After the smoke is clear and bright – a collection of essays are read Chang Yang Xiping writer of “ephemeral”

Cheng pulls the old things always memorable, swept Qi easy to guess flashy eye.And the hidden text Xinyu, is clear and bright clouds cleared.    This collection of essays on my hand, “solo”, by the China Federation of Literature Publishing House, my fellow writer, Mr. Yang Xiping, in following his comprehensive anthology “Year of Fire” published another heart works, and this is his monograph in the second part of his spare time created out of personal literature.    Holding a nicely bound book in hand, after reading through my heart filled with calm in the turbulent waves of the soul, thought, felt a strong shock from the text.Although this “solo” collection of essays, a book that is not as before on the title sequence and Postscript, but only based on the image of a naked book appear in our field of vision, but I personally think that this prose writer set precisely reflects his unique style and distinctive personality.Really nothing more than for us up too much of a cultural feast, a spiritual feast; a pair of soul soothing agent.    Opening books, walked between the lines, I seem to keep up with the pace of the authors, go in together, walking on a road called the heart.Moreover, this mentality is a rational return to the road, a road to enlightenment Toru life, allows the body to relax in a healthy way.    After reading the book, in my subconscious, roughly we are drawn some of the following feelings.    First, I read out of a deep inner feeling of homeland.The affair is deeply rooted within his body, no matter how you like to be volatile volatilize out.In his “Lost Village” in an article, it begins wrote: “an unprecedented cold, almost in my foot set foot on their homeland, could not wait to burst out.”After reading, it can not help us not to ponder such a question, which in the end is what kind of lost it?So why did he have a sense of loss?Follow this line, we go all the way, we finally figured out, the original, the heart of the kind of loss, is due to social change and development to bring, this is a gratifying Lost.He was once lost on the kind of the envy of others and for others out of the village of his admirers, stead is home, finally able pleased with the integration of the outside world.I suffered cold today, compared to the thermal hometown, the mind will become more self-enrich, even in lost something along the way, temporarily suffered some cold, but what of it that?    It’s like the authors’ analytical home “,” right into every Castle “in say, home is a poem without words, a silent song, is both visible and objective entity is not visible, deep ideas virtual magic of the elephant, she is a man you both tangible and intangible located.She is the root of life, is the soul of everyone thought.To read the home, first of all, we should be able to read the hometown of the mountain, because the mountain is the home of Chan Yu speaking, as long as Chan Yu know can hear the mountain, will be able to appreciate the true taste of life, then, Cheng pulls any past turned into a wisp of smoke curling away, not that life is a great blessing it?    Secondly, I read in the author’s mind, what kind of peace and calm Tian Ran.In the book, the author spent a lot of ink on some trees, made a detailed and profound description, it makes my eyes bright.Personally I think that people read the tree as read.Reading Tree is a state, who is a state of mind reading.After the author was borrowed metaphor people, focussed on the matter, let me read, also can not help but suddenly see the light up.    I in turn read the “Millennium trees”, “pine”, “sandalwood tree”, “camphor tree”, “palm trees” and so some of the trees write chapter.Remember authors said in an article on the “pine tree” of pine taught me how to face life, since a man came to the world, we should be prepared to bear.Pine itself is telling us, is the world’s only living things have their own use.Pine, with its simple, solid,; with its low-key, the true; for its strong, noble, inspired us all in the attitude in the face of secular trees wind and rain, in the face of political rapids, the face of the process of life.    Yes ah, if the tree of life, will be able to solemn mood with a mentality in the face of surging trend and color changeable world; it will ignore the immediate wind, rain, frost, snow and stormy sea and surrounding face all sorts; it will make life clarity Cheong Italy.Tree can be of people, who also can of tree.The meaning of life for people with the tree, the original is no difference, is consistent.That being the case, those who smoke around them, would not drift far away as possible survivors?    Then, I read from the anthology was out, the authors will be thinking of more than just a writer, but also a willingness to walk Walker, a traveler, a walk in the way of thinking explorer and discoverer.From the article that the author is taking a lot of road.This is just us talking about verbally saying: “read a thousand books is better.”.He walked in the way of knowledge, not only broadened his horizons, but also broadened his own mind, he had also become more active active thinking.    Author of “tourists say” one article says, in addition to the sound of the city, to find a place Fangqing Jing, Yang, you can view the sun dawn sky is red; look down, you can view the mountains as the sea, waves Tao.This time, his own body and mind can be placed in the wind, the clouds, that fog, the rain, that woods, spring, stream it, that sink in, both bathed the body and mind, but also the clarity of mind.Removal in tourism happy, strong body; broaden their horizons in tourism, the growth of knowledge and experience.In tourism reading, traveling in reading in.Where’s the accumulation of knowledge do not read?Even though we are in the landscape, but is also a walking corpse, even every day, walking in the landscape, you will find it tasteless and lack of.If you are able to travel as reading, it must be life in a very pleasant thing, it will blossom Dankan the world, the clouds scud across the sky.    He is also author of the article mentions mentor of many of his close friends, showing that he is strong and sincere towards the feelings between friends.Old friends, some people have gone away, is never come back, however, he borrowed his pen, the friends branded in mind.Some people, however, are only temporary, he can also use text will miss affair transfer.Because the people I live, all the worldly possessions that no one can take them all, and all in all, foes into a solo, carried by the wind, no end.And only their side of the friends who will sooner or later be themselves one by one all away, maybe in another unknown world can get together first and then perhaps.Thus, we can see the author is a open-minded, with great wisdom, is a tree gesture to mind a tree, solemn standing of a person.    All this, by reading between collection of essays of this “solo” on opponents, I seem to read a lot of clarity of mind, some sort of understanding reveal all the details, let me also unconsciously indulged in, effective body and mind indulgence and pleasure.    Sigh bustling do eventually realize, Mo pity clouds overhead open.Either solo drift all the way in front, calm smile, not Miaozai?Turns out to be: things such as new board tray, the world clouds are cleared.Only text the annals of history, after the smoke is clear and bright.