I want to talk

Can’t remember, how long has it been? Words are getting less and less, and I feel my cheeks are stiff and won’t move.   At ordinary times, I don’t have a chance to go to work except what I have to say in my work. Those personal experiences in my life and the grievances in my mind are all hidden in the unknown corner of my heart. I don’t know who to say, how to speak and what to say.?   Working hours, also can’t like Xianglin sister – in – law? Talking about your trivial parents will only annoy people and reduce their taste in an invisible way. Besides, the working environment is not allowed. Colleagues also have their own troubles. Who has leisure to pay attention to other people’s joys and sorrows??   When I got home, I often hung up in a single image. Except for the sound of TV, there was almost no sound.. A person’s life is very simple, but also very boring. Eating has become a way to deal with it. It is often done hastily and filled at random, let alone full of color, flavor and taste..   More often than not, it is TV that has been talking and acting itself, and the programs are blossoming all over the stage.. But I have been holding my mobile phone and wandering on the Internet. Occasionally, I looked up and listened to interesting stories, favorite music and favorite dance.. However, it is often difficult to complete a program with a little knowledge and understanding.. Since the fans went online, the series has hardly been watched. Although in order to alleviate insomnia, I also turned on the bedroom TV.   The family was reunited after the holidays. This is just like preparing three meals in a decent way. The house is also a little popular and angry. It can finally talk, but the result backfires.. The network is pervasive, invading our family and encroaching on our time of communication and speaking.. Even when you eat, you also watch TV series or something on the Internet while eating.   Facts have proved that the family has nothing to say and no one is willing to do the housework. To be exact: I was reluctant to leave the network and didn’t have a chance to take a reason for life.. Most of the time, I was the one who was busy going back and forth, and no one put a hand on it.. Sometimes let out a cry, come and help me, but I didn’t respond for half a day.. When I called the second voice, my husband was in a hurry, blushing and fighting with thick neck, which made me very wronged and very cold – hearted.. Many times, feel the heart of divorce.   In order not to affect normal life, but also to create a good family atmosphere. I realized the endless harm caused by this and once made up my mind to change this family environment. When you get home, you must finish all the housework: washing, cooking, tidying up the house, tidying up the cabinet, watering and weeding the flowers, and normal communication between families.. I really have nothing to do. I have to watch TV on the Internet again..   However, my words have no effect. Daughter said: Very not easy looking forward to a Sunday, let me go on! The husband turns a deaf ear to his behavior. He is a rough man with a violent temper and a serious male mentality. He has always believed in the rule that you go east and I go west. The wife is used to do housework and take care of children, and it is not painful.. A little fart matter in life can make him angry. For so many years, I have been hurt and have not looked forward to change, but the essence is not bad.   Now, if you want to change this situation, it is difficult to go up to the sky by my strength.. It’s not easy to think about all these years of walking all the way. Now life is better, everything is there, but health and happiness are gone. I don’t know if our family has a future in this way. I don’t know how many families are performing in this similar situation.?   Is the Internet more important than family ties than family ties?