After the snow has spring

It is said that life in a way as if you are about to die and never die, and if you know anything at all-knowing and way of thinking.I supplemented on an order of doing things almighty and Yiwusuozhang.A bit of desire, from the snow swirling in the shadow of ideas floated, floated air out of mind, the flowers slope branches and trembling, everything is so beautiful and real, never the pros and cons of pain, bitterness success.Snow ablation eyes are clean, dark promise of spring are happy a life instinct surging from germinating!  For a long time, has been put under house arrest himself in a barren mountains, can only see the sky under the autumn moon, quiet night only sparse snow shadow, and the light left in the vast expanse of wheat fields.Dressed Pathetic on the way quietly through the ages mildly, even your life lotus footsteps waver in verdant rivers.HL river is falling, mixed with sighs do not dye Qian Chen.  I paved gravel along the river, you think of a fond smile, think of your mind as white snowflakes.So regardless of whether you really want to be trailing away, no matter too early or too late, regardless of Buddhism in depth, whether or not met.As long as the Red feel you are there, have your breath, the heart will light up bright!  Warm sunshine, gentle breeze, the sky is colorful kites, the kite is children’s laughter, adult chase.Suddenly thought someone said, “not something we will always think he is wonderful, it is because you know very little about him, and he did not have time to get along together.After one day, you understand, you will find that the original is not your imagined so beautiful.”We’re just so thankful, waiting for the snow melt, waiting for spring, waiting for the bare earth Barley blue, grass shoots, waiting for warm spring floating in the hearts.One kind of comfortable feeling awake, came from the blood, no whistle elegant, no charm zither, but then with a shy mood to walk, has a seasonal cycle of joy and sober!  Perhaps the secular eye color is required, the need for a real trial, a short-lived appearance, the human flock.Although there is nothing the United States can be arrived through a pure loving heart, but people always scattered across the grass-roots, to the depths of the grassland, even the depths of the jungle to find the cumulative minds busy.  Let regret leaving, let those many years of restless heart sinking river, Fudang in the rain!Although no regrets, you can not experience happiness!Although when you are stalled, you can not browse the landscape of the road.  But you came here, how much courage needed, how much pain, tenderness let go.Because you can not have, so it had to give up, because too much dust mixed too heavy, I could not bear to let the pain of heart entangled in mundane!  After the snow, new scenery Zhaxian, all snow-related memory soaring in the intersection, the same flowers and the moon, the same mountains empty out.Those insincere obedient, those soulful attachment, in the shadow of the Sino-US gurgling streams into peach.Shining red, vivid colors in the gentle spring breeze.Flock there, the children appeared, changed the face of the spring lightly, like a mind, a firm.  After the snow, chilly river water flowing, river pebbles lying with, like fish swimming the soul can not rest, marked with the common human nature grass is always greener.Take a look at the animals, take a look at the forest, the most original love dedication are numerous fall in staggered time and space.    Like every year the moon, river head every year, and the lives of those in the silent opening and closing of reincarnation, has a dazzling beauty and decidedly!It has a proud and self Qiaoba!There’s nothing you can copy, no longer necessary attachment, just gently walked, stepped falling petals, to the distant, into the unknown!All might have flocked to the mountain are all quietly blowing, suddenly choking initial remission.In the oxygen-rich edge of the forest, the air is fresh, the forest is quiet, people are goodness and pure.  Yamagata clear up, the original vague outline of it so unabashedly appear.Original mesmerized love, soulmate dependency and understanding on the way silently stand under the Bodhi tree, there will be a clear understanding of a look, a look will have a friend!In extreme joy and extreme pain in people’s thinking becomes chaos, and that from the depths of the soul loneliness, let this life infinitely distant, infinitely open.  After the snow, spring, spring blossoms day, walking slowly from the bottom of my heart, walked from bright sunshine in!