Woman frequent urination puffiness?There are five symptoms that you kidney!

  There are symptoms of kidney deficiency, kidney health tonic is an effective method。
It sent seven kinds of soup to help you make up the kidney kidney…… Five cases implies that 1 can kidney, virtual fat is not fat?It is almost everyone must face the full-length mirror repeatedly asking themselves the question, but they were very few people would body fat and kidney linked together, ask yourself one: Virtual is true?But the fact is, you fat one culprit is the kidney。
  2, irregular menstruation Chinese medicine, blood and kidney Chong Sheng to make the transfer, Ren and red veins function properly in order to make the normal menstrual cycle loop, so the kidney deficiency is an important factor of menstruation。
Cause kidney were often accompanied by dizziness, weakness, waist and legs felt weak, small abdominal distension。
  3, if the male long-term insomnia that is insomnia kidney in trouble, this time you should pay attention to, the kidney is endangering your health。 Kidney as an important human organs and nourish one inviting the other organs, if other organs long illness, it is easy to hurt the kidneys。   4, limb limbs Weihan Weihan case there will be many men, even in the warmer now, a little wind and a lot of men will feel some of the unusual cold。
Men need to be aware of at this time, chances are you already have the presence of kidney。   5, frequent urination for a normal man, this is a night to urinate infrequently, but if you are a kidney, then it is easy to urinate up。
Middle of the night, if you urinate several times, then, you're probably a little false the kidney。
  Kidney how Conditioning?  1, purple kidney porridge material: black rice, brown rice, mulberry, purple, blueberry jam。   Method: mulberry washed with brine soak for 30 minutes and then dried water。 In the pot, the purple rice, black rice and brown rice gruel added to the pot, and then continue to cook for 10 minutes was added mulberry。 According to personal taste, plus blueberry sauce seasoning。   2, Kidney turtle soup Ingredients: Turtle 1 (300 grams or more), 10 grams medlar, Rehmannia 15 g。   Method: After the turtle slaughter, to the head, jaw, visceral, crustaceans, washed, diced, into the aluminum pan; then washed into medlar, Rehmannia, add water, high heat boil, instead boil and simmer gently for turtle meat cooked Serve。
Can often eat。   3, Shanhai kidney soup Ingredients: pine nuts 10 g, 10 g walnut, 50 g of goat meat, shrimp 50 g, 100 g of yam, 10 g Cordyceps, mushrooms, end leeks, scallions, monosodium glutamate, salt, mineral water, the amount of sesame oil。   Method: lamb slices, peeled shrimp head, yam, peeled and sliced, shredded mushrooms, walnuts blisters peeled。
Each material into the pot of water to boil to the floating foam, cook until maturity, seasoning, pour sesame oil pan to a bowl。   4, black bean soup dates Cat materials: black beans, red dates, Cat fish, ginger。
  Practice: the night before black beans washed, soaked standby; Cat good wash slaughter, drain water; if the fish is large, can be cut open two; dates washed, pitted; rinse black beans picked up; wok , crack shot with a small piece of ginger wipe pot, two tablespoons of the oil into the fry yellowish Cat sides; 8 bowls of water poured into the pot to boil, add all the materials heat to boil, turn a small fire burning a half hour, drink seasoning with salt。   5, Cordyceps sinensis mutton soup material: a pound of lamb, cordyceps five money, yam and a half two, seven money wolfberries, eight candied ginger six。   Method: All the materials into clean pot, add water, boil for an hour, food seasoning salt。   6, walnut chicken soup material: cock, walnut twenty-two, ginger, onion, cooking wine, the amount of。   Practice: all materials washed into the pot, add water, heat after boiling, slow fire to burn two hours, food seasoning salt。   7, Eucommia Achyranthes kidney soup Ingredients: kidney one pair about 150 grams, Huai 20 g Achyranthes, Eucommia 12 grams, ginger 4。
  Method: Select Fresh kidney, cut, cut off white endometrium, washed repeatedly drift Niaowei; Eucommia, Achyranthes Huai, ginger, washed。
After all of the materials into the pot, add water, heat to boil, simmer and cook for about 2?3 hours, seasoning for use。