After the storm

Plodding pace, dragging a long acoustic shadow, hovering in the trail edge.  Wind tired, the clouds gone, the sun is still embedded in the blue sky, desperately exudes light and heat.Only the cicadas hoarse voice weakly screaming.  The wind began to swim, the clouds also sneak back.Day pressure of getting lower and lower, with purple lightning in concentrated Tao-like dark clouds with frequent blitz.Suddenly, the size of the existing coins rain smashed down.Roadside willow in the excitement of shaking, as if to greet a new beginning.  Wind swept through, Thunder hit in anger, and kept roaring loudly, also in difficult lightning suddenly left and right, looking for their breakthrough.Heavy rain finally arrived, the man hit the open eyes, the look is unclear.Too much rain, under the smoke, and consequently look unclear, and only rain hitting the ground spilled earthy, hazy in the air.  Dear Heaven, the rain finally break the clouds are gone to the west, has come to the horizon, he reached the horizon.The sun slowly squeezed out from the clouds, suddenly a touch of colorful rainbow hanging horizon.  This is the “do not experience wind and rain, that can see the rainbow” ah!