not want to say, after all, these are some of the past, when you are young thing, but you’re too tiresome a!I had to remind you, “Wei powerless slowly regress back, he felt dizzy, my God!Jie had become so today was actually his own making!He forced clench his hair, slowly squatting on the ground.Eleven was pushed open, the doctor came out, “Which is the patient’s family?”” I am, how her case?No problem I would like to take him home, “” no problem?!”The doctor looked at some incredible Wang Yi,” Her mental state is very unstable, due to the large number of long-term use of her calm drugs has produced some side effects, begin resistant, so we gave her an injection of tranquilizers before her only can a few to two hours of action!She must stay in hospital in order to observe the disease is cured, we doctors is to save the patient to doctors!I am astonished her disease was sent to the hospital Why so heavy today, you do not see her symptoms do?I’m going to give her to do a comprehensive inspection, ” ‘she do not check anything, for a while I’ll take her to the hospital’ Wang Yi said firmly, ‘she go back to conditioning, the hospital environment I was afraid she was not suited to’,” you her boyfriend, listen to me, let her stay here for some time, the disease would be beneficial to her, her situation will be improved!”” You’re a good doctor, but I insisted she get out of here!”Dr. Wang Yi helplessly patted on the shoulder, ‘Well, if you insist,’ thought for a long prestige of the doctors away in the back, HUO Di stood up, said Wang Yi seriously,” I’m sorry, I have some words extreme, I hope you can forgive me reckless, “Wang Yi gave a look of surprise,” I’ve been wrong once, I hope you will give me a chance to atone Jie, otherwise I will never forgive myself!”” Haha!”Wang Yi actually laughed, but the laughter sounded so intriguing.  Wang Yi was silent for a long time, has been keep an eye on Viagra at the back of the eye lens, while Wei also ignore that deep eyes, resolutely back at.  ”So?”Wang Yi shrugged,” You want to take care Jie, mean it is?””Yep!Believe me, I guarantee your life will not let Jie hurt.”” OK, stop, stop, you do not need to swear to me, as long as you agree to my request that you can go with Xiao Jie, “” What are the requirements?You said!”” I must take her leave the hospital!You can take him to the place you live personally take care of her!””but.Doctors.Well, I promise you!”” Well, then let you go, Jie to you, you, are you OK?””Yes!I promise!” ‘Yes, I will send something Jie sent,’ Wang Yi suddenly change attitude to make anti-Viagra bit nervous, but he did not know why anxiety, may indeed have just too sensitive, perhaps really put Wang Yi Jie as his own daughter, it seems that he was impressed by their own, people are the meat long, gave a lot, Granville profuse excitement, “I went to talk to an individual channel Xiaojie, today I would also favor a lot of things, I went away for a while.” ‘Oh, good, I’m going to return to Jie admission procedures’.  Wei Ward opened again when the Wang Yi had left, looking out the window staring Jie, Jie’s shot from the side played a better outline of the arc, Wei Jie noticed his hand gently clutching the purse “Jie, to you will sleep?For a while I’ll take you out of here, “Jie slowly turned his head and saw the pale face Granville hung two lines of Tears,” how?”Wei nervous to ask, just to help Calei Jie Jie was forced to throw off the hand, ‘Yes, I’m sorry, I.” You promised him, are not you?”Jie Wei hear a word unthinking confused,” You mean you leave the hospital with you?Yes, I promised to take you out of here next king, and he agreed that I should take care of you!”Thought here, Viagra is still difficult even his joy,” But you asked me mean.?I do not want you to go?You want to be to take care of it?”Speed Jie gentle moment, like a conversation completely awake patients’ uh.’Let the word Viagra horde, yes ah, he did not ask Jie mean, he is wishful thinking, “Jie, you still blame me for the year.”” I do not want to mention things before, I had forgot, things in the past so long you do not let go of it?I remember you had not Nabu Qi does not fit, ah, Wei, we have ended two years ago, and what the relationship is gone, so long I have not talked to you, did not let anyone know my news because my early you forget!”” I can not forgive their own mistakes Jie had committed, there is a saying I must tell, I love you, I do not care that you are not a virgin, in fact, from the day you left I would have regretted it, trying to tell this sentence you, but you disappear without a trace even a chance to explain I did not, you said that fair to me?I certainly can not easily miss this opportunity, let me take care of you, let me help you recover as soon as possible, I would like to marry you!We also have it in the future!”Jie heard ‘marriage’ after the word body startled!She looked sad Wei, tears slowly overflow, which like most of the eye two years ago, so unforgettable, this is my life, have not forgotten prestige in the eyes ah!Viagra can not own hugged Jie, Jie also began to struggle and later could not control, in the arms of Wei burst into tears, she was forced to beat his chest Wei, Wei Jie Qinzheyanlei stroking the back “I fight, I fight!Kuba, Jie, I guarantee you this is the last organic cry, and after me can not cry, “said Jie cries of sorrow in the open ward swing, it seems that she repressed for far too long.No one noticed the door of a pair of cold eyes staring at the two-room, In a moment turned away twelve “This is your home it?Oh, good mess ah, “Wei Jie like a child-like in the room rushed about,” Well, I usually work up a big man always busy, how empty finishing ah, Jie, you slowly slowly ah!”” But, what I sleep at night it?”Jie turned around looked at only a bed in the bedroom, his face blush, Wei Jie fascinated watching, this is familiar to him Jie – a very shy woman.  ”Fool, of course, the bed you sleep, I sleep in the living room sofa, I want to watch football at night, just easy, you are afraid.”” Hate, people did not mean it, “Wei felt he was very happy at the moment, he believed that the next day he will be happier and Jie!  ”Viagra”, “Well?”” I’m a little over the top, we hope that things can be separated, okay?” ‘Oh, no problem, I listen to you, Jie I’m going to learn to be a man listening to his wife’s words slightly, listen to what you say, ha ha’ Viagra side happy to say the side placed Jie luggage to the side Jie quietly back off the face, was moved to tears fall, why should God do this to me?!Jie in the heart unable to cry.  ”Even to eat things have to separate ah?”Wei Jie feel puzzled look at Cook divided into two parts fitted, ‘over the top too.’Gateway to the latter half of the sentence the pharynx into it, “you do not mean to be obedient?Oh, “Jie eyes laughing into crescent-like, ‘Well, nice of you’ innocently looked Wei Jie, ‘Jie you really look good’,” eat fast, you look at me like this is not even the rice do not eat Pull?” ‘Hey, eye candy thing’ I did not expect Jie busy cooking in the kitchen for a long time that really is not covered, four dishes, aroma and taste, ‘the first time I eat my wife cookery slightly rude’ Granville gobbled up , Jie heard a burst of sour his eyes, “Viagra, you love me do you eat every day to” eat for a while Wei suddenly remembered something, “Jie, you stepfather fact that people are still good, he does not start.”Wei Jie wonder why not answer, looked up, looked frightened Wei Jie positive,” how Jie?I am, what I do wrong?”” Granville, later, in the future, please do not mention him?”See, Jie heard that name will play a significant reaction, ‘well, I promise you, not to mention,’ Wei Jie hold trembling, Jie mood gradually normal, Wei body heat made her feel very warm, if you can open all of the cold!  ”Viagra If one day I die, how long will you forget me?”” Fool, you’re dead why I’m alive!None of us do not die, how wonderful to live, you have to give my children do, I want a daughter like you pretty!”Wei said with a happy smile on his face filled with words, as if hypnotized, Wei said with a happy smile on his face filled with words, as if hypnotized,” daughter?”Jie murmured, gazing Wei Jie, gently bowed his head, ‘Do not, do not do this,’ Wei Jie pushed hard, Wei little embarrassed and frustrated, ‘I’m sorry, Jie,’ Wei bitterly stood up, “What you yes, Viagra, me, me.”” Jie, you do not have any words to say, I know it is not convenient?Let me hear maybe I can help you ah!”Wei Jie looked sincere eyes, gave up, ‘no, you suspicious, cold rice oh’ Wei Jie’s intuition told him that some wanted to tell him something important, do not force the Jie slowly, “eat slightly” .Thirteen month after a phone call and Wei Jie broke the quiet life of happiness, “Hey?Going to speak?”” A month before seen, I can not hear my voice?”Jie took the microphone like a shock, she Wood said,” do you call?what do you want!”” Haha!It seems that you recuperate ah well, also known courage, ah, actually dared me so to speak, take it easy, that you had a good look at it Well, my father wanted his daughters, “and” You shut up!”” Haha, I found out that when you are angry —- tempting!And your little boyfriend in bed feeling really Hurray, and certainly not together when I feel well, do not know your boyfriend found no, you wave a woman in bed!Haha!”Jie gas body trembling waves,” Metamorphosis!You think I do not know your purpose?Wei and I clear vain, I will not let you get away with purpose!””Oh?This really makes me unexpectedly, it seems your power too dirty you would not touch you ah?That when you need is not sad, is not it reminded me pull.”Wang Yi changed the subject bitterly said:” goods *!Your mother and child are the same as *!”” Do not you insult my mother!You, you will be punished. “Having said that Jie had broke down in tears,” Well, I am his mother waiting on me to find it quickly retribution!And then tell you a secret, you do not always want to know your mother die of it?I did not kill your mother is really, she really committed suicide, but she committed suicide that day I was on the side, watching her blood slowly flow from the pulse, Kazakhstan!Really fun!”” No – Wang Yi I will not let you!Will not let you!”The phone has not yet finished, etc. Jie hung up the phone, Jie powerless fell to the floor and kept sobbing: Wang Yi I have to find your revenge!for sure!  Wei came home from work, as in the past saw Jie has already done the meal, but it seems particularly generous today, “what day ah, do so many delicious?” ‘Oh, reward you for so many days to take care of me so well’ Wei Jie looked at the sweet smile, and my heart very satisfied, yes ah, Jie month no recurrence of the disease, like a completely normal person, they In addition there is no intimacy between husband and wife as loving as completely outside, “Jie I kind of illusion, as if we’re married.” “Oh, you put a woman not his wife Cangzaijiali what ah?”Wei’s eyes suddenly shine,” Will you be my wife, right?” ‘I ignore you, fool, they want it, I can help you hold rice,’ Jie exquisite looking back, one can not help but hugged Wei Jie waist,” Since my wife to do that tonight.”Wei Jie head buried necks, provoked a burst of smiles tenderly Jie, Jie unique body fragrance make Viagra a little distracted,” hate!But I do want you all eat the job “” Yes, sir, His wife!”I feel good meal Wei Shen head, sleepy is strong, how do today managed to get special approval Jie, how the body so disappointing, ‘ah?’Viagra can not help but yawn, “Jie, I am a little tired, the first blind for a while, for a while, hey, we.” ‘Go and lie down it will fool’ Wei Jie escorted into the bedroom, the first time in a month went into his bedroom, Viagra close your eyes and gently sniffing the taste of the pillow Jie, is the smell everywhere good feeling at ease, accompanied by the taste, prestige and soon fell asleep.Jie complex looked asleep looking at Granville, Granville She gently touched slightly curled hair, bushy eyebrows, aquiline nose, the best finger on the lips of Viagra wavering back and forth, gently Jie Looking down, put on their lipstick – Viagra, I love you, If you were reincarnated I will be your bride!  ”Do not!do not leave me!Jie “Viagra is awakened in a cold sweat, and he dreamed Jie wedding is about to begin, Jie was wearing a wedding dress ran out!Call ~ ~ Fortunately, it was a dream.  ”Jie!Jie?”Wei looked around the room and looked at no one, he felt vaguely uneasy, opened the bathroom door, or no one —-?Where to go, stood a box on the coffee table in the living room, Wei curious open look inside a pink envelope and leave the body of the purse all day Jie?Wei immediately tense up, he opened the door to the busy corridor to explore “Jie?are you there?”Open the window, noisy street car vocals, which also shadow Jie, Wei sat on the sofa, unsteadily silent silent opening of the envelope, Jie graceful greeted the small print: Viagra, I was doing the dishes put a small amount of sleeping pills, I’m sorry.Forgive me leave without saying goodbye, asleep looking at you like there are thousands of sorts of sadness in my heart, I almost want to give up the idea of leaving, but I got to fix some things, I can not hide behind your so wretched too life, not to mention my people dying.  See here, Wei Mi forehead sweat out, he could not imagine what will happen, Wei Jie even imagine that at the time of writing is a kind of sad.  Some things I always did not say to you, it is because I do not want them to let others help me share the pain, not to mention still my favorite people!Two years ago, that morning, I left the hotel driven to distraction actually went to the hospital, I do a check, I would like to prove to you that I am a daughter, you are my first one will be the last man!Test results came out the same, on cue, the doctor said I had a slight rupture of the hymen, but still intact, I can not tell what it’s like when a little hate you, so you did not immediately tell the news to find, my first night did not return back home.Saw my mother is packing up to go home, she told me she was going to get married in Singapore!I was very shocked, and later learned that she had met a man in a bar once a thirty-year-old, perhaps as early as father left, my mother lonely for many years, this one makes her exceptionally emotional, so that in a relationship three months after the man proposed marriage to Singapore, she readily agreed.I saw her was like a girlish joy happy for her, she was not easy for me.My mother asked me to accompany her to Singapore with, I just want to go out get some fresh air, make you anxious few days, so I came back again to tell you the results of the inspection, who wants this was the beginning of a nightmare!  The man is Wang Yi, he saw me from the beginning I knew he was up to no good, on the surface he was like an elder care a plus for me, so my mother thought he really put me as his daughter, spent a few days I think he found it curious eyes decided to come back, but he and my mother said I should let this be a good daughter to accompany a few days, my mother then carried away by love, his words toe, even at the cost and I turn my face I can only carefully dodge, but that’s still to come.That night my mother slept early, it seems more than usual are drowned, he mysteriously broke into my room, I was terrified, even to die onslaught, he is completely indifferent.Blood on the bed so he was actually surprised that he even some metamorphosis of this saying we should hang sheets framed it in the living room!I just want to die then tears!But the thought of you, I really can not be reconciled, I have not even told you I was a virgin!Haha!Once virgin, now, is it a bad lot?  Viagra can not help but sob, no, Jie in my heart you have always been pure, so you should not trample on your own!  See here, you are not think I’m at *?Viagra does not matter, I could not even look down on themselves.However, this is only the beginning, the next day he was still filled with nothing had happened, it seems to me, as usual, the evening.I was staring at the door every night, I feel like the heart is hanging on as the spirit of extreme tension, you might wonder why I do not resist, do not alarm?He would have said to me, in them that his power is very strong, as long as I would not, he would immediately solve Mom, I know he’s not trying to scare me, he really did to!In my eyes he is a demon, I gave in a little bit, fear, and numb.Finally one day the mother or knew about us, that he gave my mother eat sleeping pills, lied to her conditioning is tonic, the day her mother just forget to eat at midnight, she opened the door to my room to see the most unbearable of this screen!I did not wait for the results of his own knife!Mom from the initial anger later, seemed surprisingly calm, I know her heart probably are dead, and from that day my mother and I did not say a word, I’m pregnant.Wang Yi her mother to accompany me to the hospital for abortion, the way we did not say a word, and soon the end of surgery, she did not even come help me, I was ready out of the operating room, the doctor stopped us, my blood tests found a problem, yes!Doom come again to me, but also come to the people closest to me, Wang Yi turned out to be AIDS carriers, he had loved a woman, this woman is sick to him and cheated him of money going to fly away after he found the woman huff results.Since then his attitude has not normal, he hated all women!My mother and I have been infected.That day my mother and I hugged and cried for a long time, my mother let me out of here, how can I leave her alone then, she was very self-blame, she felt it was all because of her sky that night Wang Yi did not come my room, I thought he just had surgery I think I’m not too clean relationship, I did not expect to see the next morning but it is the body of the mother **, Wang Yi watching people take the body away, that moment I completely collapsed, rushed to the kitchen to pick up the striking him, but unfortunately, only to rub his skin!I hate that knife did not pierce his heart, I too would like to know his heart is what color the!He put me in a room and not let me out, I unexamined die until he and I said to take me home, I lax mind emerges out of your shadow, even if I have to die to see you last side, so I put on a clever way, desperate to please him, but my spirit is getting worse as seriously ill, good times and bad.But he began to trust me, allow me to go out alone.After returning home, I had no chance to contact old friends, only to go out to borrow to buy things while driving more than around a few bends, prayer can have the opportunity to meet you!Maybe God finally I touched it, so that you have that day hit the screen!After thing you know, I think you can see I have no regrets, but he did agree with Wang Yi you take me with you, this is not like his style, there must be what purpose, he later into the ward told me that he to see if I will not make love to you, I will not refuse to love the person’s request, this despicable man, he has gone insane, he can not see the people around him better than ever!Every time I see your loving eyes I have to suffer double torment, I can not for the moment happy ruin your life!  Granville, this month’s life is my happiest time, I would forgive you, I will not be afraid of anyone, because I often think about you I feel so full of strength, and now I’m going to put this to the devil his place to go!Do not be sad for me, really, you’re a good man, your future there will be a lovely wife, you give birth to a lovely daughter!I know that my life is not good fortune is you hurt, be loved by you, and if there is an afterlife, I’m sure not to forget, let me be your wife!  Read here, Viagra has been crying, he gently opened the purse, took out a stack from the inside of the plate very full paper single, open, read: People’s Hospital, test results, a slight rupture the hymen.