In the cold autumn, you are the memory of engaging and loving people

We are too close to memories and too far away from freedom. Sometimes I don’t forget for a moment, just love memories. A hesitation, a betrayal and an accident are enough to wither it. Break away from everything and vanish. In July 2011, after finishing my senior year’s study life, I packed my luggage and set foot on the bus to Shenzhen again at my parents’ request. Therefore, my future life is no longer perfect.     I don’t remember how many times I went to Shenzhen. Shenzhen, the bustling city, has given me too many memories and nostalgia. From an early age, I lived in this land until I was forced to leave for my family and return to my hometown.. To put it bluntly, I have already deeply loved this land. Because, it is carrying my childhood of twists and turns and joys.     In July, bad times. It was a summer vacation when the sun was scorching and the heat was too hot to endure. It was also a midsummer when the rain was falling.. When I got off the bus, my father, who had been waiting at the station, was delighted to see me.. After my father took the luggage I brought, my little sister immediately after my father also affectionately called Brother Sheng.. At that time, I can say that I was moved.     It’s not over yet. After leaving the station and returning to their parents’ rented houses, happiness followed. But when the steps set foot in the threshold and called the initials and the second sister, it suddenly became clear that the atmosphere in the home was not right. The mother’s response was unusually blunt, while my sister ignored my arrival and said nothing. While I was at a loss, my father quickly talked to me and greeted me at home.     Every nightmare must have an epic struggle. After dinner, the afterglow of the sunset dissipated, while the sultry climate did not cool with the evening wind. Accustomed to every piece of land, will go out for a walk, feeling the local customs and human feelings. However, at the beginning of the lantern festival, my father and I strolled along the path where we used to play when we were young. Suddenly, a heavy feeling came through the heat wave, sighing, and the old road remained unchanged.. Walking in this path with a simple and short pace, father and son recalled the good time of that year together.     Dad, what happened to the second sister and mom? What happened at home? Because of my outspoken and low-level questioning, I broke my father who was intoxicated at the moment with the memories of the past in the twilight.. He stopped walking and looked calmly at the sparsely populated trail in front of him, then sighed, ” The 18th grade of female university has changed. Now it’s grown up, its wings are stiff and it’s going to fly.”. ‘ and father’s words, suddenly let my mind ripples. Later, he took his original steps again and set out with the back of his hand, slightly hiding on the long trail as if it were his hometown.. I was left with a helpless wry smile under the dark yellow street lamp..     From the future time, through understanding, I just know the details. The second sister has feelings about men and women. When parents found out, they advised him to quit his job at home. At home, both sides had a hard time, noisy and noisy, and their mother even lived a tearful life every night.. In this way, the second sister has been at home for half a month, and her parents’ conscientious persuasion has hardly faded from her pursuit of the red chamber in her heart.. But I was silent all the time. Later, things got worse and worse. Until one day, the second sister left.     The second sister left on a rainy morning instead of a sunny day.. Only when the haze covered the whole sky did it become clear that the ancient dawn had lost its color. The second sister left, crying sadly and leaving without turning back her head when she left, bringing with her some hatred.. The petite figure of the second sister gradually disappeared after the rain, accompanied by the mournful and lingering rain.. I have always been silent in the corner of my home, even if I feel sad, I have no intention of staying.. More than ten years of living together in the morning and evening and more than ten years of memories come to mind in an instant. I did not shed tears like my mother, but ignored the fact that what had happened. In that way, I was determined to be bitter in my heart..Time to stay at that moment, parents are falling out, divorce, divorce . Ah . Disappointed.     Sunset cloud s – curve, Ji rain Chu Qing. Right and wrong, I alone, I’m down and out.     Time is floating and the holiday is over. Now, I have left Shenzhen and left this sad and joyless city. Back home to school, I wanted to vent all my sufferings in books and bury all my injuries in words.. But the fact is that people do not have pity on them, and the sensitive heart still often recalls the memory of the pain that lingers in the wind.. Faint songs waft in the corners of the campus, a string of gloomy thoughts, swinging white thoughts, could not help but moisten eyes in the boundless night. But I can’t do this. What I once said should be like winter.     In the cool breeze, pick up the worries that spring up when passing by. In an instant, autumn is coming. Outside the window, the cold wind gently brushed the curtains and the feelings of the young people. The beige sunlight was transmitted through the body, just feeling filar silk warmth. You haven’t heard from me in the past two months. How are you doing? It’s just my family and my guess and attachment. Parents also have gray temples, which are full of calloused hands, and have struggled to hold up the family. Kid sister, still young, only knows how to enjoy it. And I, still in the sensible with a little capricious. I can’t help but think of Zhang Ailing’s saying, ” No matter when or where you are, there will always be a person waiting for you.”. I want to say, no matter where you are, remember, you still have a harbor to rely on.     Where birds love the old forest, fish in the pond think of the past.. Will you shake the feeling of not being old just like a wanderer in the distance?.     Cold autumn rain, so trickling, wrapped in lingering cotton. The moisture in the sky soaked through the thin layer of paper in the heart room, solidifying the flow of blood. In the deep and shallow memory, there are still you, sister.     Memories too close, enough to let a person wither.