An age-fraud director “riding a crane Journey” later.

After an age of false Secretary riding a crane Journey.Director Simon light a car accident died, the bureau held a memorial service for him.All preparations, which only made difficult eulogy on his office Huzhu Ren.   The problem lies in the age of the Secretary Simon.He could have been born in 1951, in order to be able to do more in official circles a few years, it is through the relationship changed files, changed in 1959 to 1951, all of a sudden young 8 years old.Hu Zhuren according to his file had to write a eulogy.   Written eulogy, Simon Secretary to seek the views of family members.Three sons Simon Secretary read the eulogy, all of them blushed and said, write No, my dad’s age problem.   What problem?Hu Zhuren rhetorical.   First of three sons said: my colleagues and friends know that I was born in mid-1972, they have come to attend the memorial service.To say that my father was born in mid-1959, only 13 years older than me, where to put my face?   Second son went on to say: I was born in mid-1970, if my father was born in mid-1959, only 11 years older than my father and me, but outrageous.   Eldest son is a long face: I was born in mid-1968, and my father just 9 years older than me, this is not a curse it?   In addition, three sons also proposed, in 1959, my father was born in 1967, graduated to junior high school, this is not consistent with common sense.   Hu Zhuren one, embarrassed, this is supposed?Archives of age are your father personally fill.   change!Paitui a son, according to the actual age of my dad, born in mid-1951.   Not work.Huzhu Ren said that as a cadre, the most important one is realistic, if a change of age, mean and acknowledge your father fraud on their age, would not ruin his life fame?   Three sons thought, Hu Zhuren also say ah, my father his life too proud, we can not allow him to die down a bad reputation ah.   Silent for a long time, the second son said: Otherwise, I do not mention the age of the father’s eulogy.   That will not do more.Huzhu Ren said, the saying goes, the final nail, if the funeral even your father’s age are unable to settle down, it not a joke?   Three sons thought and said: altogether, canceled a memorial service this eulogy.   Hu Zhuren immediately rejected: do not read the eulogy, what is also called the memorial service?This is not an international joke it?   Three sons frown, kept scratching their heads straight, could not think of a good idea.   Eulogy thing dragged on, half an hour away from the memorial service, three sons suddenly kneeling in front of Huzhu Ren: Hu Shu, I beg you, look at this eulogy you change it, as long as I do not let the three of us brothers disgraced on the line.   Huzhu Ren reluctantly nodded.   Memorial service began, just listen to the party secretary read channel in eulogy: a full course of primary and lower secondary light comrade Simon, born in mid-1959, his childhood and witty person prodigy, 8-year-old finished reading.9 years old to 13 years old, he has adopted three orphan.This charity, Simon Secretary has been tight-lipped until he was killed, three children did not know their fathers for director Simon.Photo source network, if copyright issues, please contact deleted!   Welcome attention sister Xiao Bian number: life Imada ID: Jsym6699