After the river

I have every day across the street in front of my house to see the river through the town river in winter it put itself very muffled like to do our own present and future is only in the summer, it was close to a small town in the foot side as totally want to enter the town take a look at my impression only once it float up to the town of the town very active people turn it from a leisurely crossing over like an acquaintance said that this it is a once in a century, first standing on the bridge want to block this arrogant self-righteous guy but they have to put it to the vast world of its strength came from far away entirely placed on this river later, it was back out from every possible crevice I saw this river is silent it took to land is inundated sky often put on new clothes to give this river but the river its lowest point it was forced to live filth within its own allowable range as much as possible so that they have a clean face this river it is often bring people to discard the life and rise to become unrecognizable to a river they have to abandon these To go through a very long process I pity the life we live and the things that go through the pain and it is also not easy to reveal their own life inside the sun finally reluctant to come out like a spring, the wind just fall at this time I saw her on the water stretch of the river jumping waves in the wind as if it had lots to talk about the happy years of a river in the winter to stay before you get it now rescue