After the rain.

Instant day, crying.Crying so wanton, uninhibited I wanted to go out to appease him, but dare not afraid to go out of my wet dress elegant I’m afraid you encounter in the rain I embarrassed you will illegible ah moment day, crying crying so heartbreak, sadness and I want to go out to accompany him, but I can not go out is not afraid to wash away makeup exquisite piece of mind for fear that only part of your memories of him will be soaked ah my sorrowful gaze Liao Qi Su sad day he cried was as helpless as a baby, fear, loneliness and as I usually.With slender hands holding a heaven of tears and my tears watered you have given me memories good sign that it will not dry up but since it actually no growth?    Why?Why?- When you leave it vague memories only pull back?  Why?Why?- You always hear my voice ah?  Why?Why?- we always want to injure each other ah?    Day drop of tears, drops falling on my cold searing pain burned my palms and fingertips you can ask me heavenward ablation my heart it?  Day, I was moved without a word, tears.I slowly slip in the window..I do not know how long I opened my eyes slightly hazy days of pain, I no longer cry struggling to help the window into the sky outside the window, sunset Olympus pedestrian crowds laugh it off within the window, I.