After the spring as well as summer

Summer, early in the morning, the dew children all over the floor and leads me into the woods this long absence.  The last time to, or early spring, blooming of the trees are full of pure, clean, people full of hope for the life of pure, clean.  Today, only the trees but large green leaf was black, heavy, depression.No wind, the fog is surging struck silence leaves, thick “imperfections” sound on off the floor from the treetops.It is the lament?Lament early spring rain, wind in early spring, early spring clean and beautiful?I listened quietly sipped, desolate, lonely but inexplicably rising from the bottom of my heart.I promise the same boat with them right!  Branches slightly yellowed piece of leaf buds, gave me a glimmer of joy.That tiny piece of delicate, long, naughty carrying the aura, shining green smile.It is unique to childhood carefree, innocent smile.  Moment, my heart grow buds like a verdant overjoyed.Can not help but to touch this holy life may hand just a touch, the buds will fall off, fall from my fingers.A drop of dew hit the back of my hand, leaves, also shed tears for lost childhood it?  Hearts like lost something, empty, loss.Front row at a loss, not far from trance to see a little blush, bright, dazzling.Look, was actually a bud, a little small, full of expectation surrounded by green leaves in.Just as if a ray of sunshine stroking, you have to bloom filled with passion and dreams, their emphasis on yet another brilliant season, beautiful and fascinated people!  I do not know when the fog dispersed quietly, leaves of the trees flashing told me that the wind carried away the fog.I nodded, I understand that the wind carried away and my heart has been lingering haze.Spring passed, summer is not too colorful yet?Losing does not mean the end!  Yes!In this life and get lost among reincarnation, blossom, and lack of full moon, all things, the law of its own development, each stage has its unique beauty.  Lost, only gently waved, cherish have, so that next time will not regret losing.Folding memories in my heart, to look more beautiful moment, I believe there must be more in front of the scenery not to be missed.  Unfortunately, in the past blindly, will only make their own stalled, lost, is more of a youth; deposition is more remorse; heart never get relief.  In fact the loss, just to prove himself once had a.Alone these memories, life has never alone.  Gradually the sun rises, the sun through the trees in between, a string of dew on the green leaves, shining brilliantly.I silently told myself: do not regret in the spring, missed the same wonderful summer!Packaging dream, facing the sun, with firm strides, embark on a new journey!